Best Cell Phone Services In India


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1 Airtel

I use this service and they are the best in the town

Airtel best network any where in India

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2 Idea Cellular

At least it has network, mostly wherever I go... !

I'm owning an idea network connection and it gives me nice data offers which is queit appreciable - glambert

Idea has good network available anywhere and anytime.

How idea is better than voda when they use voda network for 3G?

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Far economical as compared to others but still network problem arises!

The fastest and low cost 3 g network... Jts above then all 3 g networks.. it is provided by our Indian government for people at lower prices so it si best ever.. I suggest to all to use this

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4 Vodafone

Any day better than other companies

Better than any other provider in my area

This must be 1st!

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5 Aircel

Aircel is best for Voice calling..


Tata DoCoMo is the best :-)

Best network and offer

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7 MTS India
8 Reliance Communications

I have been using this in Punjab for last four years. Not even a single soam call or message. The cheapest and fastest 3g network in the area. I have ideo too but even after calling for DND service thrice, I receive about 4-5 spam messages a week. Reliance is best.

9 Reliance JIO
10 Uninor

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12 Videocon
13 Loop Mobile
14 T24 Mobile India
15 Jio
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