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41 Undivided

Great lyrics - an awesome call to arms! Great singing by Jon Boy - but the overall feeling is - it's so damn heavy and brutal for BJ! LOVE IT! Great for firing you up! And of course, always reminds me of 9/11 with its beautiful, sad ending. Such an emotional song. Wish they did more like it. Brilliant!

Hi jon bon jovi play that song for dawn she love you I get married play guitar with you now

Best unknown Bon Jovi song! Rocks really hard!

42 Crazy Love
43 Welcome to Wherever You Are

I was Gonna continue voting up their song "I AM" until I saw How low this Outstanding beautiful Meaningful Song was!

Coem on Bon Jovi Fans This song has WAY TO MUCH MEANING To be So low! - Curti2594

104?... How... This song is amazing... I don't even... I just literally stared at this... Atrocity for a minute. How can this be even lower than top 20?!

One of the best songs by Bon Jovi. Everybody is special in their own way

Amazing song

V 1 Comment
44 Last Cigarette
45 In and Out of Love

Not my favorite, but it should be a lot higher, so I'm voting for it.

61! Top ten maybe? Top 15 definitely

Damn the watchmojo video said this was number 10

46 Brokenpromiseland

One of my favorites, certainly. My favorite on the circle.

47 Roulette

You're going round in a spin, caught up in a game you can't win! I know that "Always" and "It's my life" are great, but you should also check out his first album. It's even better

48 The Price of Love
49 Fear
50 Never Say Die
51 I Love This Town V 1 Comment
52 Burning for Love
53 Bang a Drum
54 Room at the End of the World

! Jon's voice in this song is incredible! The way he sings the chorus sent shivers down my spine! This is absolutely the best song on What about now!

55 I Want You

Demasiado beuna para estar de 36 entre las 5 primeras!.. (^^)

56 Hey God

So interesting and passionate. Far from the cliched lyrics of many other rock songs.

Powerful Rock Track, top ten easily

Wow! What a nice song! It has too much energy and ofc. The lyrics are great!

57 Lie to Me

Underrated song. One of the best from Bon Jovi. Deserves TOP 20

58 Let It Rock

damn good rock song!
one of the best hard rock songs that they have done - richie4life

─░nsane solo

59 If I Was Your Mother

Underrated song and probably the heaviest song by Bon Jovi. I love it!

60 She Don't Know Me

Or of their first songs, great instruments and lyrics, should be in top 10

One of the first videos I remember seeing back when MTV first aired, remember MTV when they played REAL music...

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