Top 10 Beyonce Songs from Visual Album

I wanted to make a Beyonce list since I'm her biggest fan and please vote!

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1 Partition Partition

I actually can't believe this song is first. It's the worst of the whole album, it's not even a REAL song, it's all about sex and stripping. With this move Bey truly disappointed me. - QueenP

Ugh it's from her fantasy part of the album and she's sharing it with her fans not with the irrelevant.

The sexiest song ever! Love the switch to the French part! And boy the beat is killing... !

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2 Drunk in Love Drunk in Love

This song is superb! Bey and jay really know how to make a hit whenever they collaborate.

3 Pretty Hurts Pretty Hurts
4 Jealous Jealous
5 Mine Mine
6 Flawless Flawless V 1 Comment
7 Grown Woman
8 Superpower Superpower
9 Heaven Heaven
10 7/11 7/11

The song is an amalgam of innovation and catchy beats. The video keeps us connected with beyonce's personal life and gives us a feeling that she is no different than any of us!

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11 XO XO
12 Blue Blue

My niece can sing at the end she is bad but talented she said she wants to be like her mom have a singing career

13 Rocket Rocket
14 Yonce
15 No Angel No Angel
16 Haunted Haunted V 1 Comment
17 Blow Blow
18 Ring Off Ring Off

Despite the insecurity this song brings regarding beyonce's marriage it's fantastic! Its release has brought something new after single ladies (put a ring on it) which has a totally opposite message!

19 Halo V 1 Comment
20 Formation Formation
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1. Partition
2. Mine
3. Jealous
1. Pretty Hurts
2. XO
3. Drunk in Love
1. Drunk in Love
2. Flawless
3. 7/11

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