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1 Eye of the Tiger - Survivor Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

One of the best song I ever heard, really fantastic, running and parkour song. It must be in top of the list. I always listen this great song whenever I walk, run, gym and even breakfast time.


Always feel like Rocky Balboa when listening!

Bad song

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2 Beat It - Michael Jackson Beat It - Michael Jackson

Best ot the best!

What, this isn't a very good workout song.

I love the beat for this

Agree with this 100%

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3 Remember the Name - Fort Minor Remember the Name - Fort Minor

Heart pumpin' and keeps going'. Always comes in any top workout song lists.

Best workout song ever! Must listen

Yeah. This is totally the best. I listen to it all the time - Aiia152

Greatest thung mike has done sense reanimation

4 Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

It should be on the top of this list

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5 Lose Yourself - Eminem Lose Yourself - Eminem

You can't help but "lose yourself in the music the moment". Lose yourself definitely deserves to be in top 3. - Donzacuceron

This is the best work-out song ever!

I work-out with insanity and this song fits perfectly for the exercises, love it! - Amyfalahee

Not only arguably the best workout song, but perhaps the best rap song overall as well.

Very nice song.Used to play this song during my 60 days challenge

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6 Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti

Truly gigantic song and great motivator. It gives great energy boost and makes one pump harder.

If you don't think this deserves at least #2 of 3, go watch Rocky and listen for this song, and then say it doesn't motivate you.

This theme send energy to blood and body

You feel like rocky when listening.

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7 Work Bitch - Britney Spears Work Bitch - Britney Spears

The beat is so fast and fun it just makes you wanna work! - ThatkidwiththeContacts

I listen to this when working out and dancing

It's amazing how motavated I get to work out when I listen to this song.

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8 Master of Puppets - Metallica Master of Puppets - Metallica
9 'Till I Collapse - Eminem 'Till I Collapse - Eminem

Whenever you hear hear song, you just want to fight. It gets you blood pumping and makes you want to work harder. An awesome song, I would say it's better than lose yourself.

Seriously how could you not vote for this song?

So Much Motivation... picks you up when your down

Best Eminem's song ever

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10 Du Hast - Rammstein Du Hast - Rammstein

Great beat and fantastic lyrics as well. Makes you move and gets your blood pumping faster with this song. The English version is good, but the German version is the best.

LOVE this song. Definitely a good pump up song. This song makes me want to go crazy!

Yay Rammstein! Du Hast and Ich Will are both great songs to work out to.

Yes! Go rammstein!... Ps, ich will is a good song to get pumped to as well

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? Eaten - Bloodbath Eaten - Bloodbath
? Training Montage - Vince DiCola Training Montage - Vince DiCola

This is the greatest and most motivational song in the history of sport films.

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11 Stronger - Kanye West Stronger - Kanye West

This in not only good song in workout, this is overall one of the greatest songs of 21st century!

Kanye west is not that great but still this song is amazing!

This song makes me work harder, better, faster, STRONGER - Mcgillacuddy

While hearing stronger stronger, run faster faster.

12 We Will Rock You - Queen We Will Rock You - Queen V 1 Comment
13 Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne


I f - ing love this song


14 Enter Sandman - Metallica Enter Sandman - Metallica V 1 Comment
15 Walk - Pantera Walk - Pantera

Listen to the song I don't understand how it's not on this list like honestly search it up

16 A Warrior's Call - Volbeat A Warrior's Call - Volbeat
17 Groundhog Day - Eminem Groundhog Day - Eminem V 1 Comment
18 Jump - Van Halen Jump - Van Halen
19 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
20 Song 2 - Blur Song 2 - Blur
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1. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
2. Remember the Name - Fort Minor
3. 'Till I Collapse - Eminem
1. We Will Rock You - Queen
2. Groundhog Day - Eminem
3. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
1. Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
2. Beat It - Michael Jackson
3. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

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