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1 Angels

Her voice in this song is so compelling and amazing music. The lyrics are SO good, you kinda feel like listening to it all day

This song is haunting! Do NOT BASE IT ON THE PREVIEW ON ITUNES! I love it to bits!. It was the song that drew me to Within Temptation. Really worth buying listening to every day!

Awesome vocal... Superb music composition.. Truly a very energizing song... Good lyrics

I could listen to this song all day. I first heard it when I was a middle schooler and have loved them ever since.

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2 Memories

Amazing.! My first WT song and I truly love it...! Speechless... don't have words to describe it...!

This is the first song I ever heard by Within Temptation and ever since, I've been hooked! It's lyrics were so spectacular... it's different from the other songs of today. The lyrics actually mean something and really make you think. I love this song to bits and will never forget this song. It's really changed my life... now I have Within Temptation as part of my life and suddenly my life has become better... it's funny how just one song can do that to you.

Beautiful lyrics and totally amazing song! The music video is even better, which really haunts you and make you feel for the song. Many different experiences can be tied to this song. Indeed in life we have too many beautiful memories to cherish, and this song speaks about how they could be brought back, even if they are only in your mind.

This is one of the most amazing and saddest songs I've ever heard the meaning is great oh God it drives me crazy

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3 The Howling

A masterpiece of theirs... No competition... It makes you want to listen to the song over and over again

This is the song that really got me into this. This song totally deserves it spot at first place. It's so amazing.

Excellent song - lovers of Evanescence will enjoy this masterpiece as it will feel a little familiar, the rugged vocals and that gothic symphonic rock feel.

sooo good

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4 Frozen

This is quite underrated... Should be on of the top ten or at least top 12... I love the song and the video, I love the lyrics too but most of all I LOVE Sharon's voice... The only within temptation song which I have memorized... Within temptation is one of my favorite bands!

I think this should be higher than top 6. Besides the catchy tune, Sharon's wonderful voice, this song has a very deep meaning. It tells the story of the pain of sacrificing and not telling the reason why you did it for someone.

Love this song mainly for it's story and what they did with the winnings. Donated them to charity

Very emotional and touching.

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5 Iron

Iron is the best track on the unforgiving it is the best within temptation song hands down ( other than the howling and ice queen. In a word EPIC!

Pretty much the textbook definition of an epic metal song.

Iron is the most shining pearl on the beautiful necklace of gothic rock & metal. this song has everything and though there are other WT songs with personal meaning for me, this one is artistically the best!

Best song ever.i love it so much

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6 Hand of Sorrow

I won't comment how amazing sharon sound. I just want people know how the piano intro make my your soul go to sorrow, the violin, the guitar so amazing... Send me to another world with a temptation in my mind. Why it's here? It must be the very best of WT. It's number ONE! It's the price of a masterpiece

Sharon's vocals cast a striking harmony to the orchestral and electric elements on the song. The lyrics are just as vibrant, and coupled with her angelic voice, makes the song damn near perfect!

A touching song that tells an epic story. The strings and guitar add so much to the song as well.

Tears in my eyes of the voice!

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7 What Have You Done

It's a combination of lyrics and melody.
This is like the perfect song of Within Temptation
When you listen to it, you just can't get enough of it.

Love the dynamics of this song and the melody of the two vocals, for me best song! And the lyrics are quite good!

That's the song that would normally attract someone to Within Temptation. At least that's what I think, IMO. Has everything you're looking for in a single song.

Best acoustic WT song. Sharon sounds amazing with just an acoustic guitar backing her flawless vocals.

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8 Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)

This is the song I stumbled upon when I was shuffling through the track listing of all WT albums. The name caught my interest so decided to give it a go. And boy does it sound so wonderful. I fell for it from the very intro itself. And the whole song is just extravagant. This deserves to be on the top 20 or 10 at least.

Chorus is awesome. Other than that, it's an average song. Still beats other songs from the same artist.

A masterpiece! Their best song!

Absolutely adore this song!

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9 Let Us Burn V 1 Comment
10 Stand My Ground

Love this one, I just discovered within temptation yesterday and so far this one is the one that's gets stuck in my head, powerful chorus, I LOVE it

First song of theirs I ever heard! At first, I just thought they were okay. Not great. A while later, I looked them up again. Deceiver of Fools. I just went from there! Love this song and band!

