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81 Number 39: Utopia

Utopia is epic. I got in 6 place in a tournament with it!

Remove I xyz mtarial and negate a attack. It's pretty handy

Got to go with the first card I ever got, Utopia. I have all three Utopias, and they are the perfect compliment to my deck.

Utopias are the best, I have 4 and I'm still collecting but I think 39 is the best

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82 Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

YES! I love this card, having a jinzo on the field so no trap cards can be used as a reaction to this card makes its effect certain, for half your life points you destroy all cards on the field and gain 200attack for each card destroyed. This is absolutely devastating in a 6v6 duel. I defeated a team of 6 duellists with this card.

Its awesome you can do some major damage against your opponents lp. Its also not overpowered like others.

This card is boss with aerial recharge works so well.

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83 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

Its awesome 4000 attk 4000 deff but its effect is cool

Great card, very effective!

84 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

I have one in my fiend deck its really strong

If you have a blue eyes with you he has 7000 attack 7000!

This should be number 11 I have this and it rocks

85 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

This is a hot card. In a way, it is more powerful that most cards that special summons from the graveyard. Depending on how you assemble your deck, you can have a line up of dragons 2 or more strong with hard hitting attack points. All it takes is one discarded card. It is one of the easiest card produced and personally, I'd make this illegal because of its powerful advantage if used wisely.

This card is so awesome due to its effect that it had to be limited to one. Without this card in a dragon deck you will surely be on the weaker side. This is a main card in any dragon deck and will provide you with quick kills due to its summoning ability. A must have card.

Awesome effect, just awesome. By sacrificing just 1 dragon type monster, you can special summon this card! Plus, once per turn, you can special summon 1 dragon-type monster!

It's the best

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86 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon

This card is so good it can almost beat any card its only weakness is cards that can't be effected by ability.

It's easy to being out and it has a great ability to use!

One of the best cards I have in my collection

Best card ever

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87 Master Hyperion

This is the most awesome card ever. It's ability is better than any other card's ability.

Great card with easy summoning conditions that can destroy up to two annoying cards on the field.

One of the best card in the game when it comes to controlling cards on the field...

It's the most boss card in the whole entire game.

88 Petit Dragon

This card is too powerful. It should be banned for being too broken. Seriously, its insane!

89 Shooting Star Dragon
90 The Calculator

With my dark world deck the calculator would have 45300

Such a good card that was in my video game that was in that synchro deck. Yes, same guy.

So much attack if your opponent's monster has a high level

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91 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Great card first it is a pendulum monster so it is easy to summon, has great attack, decent defense and doubles any damage your opponent takes from it

This card has always pulled me from the losing end to the wining end

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92 Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World
93 Shooting Quasar Dragon

How is this ranked lower than Shooting Star Dragon? When it's destroyed you automatically get a Shooting Star Dragon.

Should be in the top three, if not the very top. Very little can survive the wrath of Shooting Quasar Dragon.

It's so cool it and red nova dragon are like equivalents but this card may be better

Should me first!

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94 The Wicked Eraser

Quite simply: one of the best, if not THE BEST card in the entire game, not only does it gain 1000 attack for every card your opponent has on the field, it destroyed, it destroys ALL cards on the field! Plus: you can destroy it yourself! It's should really be in the top ten on this list.

Its awesome this card gains 1000 for every card your opponent controls and if its destroyed the whole fiel gets wiped out

This is card is probably the strongest.After a lot of research not only it gains 1000x points for every card but it could be with infinte attack and defense too so this shall be number 1.I have this card and it's so cool

95 Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu

Super OP, kills your opponent with relative ease, no seriously!

Direct attack, can't be attacked,3000 ATK and deals 4k dmg in one blow under mound of bound creature none of the god cards can beat earthbound Immortals in 1 on 1 also it hasn't got hard summon conditions

96 Draining Shield

This is awesome cause if you battle a really powerful monster it basically puts you out of reach for your opponent

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97 Magician of Black Chaos

This card is really cool and I can use it any time because it makes me feel unstopable.

98 Gaia Drake, the Universal Force

Gaia drake, the universal force is so cool looking, and attack is ok, bu effect is not as good...

99 Toon Dark Magician Girl
100 White Night Dragon

Awesome card it can not get destroyed by a spell or trap boss

Best card ever, definitely my favorite my friend summoned a monster with 2800 atk points, I summoned kuriboh and he attacked it then I sacrificed a weak trap and bam! also it can't be effected by spell/trap. so aesome

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