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1 Across 110th Street

this is one of the best songs I heard on the American Gangster movie from 2007 and also the really best diss track comin' from this talented guy named Bobby Womack 'Across the 110th street'

"Across 110th Street" is a single by Bobby Womack, from the soundtrack and film of the same name that starred Anthony Quinn and Yaphet Kotto.

50 Cent told NME that the song was the first with which he fell in love: "Because of how the situation was for black people in America at that time, there were a lot of struggle songs around. It seemed to be something that really moved the people around me. I felt the power of music to raise people up; to make them angry or proud.

I don't know man, Harry Hippie is too cliché for be the number one, I go with this one, this should be the most memorable Bobby Womack's song..

One of the best songs ever

2 Harry Hippie
3 Lookin' for a Love
4 Woman's Gotta Have It

Taylor Hicks covered this for his 2009 album The Distance with his fellow American Idol alumnus Elliott Yamin joining him on vocals. Hicks told the Birmingham News about his cover: "I fell in love with Bobby Womack and that particular song. To a certain degree, there's a call-and-response on the original version, and I think both Elliott and I have a natural, soulful sound to our voices. There's no better pure vibrato sound than Elliott Yamin's way.

Songwriter Darryl Carter's inspiration for this song was a woman he knew who was about to get rid of her unresponsive husband. He and Linda Womack originally penned this with Jackie Wilson in mind. Bobby Womack recorded it in 1972 taking it to #60 in the US Pop chart.

One of the best Contemporary_ outside _&_ RtoB tracks of all time! Show'd on Radio.

This a underrated one, but not a classic yet.

5 That's the Way I Feel About 'Cha
6 If You Think You're Lonely Now

Good song it should be in The top Five

7 Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out

Something is wrong with this list! and is the fact that this song is not even in the top 3

This song is for top 5 material in my opinion.

I hope this song got ranked much higher than it is Right Now!

My sis stacy loves this song.

8 It's All Over Now
9 Stylo

A lot better than Across 110th Street. (oVERRATED sOng and Not FuNNy)

this song should be include on the top five

10 California Dreamin'

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11 Please Forgive My Heart
12 Secrets
13 I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much
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