Media Showdown Episode 13

Welcome back to the very faithful Media Showdown. I am Ultron123 and I'm happy to be in your service. Tonight's a battle between the mysterious characters. Also two of the fanbases hate each other. Shadow Freddy and Gaster. Let's go.

Shadow Freddy's origin is unknown. So let's skip away from that and towards the cool stuff. Shadow Freddy has the ability to shut down many technologies, as seen when he crashed my game in FNAF. I still hate you, Shadow Freddy. Anyway, Shadow Freddy is in this weird trance. This somehow allows him to detect someone in a different dimension and attacking them there via breaking the 4th Wall and crashing the game. He also can teleport, attract enemies towards him without being spotted and turn invisible. He also has a lot of powers. There's Escape Key, Water Hose, and Unscrew. Escape Key can insta kill anything, but this only has a 30% chance of happening. Water Hose can insta kill everything, but they have to have 70% of their health gone. Also, Unscrew is basically Escape Key. He also had Pizza Wheel 2, which allows him to do massive amounts of damage. Also, Shadow Freddy is probably the hardest to hit in the FNAF franchise. You can't hit Shadow Freddy unless you could somehow access dimensions, something the FNAF cast lacks. Hell, you can't even get rid of him. However, Shadow Freddy has a lot of issues. Shadow Freddy will have a tough time fighting physically. He is a shadow after all. The only things close are Pizza Wheel 2, Unscrew, and Water Hose. Most of his other attacks are mental attacks. So if you can't hit him, you are lucky since he's not that likely to land attacks on you. Overall, Shadow Freddy is a very strong mental fighter that specializes in using his abilities to slowly break down his opponent's will power. However, even though you can't touch him, he can't touch you easily.

Moving on, let's check out the mystery man himself, Gaster. Gaster used to be the royal scientist before Alphys. He was the genius that made the Core, a source of power. However, he fell into it and shattered him across time and space. However, he didn't die completely and is always watching. He could send weird telepathic messages to his fellow friends. Anyway, let's get to the lethal stuff. Like Sans, he wields his Gaster Blasters, except he manages to work them up to their fullest potential, making them stronger, faster and throwing them in more quantity. Also, being the last royal scientist, he's quite intelligent, which allows him to fight against foes and going tactical. He is also known to lure people into his own limbo. Of course, he's also pretty quick. I can't really determine how quickly he could go, but he could teleport and hop dimensions, so it's likely he could go fast. He also could break the 4th Wall and could see time and space. No surprise. He was shattered in the time-space continuum. Anyway, this Limbo allows Gaster to be nearly untouchable. Gaster uses this for more mental approaches to confuse his foes and mind manipulate them. However, the Limbo is the very weakness of him. Most of his arsenal is mental attacks so Gaster has a very slim chance of hitting you. Overall, Gaster is a powerful combatant and mental fighter but he will have a really bad chance of physically touching you.

And the winner is…
Shadow Freddy

Let me explain, please. See Gaster would give Shadow Freddy a good run for his life, but Shadow Freddy matches up to Gaster in many ways. Shadow Freddy could see Gaster in his dimension and could just as easily get to Gaster. Now Gaster is going to get completely destroyed, since Shadow Freddy has something that Gaster doesn't, physical damage. He has pizzas, mikes, and water and could easily wipe the floor with Gaster. Gaster does have the speed advantage and is on part with Shadow Freddy's durability, but he lacks the physical body to hurt Shadow Freddy while Shadow Freddy is a mental and physical fighter. The winner is Shadow Freddy.

Now if you want to see a rematch with Gaster and Sans against Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie, just comment down below 'rematch'. If this post gets 20 rematch comments, there will be a rematch.

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