Top 10 Blind Guardian Songs Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien

Blind Guardian are a German metal band formed in the mid-80s but they are still making great music.
Their singer and lyricist Hansi Kürsch is a massive Tolkien fan and as a result they have many songs inspired by Tolkien.
Blind Guardian even released a whole album - an excellent concept album with 22 tracks based on Tolkien's The Silmarillion (Nightfall in Middle-Earth, 1998). The cover art depicts Lúthien dancing for Morgoth.

The Top Ten

1 Nightfall

Similar - PeeledBanana

It's about Fëanor and his seven sons who mourn the destruction caused by Morgoth (characters from The Silmarillion). - Metal_Treasure

2 Lord of the Rings

The song sample is from their live album 2017. You can hear the crowd singing.
The original version was released in 1990, over a decade before the film series that made this Tolkien masterpiece popular. Obviously Blind Guardian, and Hansi in particular, were much ahead of their time.
This song has several studio versions (all great) and many live versions. - Metal_Treasure

3 Thorn

This song is about Maeglin deciding to betray Gondolin (The Silmarillion). - Metal_Treasure

4 Majesty

It's inspired by the Lord of the Rings.
A melodic speed metal song with an epic chorus: "Oh Oh Oh Oh Majesty, your Kingdom is lost".
This is my favorite song from the whole speed metal subgenre. - Metal_Treasure

5 Mirror Mirror

This song is about Turgon who builds the city of Gondolin (based on The Silmarillion). - Metal_Treasure

6 Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)

The song is about Fingolfin riding to the gates of Angband to challenge Morgoth to a duel. Fingolfin wounds Morgoth seven times but is eventually killed (song refers to The Silmarillion). - Metal_Treasure

7 Into the Storm

The song sample presents another live version recorded in 2015.
The original song is from 1998 and is about Morgoth and Ungoliant who fight for the possession of the Silmarils. - Metal_Treasure

8 Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)

It's about the Noldor's fate - a story told by Fingolfin. - Metal_Treasure

9 Harvest of Sorrow

One of their best ballads and possibly the most beautiful vocal harmonies by Hansi.
In this song Túrin mourns the loss of his sister Niënor. - Metal_Treasure

10 The Curse of Feanor

This song is based on The Silmarillion and is about Fëanor's anger. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Battle of Sudden Flame

The best utilization of 44 seconds - it's a short track but it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life. It's about the battle in which Morgoth breaks the Siege of Angband using his Balrogs and dragons. - Metal_Treasure

12 Blood Tears

The song is about Maedhros (The Silmarillion). - Metal_Treasure

13 The Eldar

It's about Finrod Felagund and his farewell to his people, while dying from his wounds. - Metal_Treasure

14 A Dark Passage

It's about Morgoth (The Silmarillion). A song with interesting vocals, especially after 5:00. - Metal_Treasure

15 When Sorrow Sang

The song is about Beren and his love to the Elven princess Lúthien (The Silmarillion). - Metal_Treasure

16 The Minstrel

Awesome 32 seconds. It's probably about Maglor, Fëanor's son, who composed the song "The Fall of the Noldor" based on the Kinslaying.
"So I stand still in front of the crowd
Excited faces
What will be next?
I still don't have a clue
I still don't have a clue"
- Metal_Treasure

17 Out on the Water

It's about the last dwelling-place of Beren and Lúthien.
"Out on the water
The island of the dead that live
There they dwelt
Until they left the world and
Still their deeds live forth in songs" - Metal_Treasure

18 The Dark Elf

It refers to Eöl who seduced Turgon's sister and fathered Maeglin, who would betray Gondolin. - Metal_Treasure

19 The Wizard

It's a cover song (very good Uriah Heep cover) but the original was inspired by Tolkien, so it counts. - Metal_Treasure

20 War of Wrath

It's about Sauron - he advises his master Morgoth to flee the triumphant Valar in the War of Wrath. - Metal_Treasure

21 Lammoth

This isn't a song, it's a track that contains sounds and the scream of Morgoth with which he fights off Ungoliant. - Metal_Treasure

22 Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)
23 Captured

It's about Morgoth and Maedhros, Fëanor's son. - Metal_Treasure

24 Face the Truth

It's about Fingolfin and how he sees the Noldor's fate. - Metal_Treasure

25 The Steadfast

It's about Morgoth and Húrin - Morgoth curses his captive Húrin - Metal_Treasure

26 Nom the Wise

Beren mourns his friend Finrod. - Metal_Treasure

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