Dry County


The best song and the best Hard FM song ever! So epic and intense. Riche Sambora makes us have goose bumps with his terrific solo... And what about the singing of Bon Jovi. Pure emotion in his voice, which shows that he doesn't deserve all the critics he gets.

If most popular BJ song are livin' on a prayer, Dry Country is the most complete: is quiet, is stronger, the piano notes are divine, the 2 solos are both calm and wild and finally the drums are progressively stronger; in 1 word: superlative

This song is an all-time *fan* favorite, not based on any sales figures or chart positions. It's just the most underrated, but their greatest song. - lexusforever

Not my favourite Bon Jovi song but I simply think it has to be higher. An absolute epic of a song with ups and downs in all the right places. Great lyrics, great guitar solo and is certainly better than some of the songs higher up on this list.

Look, this song is on par with all the other long ballads, November Rain, Stairway, and Free Bird. But this song has the spirit, the emotions, and my favorite guitar solo ever! God knows why this was not released to the public.

This song has a bit of everything. The songs above this are deserved of tops spots but Dry COunty just has so much power and meaning from beginning to end. The powerful lyrics, the meditative beginning, the awesome chrous and the best guitar solo of all their songs, Dry County has a nostalgic punch for me that I can't ignore. Best song from one of the best albums.

I love many songs, but, I think, this I like the most. It's very emotional. It shows us the problems. It's very underrated.

If I were to base my vote on most successful or most popular, I'd vote for Livin on a Prayer or Its My Life. However, I'm voting on overall song content and structure. Dry County is just pure sex.

Their most lengthy and epic song yet. I love the solo and the build up from start to finish.

A Masterpiece indeed

Last Man Standing or Dry County... Hard choose, but Dry County stands out musically for me. Awesome

This is Bon Jovi's masterpiece, a nine minute epic that shows everyone in the band at their best. Living on a Prayer put them on the map, but this song deserves to be their legacy.

This is easily one of the most underrated songs in music history. Epic solos and awesome song in a whole. - benhos

The best song doesn't have to be a 4 minutes short
Even at a staggering 9.53 seconds, dry county proves what it takes to be a masterpiece like stairway to heaven

I'm telling you, if this underrated masterpiece got noticed, Bon Jovi would get much more recognition than it has as the legendary band that it is.

This song should be number 1! People you have not already listened to this song please do it once. Its awesome! The mid solo is breathtaking!

This song is very underrated and so abandoned. It's a wonderful song. I've had to listen to it over and over because I couldn't get over it. - OldSouledHippie

No reason, it's just the best bon jovi song and probably in my top 20 list of classic rock songs ever made

This song's not bad but I prefer lost highway in fact, but then that's just me! Rock on Bon Jovi.

An absolute epic! Brilliant lyrics, vocals, guitar solo and atmospheric. What else do you need in a rock classic?

Great rhythms. Excellent lyrics and solos. This song inspires. Without doubt their best song for all moods.

.. Where the hell is this song hiding from me for so long time... ! One of the greatest solos ever... Number 1 piece

The best song ever. Awesome solo! I just love to listen to this song. Truelly the best Bon Jovi song to ever be made. This should be at the top. Not in fourth! Why are you guys be so mean to this song? Have you ever listened to it. If you haven't then listen to it!

Best song structure. Best solo. Best soulful vocals. Best tone. So basically best Bon Jovi song.

Such a disappointment how underrated this is. I love Dead or Alive, but this song beats all. - benhos

Absolutely amazing! (As every other Bon Jovi song! ) Bon Jovi is great and awesome. Don't even bother argueing with it... If you do not like Bon Jovi, then you don't like music, full stop. Sorry for those who are Bieber fans, but he just don't have it..