Media Showdown Episode 18

Welcome to Media Showdown. I'm your host and let's get into tonight's fight. If you aren't familiar with the concept check out Episode 1. But if you know what this is about, let's get on with it. Tonight is a rematch even though no one comments on my posts (forever alone). Yang and Ruby against Sans and Papyrus. Let's go!

Ruby and Yang are sisters and are in the color coordinated team called RWBY. Both have great chemistry together and been together for 16 years. Ruby's semblance is speed. She can travel faster than the blink of an eye and is a master at using her Crescent Rose, which is a mix between a High Caliber Sniper Rifle and a giant scythe. She was so strong she could lift up a Nevermore up a mountain and then proceeded to cut its head off. Ruby's also a natural leader and uses 4 types of dust, electric dust, fire dust, ice dust and gravity dust. Gravity allows Ruby to jump around the battlefield and keeping out of her enemy's reach. She also has her Silver Eyes which could stun and defeat Cinder and the Grimm Dragon. Yang is a master at using her Ember Celiac to shoot red and yellow shotgun shells, that can reach up to 50 feet in the air. She could also use her motorcycle to go fast and is pretty agile on her own. Her semblance is her ability to tank damage and chugging it twice as hard Hoovy style. She's also strong enough to take a hit through concrete pillars and then strong enough to shatter said pillars and the giant robot that slammed her through the pillar. She could also turn Super Saiyan and her power increases ten fold. After taking a few hits from the same mech, she had the strength to shatter the entire thing with her Super Saiyan hair enabled. Both do have their flaws though. Yang struggles against enemies with kicks (although she did grow tolerance as she trained), can only absorb damage that is physical and can only absorb physical damage so long she remains conscious. Also her temper has a limit. If she gets pissed off well enough she gets predictable and easy to counter. Ruby is young and inexperienced and she's yet to develop and be mature. She also could be distracted during missions making her easy to attack if she is. Overall, Yang and Ruby are a great duo and are great siblings. Both have their own unique abilities that cover each other's flaws and have worked with each other many times in the past.

Moving from sisters to brothers, let's discuss Sans and Papyrus. Sans is a telekinetic, bone throwing, teleporting skeleton that holds more secrets that we can't unravel. He can grab his opponent's soul and fling them around or into bones, he can throw said bones in many patterns. He can also teleport and dodge attacks from Chara who can move at the speed of sound. Sans can also perform KR (Karmic Retribution) which eliminates invincibility frams and leaves a lingering poison effect, however, KR only works when his enemies are evil and it won't work against good. Sans also uses Gaster Blasters, a goat/dragon skull that shoots lasers at his opponents and the Gaster Blasters attack the soul. Papyrus, while not as skilled, is more durable. He can take a far more brutal hit than Sans and Papyrus can also manipulate the soul, although he can't direct it in any way he can just turn it into a blue soul. He can also send blue bones and regular bones. However, both have flaws. Papyrus is not smart and is foolish and naïve. He isn't as skilled as Sans and is easier to land attacks on. Sans, on the other hand, is the opposite. He isn't easy to land attacks on but once you do, Sans is dead. Overall, Sans and Papyrus are great brothers and they care a lot for each other. Both are great assets in Undertale cast and they are nigh-unstoppable.

For the post analysis, I'm only listing the sibling that has the better stat. For example, if Sans is stronger than Papyrus, then only Sans will be on there.

Post Analysis:


Ruby: 4604 MPH
Sans: 767 MPH

Sans's speed is fast enough to dodge attacks from Chara. Chara's fast enough to dodge Gaster Blasters, which fire at the speed of sound, this makes Sans faster than the speed of sound but that is nothing compared to Ruby. Ruby's fastest speed was actually shown in the 'Red' trailer, where she fired bullets into the air and killed massive amounts of Grimm before the bullets fell down and they didn't fall with an impact like they weren't high at all. If we measure this, Ruby must have traveled at Mach 6. Covering so much space in so little time trumps everything Sans can do.


Ruby: 18,000 pounds
Papyrus: 206 pounds

You might think that Yang is the stronger one of the two but apparently Ruby's stronger. Ruby was strong enough to pull a Nevermore all the way up a mountain and then slicing it up. The Nevermore looked the size of a T-Rex. Therefore, Ruby must of pulled with the force of 18,000 pounds or 9 tons. Papyrus is only comparable to a regular human and while 206 pounds are impressive, it pales in comparison to Ruby who is 87 times stronger at least.


Ruby: Power: Town Level
Yang: Durability: 1,400 tons

Sans: Power: 520 pounds
Papyrus: Durability: 6,750 pounds

This is gonna get complicated real fast. Ruby and Sans are more powerful, but Yang and Papyrus are more durable. See, with Ruby's Silver Eyes, she trumps any effort of Sans's and Papyrus's attempts of even trying to be more powerful. Sans can crush a human and a human can withstand 520 pounds of force before completely giving in and not functioning. And Papyrus definitely can't be more durable than Yang. Yang's pillar feat thing proves she can withstand about 1,400 tons. We don't know how much Papyrus can actually withstand but bones can withstand 25 pounds before breaking. And there are about 270 bones in a human body. So he can withstand 6,750 pounds of force. And I'm freaking high balling it, just so Papyrus looks like he can stand a chance and become 416 times less durable. But if I wasn't so nice Than he's 112,000 less durable than Yang. The Skelebros don't even stand a chance.


Okay, this might be the only category that the Skelebros have the advantage in, thanks to Sans. Sans had way more experience and is way smarter, since Yang and Ruby are teens and Papyrus is, just, Papyrus. Thanks to Sans's 4th Wall breaking and his knowledge of time and space makes him smarter and more experienced than Yang and Ruby.


Oh, boy. Here come the salty Undertale fanboys. Ruby and Yang prove that they are 6 times faster, 87 times stronger, god fore bide how much times more powerful, 416 less durable…okay you get the point. If Sans can't stand a chance neither can Papyrus. They are screwed. The rematch winners are Ruby and Yang.

If you want to see a war between Team RWBY and Team JNPR against Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Asgore, Undyne, Mettaton, Muffet, and Alpyhs, let me know and I'll do it.

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