Top 10 Best Aldo Nova Songs

Aldo Nova is a true virtuoso, a powerhouse in the rock world, his music undeniably shaping the landscape of the rock genre since he exploded onto the scene in the 1980s. You know him for his gritty guitar licks, his intoxicating vocal prowess, and his remarkable songwriting abilities. So, what's the best Aldo Nova song? That's a tough one, isn't it?

This isn't just a question of choosing between chart-toppers and underrated masterpieces. It's about finding that sweet spot, the song that has the power to transport you, to evoke the strongest memories and emotions. Maybe it's the raw energy of "Fantasy" that sends you rocketing back to the heyday of rock 'n' roll. Perhaps it's the passionate intensity of "Ball and Chain" that echoes in your heart. Or possibly, it's the touching lyrical depth of "Foolin' Yourself" that resonates with you the most.
The Top Ten
1 Fantasy

Fantasy is the most recognized song by Aldo Nova, but it also has good elements from the 80s music that completes this song a lot! So, it is very well in number 1

Great music, and I meet this song for the first time on my brother's birthday party!

Not a classic but is probably the best song I've heard from Aldo Nova's records-.

2 Blood On the Bricks

Yep yoou're so right! I don't think this song could be one of the best songs of all time, but indeed yup is great and maybe the best one to pick.

No matter how many people are on a battle agains our best song (this one) they don't gonna break up our vote chain.

This song is better than that crappy fantastic song.

3 Ball and Chain

I love this song as the same feeling of lovin' my girlfriend, such a very good song with strong lyrics and a amazing rhythm for it time.

Oh just no. 10? really? I think this song would be it more higher up!

This 80's masterpiece should be more than higher...

4 Always Be Mine

This song is better than Hot Love but not than Ball And Chain I'm just saying this song could be number 4 not Hot Love is a kinda lazzy song to my ears! it sounds like that to me.

This song will be always on my heart.

5 Hot Love

I gosh above all this but I regret every kinda unique song I could hear in sometimes and this song ain't the prerogative! I would like to see it mostly at number 4 before to seen it at 8 which doesn't it help so much.

Yes also should be in the list of most decent songs of all time.

This song is a great song, I think it would enter in the top 5.

6 You're My Love

This is my favorite song of all time no question...

I love this power ballad song.

Best song to vote... Here

7 Foolin' Yourself

So, so great song. I wonder why it cannot get a search for the opportunity of be number 1 contestant

8 Monkey On Your Back

For be honest, this is my favorite song by Aldo Nova but I reckon that Fantasy is way better than this song.

My favorite aldo nova's job.

9 Rumors of You

True, this is his best song for the moment.

Indeed my boy.

10 Under the Gun

This song's title, remind me a lot of 'Under The Bridge Downtown' by Red Hot Peppers. by the way... I have to go with this one.

This is a good song and it should be number 2 at least if no the best number 1 here.

Best Aldo song for me!

The Contenders
11 Bright Lights

This song should be his best track comin' up from his also best album.

I reckon it too

12 Stay
13 Fallen Angel
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