Top Ten Disney Movies with a Surprise Villain Twist

A lot of Disney moveis nowadays use the overused suprise villian twist, which really gets annoying however, that doesn't mean they're bad! Some of them are really excellent! Here's the best of them!
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1 Toy Story 2

This is easly the best disney movie that has a twist villain in it! Now some people may say this shouldn't be here becuase it has three villians. But two of them are kinda minor. The main antanogist is a suprise villain though: Stinky Pete the Prospector! He is a really clever villain too! Probably the second best villain in the trilogy. The other two villians are Al and Zurg. Zurg is my favourite villain by far due to how he referances Darth Vader and his design! Why is this labelled as the worst Toy Story movie agian?

2 Big Hero 6

This is one of my favourite animated movies for all time, it's just so great! This mvie techinally is a Marvel movie as well so that could also be the reason I love this movie so much! This movie has everything! Story, emotion, characters, even the twist villain is great! Robert Callaghan, a professor whose daughter was stuck in a portal dimension after an accident, takes revenge on Krei who was the leader of the portal experiment. This movie is so awesomne! My favourite character is Baymax due to how funny he is, this is easly the best non-Pixar disney movie!

3 Monsters, Inc.

This is truly an excellent movie! Very much nostalgia! I don't see how anyone could find this movie bad. The story is really creative and it's an example of a "thinking outside the box" movie. This movie also has a suprise villain which many people forget: Henry Waternoose III. His motivations are really great as alll he really wants to do is making his company staying alive. This movie is just amazing!

The twist was kind of predictable but it was decent.

4 Wreck-It Ralph

This is one of the most unique disney movies! It's a masterpiece! The way the movie is executed is incredible and the whole idea of it is just amazing! The story is extremly good as well! The villain is excellent as well! Turbo, a racing cahracter whose game got shut down and he designed a new racing game known as Sugar Rush. Really awesomne! For some reason Bowser was my favourite character even though e only had a small cameo

This was the only twist villain that Disney got right.

King Candy being Turbo, I didn't expected that.

5 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Very underrated movie! Yes the villain sucked big time! But the story was pretty good! The animation was really impressive and the athmosphere was good as well. A great movie!

6 Up

Truly an excellent movie! Although I consider it to be one of Pixar's weaker movies, I must admit that is super emotional, the villians reveal is also quite emotional, it's sad to see you childhood idol actually being a supervillian. Truly sad!

7 Frozen

Both an overrated and overhated movie. People for some reason hate the villain very much. But the reason Hans turned evil is to teach kids that you shouldn't trust people you just met. Really good movie!

8 Coco

Ernesto De La Cruz had to poison Hector to death and steal his songs and fame! The villain should be overhated, but the movie is overloved!

9 Cars 2

The movie that started this whole trend! Not Wreck-it Ralph! Anyways, this movie truly is overhated. I will admit that it feels a bit random and Cars 3 felt more like a sequel to the original, but this is a great movie still! The villians plan is a bit messed up but it's still a great movie!

This movie is definitely the worst Pixar movie, but I don't think it's terrible.

10 Zootopia

That is litteraly the only disney villain twist on this list I didn't see coming, great movie too!

Am I the only one who thought Bellwether was decent?

Worst twist villain, great movie.

The Contenders
11 The Incredibles

This movie is very overrated and so is the villain in my opinion. Syndrome is just a butthurt fanboy who decided to kill a bunch of supers because Bob didn't want him to be his sidekick, very immature villain in my opinion!

12 Toy Story 3

Although I don't really like this movie, the villain is quite good as has a great backstory and motivations. It's a decent movie

13 Wall-E

I'm adding this movie to the list because of the fact that AUTO isn't explicitly portrayed as a villain when you first get to see him.

14 Meet the Robinsons

Probably the most underrated Disney twist villain movie alongside Sky High and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

15 Sky High

Though the twist villain in this was kind of predictable, it sure as hell didn't ruin my overall enjoyment of this movie.

This movie is so underrated that it's actually kind of tragic.

16 Spider-Man: Far from Home

In all honesty, the predictability of this movie's villain twist was the only major problem I remotely had with it. Other than that, even better than the thoroughly charming first movie, but still not as amazing as the third.

17 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
18 Incredibles 2

First of all, learn how to spell awesome.

19 Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe
20 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I was at least slightly wrong. The REAL twist villain in this movie is DJ, not exactly the Master Codebreaker (though DJ is still a codebreaker himself).

But in all seriousness, the Master Codebreaker was a very weak twist villain.

21 The Parent Trap (1998)

Does Meredith count? I feel as though she does.

22 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

If the original trilogy didn't already exist, then yes, Anakin would count as a twist villain, and so would Chancellor Palpatine to a lesser extent.

23 Tarzan

Does Clayton count as a twist villain?

24 Beauty and the Beast

Gaston was always portrayed as a selfish prick from the very first second you see him on screen, but much like Clayton from Tarzan, he doesn't exactly start off as the epitome of evil.

25 Pinocchio

According to TV Tropes, Stromboli apparently counts as a twist villain.

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