Best Binding of Isaac Characters

I'm going to be talking about the AB+ versions of the characters as it is the most recent version of the game. I won't put Eden on the list as he is too random to be able to judge fairly.
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1 Samson

If you play your cards right, the amount of extra damage you can get is absurd. While the most obvious idea is to use a blood bank, other benefits include getting something extra from mimics or curse rooms, and being able to destroy everything at a much faster rate.

He was better in Wrath of the Lamb.

2 Judas

Judas is really fun for me, a combination of high damage and extra Devil room chance makes for a fun character that has much more forward momentum than most characters. Also, a 1.35 damage multiplier is insane.

If only his health was higher I would use him more often. Instead, I use Cain and grab the Belial.

Awesome damage to start with

3 Cain

While he doesn't have anything particularly amazing about him, his general stats are great, with slightly higher than average damage and a luck upgrade. He's just a great character without any major drawbacks.

He has amazing luck and you basically never get anything bad.

An Isaac with less health but better everything!

Great stats, and the luck upgrade is amazing

4 Azazel

I find Azazel my favorite, as he can fly, and has a mini brimstone. Plus, he can kill multiple enemies at once, and is basically very OP. I use him in many of my runs. Also, the Ludovico Technique.

Despite the high damage and flying, I hate Azazel, as well as having basically no range, most synergies, and by extension items, become useless. End game is also awful as bullet hell bosses are ones that you should stand far away from, not get up in their faces.

He is strong and can kill multiple monsters at once. He is fast and can fly so that gives a advantage so if the monster shoots ate you you can doge it if a rock is near. And plsu he has 3 soul hearts and say if 1 sould heart goes everything in that rooms dies
Awesome character

The ability to fly and have piercing shots really makes Azazel very effective. Also, the ability to gain heart containers really makes him a good character.

5 Eve

If she didn't have the razor, she would easily be the worst character, but the razor really makes her great. The encouragement to spend a lot of health on deals is also quite nice, but now that you can have your powered up state much more consistently.

I meant other than the character intentionally made to be garbage

Definitely not good

6 Isaac

The fact that you start with the D6 is ridiculous, especially in AB+ where good items are already fairly common. You are almost guaranteed to have a broken run by the end of the game if you play as Isaac, at least until the booster packs fixed this issue, making him a more balanced, fun character

Though he doesn't have any particular gimmicks or special abilities, starting with the D6 (arguably one of the best items in the game) is a massive perk, as you are not as susceptable to bad RNG. Also good alround stats, and starting with a bomb is nice.

The D6 makes him overpowered.

4 words: The D6 is overpowered

7 Lilith

I don't like her ever since the box of friends was nerfed, as most of the time she was essentially an average character with a hard to aim shot.

Her box of friends can wipe a boss in seconds

I like her design but as a character, no.

8 The Lost

The Lost is my personal favourite character, the addition of the holy mantle has made him extremely fun, as stupid damage out of nowhere won't kill you as often. The reason I love him is thanks to being able to take Devil deals for free, giving you an extreme offensive boost.

9 Lazarus

I don't understand the hate for this guy, the amount of minmaxing you can do in order to get an amazing character isn't something that should go unnoticed. Bloody Lazarus can be gotten in some extremely beneficial ways, such as taking extra Devil deals.

When you grab Dead Cat, Broken Ankh, and Ankh in one run with Lazarus you know you are unstoppable

The king of minmaxing

10 Apollyon

While he could work similarly to Isaac, and the void is a cool item, I find it to be quite limited in terms of,what to get rid of, as many items are worth more than what the void will give you, and there is a chance of getting range ups and other pointless stats.

I'm not worried about them as much as it's just annoying to get them. Also, due to the about of items in the game, the chances are extremely low of getting it on a run

He could definitely be better. So could my grammar

The Contenders
11 The Forgotten

Melee is over-powered.
You can use the skeleton body as a shield from enemy projectiles
Best Character hands down.

I think The Forgotten will become a close #1 soon. He has unique synergies and a unique tag-team system.

It's the most complicated character
and a fun one too

I find him... difficult

12 Eden

Very fun character if you get lucky. Absolutely one of my favourites, I always play Eden when I get bored for the sheer randomness of it all.

13 Magdalene

The Yum Heart item is, in my opinion, incrediblely useful if you're in a pinch, and the extra health is good for devil deals and such. Honestly, the only downside is the speed, but you could probably gain that back within the next 2 levels. The health makes up for that.

Her great starting health makes up for the lack of speed, as you could easily make a devil deal to make up for that, such as the mark and lord of the pit

I honestly think Magdalene is far too underrated. With a single speed boosting item, she instantly becomes viable and her high health allows her to safely make devil deals early on

While the extra health is kinda nice, the decreased speed is not a very good tradeoff.

14 ???

If you have an invincibility giving item, you can take devil deals for free, making him overpowered if you can get devil deals and meet the condition

As a challenge character, he serves his purpose adequately, however, I don't find him to be good at all. The lack of regular heart containers makes taking any devil deal much less worthwhile, and the poop is a terrible active.

He can spawn poop... OVERPOWERED

15 Keeper

It's really no surprise that this guy sucks, he feels poorly balanced even as a challenge character in my opinion.

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