Most Brutal Video Games


The Top Ten

1 Manhunt

In hatred you kill people with a knife or a shogun, but in manhunt you kill bad guys with the most brutal kills than you ever seen in the life

I love this game! - bobbythebrony

This game is 100 times more brutal than hatred, just saying.

That is crazy - CerealGuy

2 Mortal Kombat

In this game, people have their heads cut off, intestines spilled, people cut in half, shot, stabbed, burned, bones broken, dismembered, they're throats slit, and in Mortal Kombat X, some even have their corpses eaten. Doesn't get more brutal than Mortal Kombat. I just couldn't imagine. - OriginalVisionary


3 Hatred
4 Doom
5 Carmageddon
6 Dead Space
7 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

In what way is this brutal, brutally disappointing? - htoutlaws2012

Why is this on here? - Alpha101

Super Mario galaxy is more brutal

Really? What's brutal about this? 12yrs old running around saying they slept with your mom

8 Twisted Metal
9 Thrill Kill

The most brutal ever - keyson

10 Bulletstorm

The Contenders

11 Brutal Doom
12 Doom (2016)
13 Postal 2
14 God of War

Helios death was the most brutal one I've seen

15 Brutal Legend
16 Happy Wheels

In this games when you crash you get your arm, leg, foot, body or head ripped off and the most brutal part is when you explode your guts fly EVERYWHERE

17 Undertale - Genocide Run
18 Hotline Miami

This game can be frustrating but fun, I suggest you to play this game. - Delgia2k

19 Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
20 XCOM: Enemy Within

You haven't had a challenge yet if you haven't played it.

21 Dead Rising
22 MadWorld

Who said the Wii was just for kiddies?

23 Resident Evil
24 F-Zero GX
25 Cardinal SYN
26 Mortal Kombat X

If you've seen manhunt and mortal kombat but not mkx you won't know how brutal this is, people have their head ripped off, heart ripped off, or literally sliced in half

27 Alien Isolation

Maybe not intruding brutal but blood and the nest is just brutal

28 Grand Theft Auto V
29 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
30 Animal Crossing
31 Call of Duty: WWII
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