This is one of the best! It made WT famous in my country! I think it should be high, doesn't you think it?

SO motivating

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11 Shot in the Dark

Definitely better than Memories... Or as good as Angels... Should be in the top 3... Wonder if its me who is mad or is it the people having lost their touch on music laugh out loud

Definitely better than angel

This is the first song I heard by this artist and is still my favorite. It should be in the top!

Shot In The Dark...!

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12 Faster

This song is awesome and is my favorite, I love the lyrics and all the energy of them, I also love her voice

The best composition, best lyrics, so eventually the best song... Simply love it

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13 Ice Queen

This must be the best and most famous song, and her voice is fair like an angel's. I love everything about this song; it's mood that is pure and powerful, her perfect pitch, the instrumental pieces - everything that makes one feel completely aligned with Mother Earth. Makes me want to stumble out in the woods and sing the song on top of my lungs. When I do listen to Ice Queen I listen to it over and over. And EACH time; the music and her voice send CHILLS right down my spine.

I love her voice in this song.. Reminds me of the woods.. It doesn't deserve this position.. Should have been at a higher place!

This was their break through song, and although there have been some better songs perhaps and many changes in their genre, this for me is a very special song. :)
(It's also fun trying to sing it as a guy, as I know all of the words. )

This should up top, this is their most famous song!

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14 All I Need

It's a very beautiful song. I first heard it on the vampire diaries. Elena and Damon looked so good together. I think that this song was written just for them. Any other song wouldn't have complemented their dance. It's a very emotional song. It touched my very soul when I first heard it. It deserves number 1 spot on this list or at least top 3.

Ok, I admitted, I have heard this song for the first on The Vampire Diaries, but it was also the first song from a T.V. show I have ever searched because it is such a masterpiece. And because of it, I started listening to WT, and look at me now! I have been fan of them for almost 4 years and I am not planning on stopping! And every song they have it is brilliant and I love it.
I have All I Need as my alarm song, and it is the best part of the day, being woken up by WT...

Deals with a struggling relationship, trying to make things work. that's what I am having right now, and I could listen to this song for hours.

This song also was played for the Vampire Diaries.

I love the music, the lyrics, the message and basically the whole song with its heart-touching story! It made my heart a better place! Pun intented

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15 Mother Earth


This songs simply makes your heart dance. It's been my favourite song by them since the beginning, this I a masterpiece. Actually, even though I love other songs as much as this one, I consider this is their only masterpiece.

It's a very very good song. The flute at the beginning just make me feel like I'm playing a video game. Lyrics are good too. Totally love this song. The live version of black Symphony tour is just stunning.

classic. Deserves a higher place in this list

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16 Fire and Ice

Why is this song so far down the list? It's gorgeous, had it stuck in my head for the last 2 weeks!

Slow yet a beautiful song conveying depth

17 Silver Moonlight
18 Our Solemn Hour

it's so very2 good songs...
how they do it?
orchestra(symphonic) metal are realy2 amazing...
sharon den adel have a powerfull vocal.
robert westerholt are great guitarist.
ruud jolie, jeroen van veen & martijn spierenburg make a life this band!
mike coolen the powerful the greatest the awesome drummer... he is magic!

I don't really know why, but this song has attracted me from the beginning. I've loved it since I first heard it. Something about the lyrics and the symphonic quality is just phenomenal.

Amazing symphonic masterpiece! Stand My Ground and Somewhere are my next favorites. I really love WT, their music and especially their lyrics, they are just deep and emotional.

Best song among ones I have heard till now

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19 See Who I Am

My top 10:
Truth beneath the rose
See who I am
Stand my ground
Our Solemn Hour
Say My Name
Hand of Sorrow
Heart of Everything
And I can't figure out the other two. Sorry :(
These people rule!

See who I am, is one of the best songs made by within temptation in my opinion. It has some strong beat behind the lovely vocals by sharon.
The lyrics are also awesome. This song made me love WT..

This song introduced me to WT. Still my favorite.

20 Lost

I loved Within temptation from this song. It is absolutely amazing. The lyrics, the solo, her tone.. Everything in this song is just beautiful. This song should really get higher votes and be in the top ten!

Totally my favorite song by them, It MUST be on number 1.

Should be the second after memories

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