Greatest Blue Cheer Albums

I really like the first two Blue Cheer albums the best than the rest sense all the Blue Cheer albums are good in their own way. The first two Blue Cheer albums are just the best.

The Top Ten

1 Vincebus Eruptum

Blue Cheer is more than just Summertimes Blues. If you like Rock get this album, and Outsideinside. Trust me by getting the albums. You would be happy. Blue Cheer is just underrated for not being more known. If you really look at my account you can understand more why Blue Cheer is so great. - BlueFuse

2 Outsideinside

Just a Little Bit is an awesome track and very heavy for 1968 - somekindofaguy

3 Live and Unreleased 2

This album just got to be the best live album. It is like the first album but in live. Even though it is not straight quality. The quality is great for the album and sounds cool with the music. - BlueFuse

4 Live and Unreleased 68/74 Live and Unreleased 68/74
5 New! Improved!
6 Blue Cheer
7 The Original Human Being

This one is such an underrated album and the guitars on this one... oh my god. - Seventies-Music-Fan

8 Oh! Pleasant Hope
9 What Doesn't Kill You...
10 The Beast is Back

The Contenders

11 Live at Anti Waa Festival 1989
12 Highlights & Lowlives
13 Dining with the Sharks
14 7
15 Blitzkrieg Over Nuremberg
16 Live at Rockpalast - Bonn 2008
17 Rocks Europe
18 Hello Tokyo, Bye Bye Osaka
19 Live Bootleg: London - Hamburg
20 Rollin' Dem Bones Ep Rollin' Dem Bones Ep
21 Motive
22 Party Hard at the Underground Cologne
23 Records of Yesteryear
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