Top Ten Biggest Flaws of Certain Pixar Movies

Pixar is my favourite animation studio, they have made so many great movies like Toy Story, Wall-E, Ratatouille and so on, However Pixar movies still have flaws, so let's look at them shall we?

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1 Doesn't Make Much Sense (Cars 2)


I figured out people would add this no matter what and I guess this is one flaw of the movie, - darthvadern

That’s not the main problem. The biggest flaw is giving Mater the spotlight - Randomator

Bruh what even is this list shame on you darthvadern. Kid, this is terrible, man. Delete this list please.

Hello troll, please try to learn about TheTopTens before commenting random stuff, thank you - darthvadern

2 Feels More Like a Standard Disney Movie Than a Pixar Movie (Brave)

Sometimes you forget this from the pixar lineup - SpectralOwl

Now this might be a bit of a nitpicky reason but I feel like this is the biggest reason I didn't enojy Brave too much, it feels more like a disney princess movie than something made by Pixar - darthvadern

It doesn't but I don't think that's a bad - BreakFastBeast2005

It’s honestly like half Disney half Pixar - Randomator

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3 Incredibly Boring (The Good Dinosaur)

Yeah nothing about it was really memorable - Randomator

The movie itself is a flaw. - 3DG20

Nothing happens

Wel I guess so - darthvadern

4 Bad Humour (Toy Story 3)

Toy Story 3 is in my opinion the weakest Pixar movie of all time, while it isn't bad, it's definitely not a masterpiece, and the humour is one of the reasons I don't like it, it was just plain bad and disgusting at parts, like that kid who decides to stuff a bunch of parts of Mr. Potato Head in his nose and it was just plain disgusting - darthvadern

I can't tell if this is plain stupidity or if you're just overreacting like a five year old who can't respect opinions - darthvadern

Recreation of the Holocaust - 23windomt

Best Pixar movie

5 It's Boring (Cars)

Still found it better than cars 2 - Randomator

Many people will agree that Cars is one of Pixar's lesser great movies and it shows, because the first installment is just so boring! Sure it was kinda good and it had so iconic characters but gods is the movie boring, it just never seems to move forwad at times - darthvadern

What do you mean its boring this movie is the best - 23windomt

People find different things entertaining, not every movie is going to be liked by everyone. Remember not everyone sees a movie through your eyes - germshep24

I feel this is a classic, I don't get why people don't like it. - RustyNail

Well it does feel like a classic, I just thought it was so boring, and I did grow up with Cars and still think it's one of Pixar's weaker - darthvadern

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6 Rehash of the First Movie (Finding Dory)

Yeah that was a bit dissapointing - darthvadern

7 Sid Phillips Is a Terrible Villain (Toy Story) Sid Phillips Is a Terrible Villain (Toy Story)

Now Toy Story was a masterpiece and easly one of the greatest movies ever made! I love it so much! It's pretty much flawless, the only thing I wasn't that fond of was the villian (or better said main antagonist) Sid Phillips, he was just an unlikable jerk who tortured toys for fun and had no empathy at all - darthvadern

He's a villain. What did you expect? Some rainbow unicorn that is nice? - B1ueNew

8 First Half is Very Slow (The Incredibles)

Reason why I only remember the second half as a kid. - Ucreate12

Now many people say The Incredibles is the best Pixar movie but I have an opposite opinion, and one of the reasons is due to how slow it feels. I didn't find it too exciting and the villian was butthurt, the first half was just so slow and it felt like it didn't move on at times, now I saw this movie in Icelandish so it may be a reason why I didn't like it too much but if that was the case I wouldn't like Storks which I also saw it icelandish but I liked that movie - darthvadern

9 The Main Villain Was Terrible (The Incredibles 2)
10 Cliche Characters (Inside Out)

Ok, but that's the point! They are emotions! - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 The Animation (Toy Story)

Man, most of these are just flat out wrong.

Now since it's the first CGI animated movie ever it doesn't look the absolute best, of course, and even to ths day it looks quite awesomne, but it was definitely one of the weaker aspects of the movie - darthvadern

I do not know what you're talking about, the animation is new and iconic - MickeyMouse

12 Auto Is A Forgettable Villain (Wall-E) Auto Is A Forgettable Villain (Wall-E)

The real villain of the movie was mankind themselves. - egnomac

The movie didn't even need a villain. - Cyri

Wall-E is in my opinion the best Pixar movie, it's emotional, fun and has a very important message, the only forgettable thing was the villian, Auto, a steering wheel who follows orders, he barely had any point and the movie could've been done without him and just having a normal steering wheel, but he looks cool I'll admit - darthvadern

Auto was a thing? - MrCoolC

13 Not Too Colorful (Up)

As much as I loved the movie I didn't find it too colourful, this may be a bit of a nitpicky reason, but I kinda ran out of items, plus I just wish it was a bit more colourful - darthvadern

14 Weak Plot (Ratatouille)

What - Randomator

Huh I thought the plot was amazing - darthvadern

15 Cutting Bo Peep from the Movie (Toy Story 3)

True, I mean sure they give us an explanation to why she isn't there but she was so awesomne, luckily she will probably reappear in Toy Story 4 - darthvadern

Yo it was supposed to be empty, it was actually a decent idea. showing that andy had moved on from some of his toys, you know what I mean?

16 It's Somewhat Predictable (Monsters University)

Although it has twists and stuff the movie is pretty predictable, you know Mike and Sully will be togheter and Randall will be evil and so on, now the movie has some twists but it's still fairly predictable - darthvadern

You know when it seems like Mike was very scary at the scare games but Sully was had actually made it easy for him to get the highest score, that's the twist I didn't see coming, but other than that it was predictable - darthvadern

17 The Original Ending Where Lightning Beats Jackson Storm Being Cut (Cars 3)
18 Being Even More Emotional Than Up and Toy Story 3 (The Good Dinosaur)

This movie was not more emotional than those two. Even if it was it would be a pro - darthvadern

19 The Introduction (Up)

Oh, this will be controversial for certain. However, I personally feel that the first few minutes of Up were rather boring-sob stories have never really been interesting. The movie is phenomenal once that is over with.

20 It Takes the Plot of Doc Hollywood (Cars)

I mean, if you're gonna use the plot of a Michael J. Fox film...why Doc Hollywood? Weird, especially for a kiddie animated movie. - truckturner

21 Being a Love Story (Toy Story 4)

Bandwagoners found the list... - darthvadern

22 Little to No Plot (Inside Out)
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