Top Ten Call Center Service Providers In India

BPO service in India has witnessed considerable growth post globalization. Today, most of the businesses consider customer service as unquestionably important. It has been observed that companies who ignore the importance of these services are more vulnerable to experience business losses. This is because they either fail to retain their loyal customers or are not able to acquire new customers.

Customer service in India is globally recognized for its unparalleled and customized assistance to the end users. The industry has improved the country’s brand image in the international market. According to the industry experts, outsourcing market has been growing at the rate of 7% per annum, while the average growth rate of BPO industry is 10% annually. In India, the industry is expected to grow at the rate of 7% per annum by the year 2017.

Indian call centers provide tailored solutions to their clients at competitive prices. By using latest technology, they act as a platform for managing business operations. This help firms to minimize infrastructure cost while saving their capital and time. Hence, the companies can focus more on their core skills and capabilities.

The key factors responsible for the growth of outsourcing business in India are as follows:

• Cost Benefits: Many companies outsource their backend operations to call centers due to substantial cost advantages such as overhead cost, training cost incurred on employees, infrastructure cost, and technology cost.

• Growing demand from enterprises: There has been rising demand for BPO services, mainly from the businesses mushrooming around India. Approximately 70% revenue of call centers in India comes from contact centers, followed by 20% revenue coming from the data entry business. The remaining 10% revenue comes from IT.

• Skilled Workforce: India has abundant skilled labor with computer knowledge. Moreover, the people are proficient in English as well as other foreign languages. This is an important competitive advantage that India has over other nations.

• 24*7 Technical Support: The customer support team provides continuous support to the end users. As foreign companies venture into the country, BPOs further help them to boost their growth by offering world-class services.
The Top Ten
1 WNS Global Services Visit Website
2 Aegis Ltd Visit Website
3 Go4customer

Best call center service provider! You are doing great work in call center outsourcing services. You are offering quality and affordable service, according to the needs of the customer. I am waiting for some other service features.

The best call center with a capacity of approximately 1500 candidates working with it.

Visit Website
4 Outsource2india Outsource2India is an outsourcing services provider that specializes in business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Bangalore, India, the company offers a range of services such as data entry, call center services, and software development... read more
5 Jindal Intellicom
6 3i Infoctech
7 Infosearch BPO Services
8 Tata Consultancy Services
9 [24], Inc.
10 Emenac Call Center Services

Working with them has been a pleasant experience. They have acted as our order-taking service for a year and a half, and our customers are very happy. They are effective listeners and quick thinkers. Many clients have complimented their good humor and professionalism. Such positive reviews led us to extend our contract with them.

They have versatile teams. Whenever I encounter any issue or need any type of assistance, they always have a solution. They provide excellent agents - at least to me - and I love working with them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional call center services.

The Contenders
11 Invensis Technologies
12 GizmoSupport BPO Services

GizmoSupport has been a trusted outsourcing partner for customer care and back-office support for startups and growing companies. We have been working with global brands from the mobile applications, banking, device manufacturing, e-commerce, and telecommunication industries.

I would recommend GizmoSupport. It is one of the best outsourcing companies in India.

Along with the factors mentioned above, GizmoSupport helps generate more revenue from end-users.

13 31West Global Services
15 Proglobalbusinesssolutions

They provide the best call center solutions at an affordable cost.

16 WinBizSolutions
17 Datainox

Datainox is one of the best BPO service providers, offering affordable data management services all over the world.

18 Syrex India
19 ICCS-Insight Customer Call Solutions Ltd
20 is one of the best contact center services, primarily serving small, medium, and Fortune 500 customers. They offer the best services at attractive rates.

21 Noida Exim Private Limited

Noida Exim Call Center offers innovative outsourcing solutions for customer support and service, combining processes and domain expertise.

22 ISPL Support Services
23 Outsourcing Insight
25 Bluechip Call Center

Bluechip Call Center is a one-stop shop for inbound, outbound, and back-office call center services. Managed by a team of expert management and skillful agents, the work operations at Bluechip Call Center are consistently a cut above the rest. The unique selling point of Bluechip Call Center is its meticulous approach to its work, which is reflected in the positive results it provides for its clients.

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