Media Showdown Episode 21

Welcome to Media Showdown. I'm your host, Ultron123 and let's get right into the fight. Tonight's fight is Spongebob and Patrick against Gumball and Darwin.

Spongebob is a sponge that lives underneath the sea in a pineapple. He got a job in the Krusty Krab as a cook and is silly, immature and lovable. However, do not let that fool you. If you think you can take him easy, well let's put it nicely and say you're screwed. Spongebob is elastic allowing him to stretch impossible distances. He also is a great martial artist and has telepathy. He also can make fire in water, shapeshift, resist mind control and has holy hell amounts of pain tolerance. Bajesus the dude survived over a million car crashes, blows that go through his head and even Plankton going into his brain. Not only that, if you SOMEHOW found a way to even hurt Spongebob (not likely) he can regenerate and shrug it off like nothing. Patrick The Starfish is similar to Spongebob in abilities and is Spongebob's best friend, and because of this, Patrick works well with Spongebob and all that. But by far their most powerful weapon is the Magic Page. With this Spongebob and Patrick possesses the ability to warp reality and the future. The dolphin dude even stated that the page possesses unimaginable power, the ability to destroy reality. Oh ho, it gets worse. They have a physical manifestation of the page but if that gets lost, never fear since Spongebob has one lodged in his head. Yeah I don't know either but anyway, this means Spongebob can warp reality and control the future in his grasp. They even possess super hero forms. Spongebob uses bubbles and Patrick uses ice cream. These forms are even more indestructible and have increased stats. A great advantage since Patrick once ran to the sun and back in 14 seconds. To do that requires him to move at 47.808 Billion MPH. However, even a duo with these two isn't perfect. Spongebob and Patrick may be terrifying sea creatures but they are hardly fighters. They lack experience and are really clumsy. Also, the page has a universal boundary. Spongebob can do anything beyond the universe he's in. Also, he can dry up and get killed, as seen when he took direct sunlight to the face.

From two ridiculous cartoon fighters to another we have Gumball and Darwin. Gumball is a cat that is sort of like Spongebob, someone you better not piss off. Gumball is ridiculously strong. He knocked a T-Rex out, can break steel and concrete, and could even throw cars. Gumball also can mimick the powers of people like Hulk and Ryu and heal from damage. Gumball even turned Super Saiyan. Man, Goku wishes he can turn Super Saiyan at 12 years of age. Also, Gumball also survived the Big Bang and saved Darwin in a nanosecond. To travel that speed he had to move at least 20 Billion MPH. Also, Darwin isn't very different from Gumball. Darwin can also use powers similar to others like Ryu, survived the Big Bang with Gumball along side him, and destroyed a city block with just a sneeze. He also has a regeneration ability like Gumball. However, they aren't perfect. Gumball's 12 and Darwin's 10. Both are young and inexperienced. Also, both are a bit overconfident and make things much worse and complex then they already are.

Post Analysis:


Patrick: 71x FTL
Gumball: 30x FTL

Gumball's fastest feat was saving Darwin in a nanosecond. He had to go through a 2 story house and each story is 15 feet. A nanosecond is a billionth of a second so he has to move at least 20 Billion MPH, nearly 30 times faster than the speed of light. However, Patrick far surpasses that. He ran to the sun and back in 14 seconds. The distance of the sun is 92.96 million miles from the sun. So in 14 seconds he moved 185.92 million miles which is 47.808 MPH. Nearly twice as fast as Gumball.


Patrick: 648 pounds
Gumball: 9 tons

Time for a god stomp. Patrick and Spongebob are many things. Being physically strong is not one of them. Patrick is the stronger one of their duo. Way stronger. Patrick once lifted 2 heavyweight boxers. The heaviest heavyweight boxer is Nikolay Valuev who weighs 324 pounds. However, Gumball lifted and threw cars and T-Rexes, the latter of which weighs 9 tons. Well then.


Spongebob: Power: Universal
Durability: Universal
Gumball: Power: Universal
Durability: Universal

Believe it or not, we have a stalemate. Spongebob's Magic Page easily puts him at a universal level. Durability wise he can tank damage from gods that have powers similar to Spongebob's Magic Page, like Neptune. But Gumball ain't too far off. His Big Bang durability makes him universal in, well, durability. And knowing the Toon Force, his power scales to his durability. (If you don't know what the Toon Force is, just think of it as a thing that allows cartoon characters to do impossible things like survive the Big Bang and travel back in time)


When you think about it, when it comes to intelligence, they also have a real stalemate. Both duos are doofuses and make things worse than they need to be. However, when it comes to experience (and no. Experience and intelligence are NOT the same thing)
Spongebob and Patrick have 2 movies worth of experience in their belts and both are nearly twice as old as Gumball and Darwin. So intelligence is a stalemate since both are relatively immature, Spongebob and Patrick are older and hold more experiences.

❌🗒❌X FACTORS🗒❌🗒:

Now for the X Factors. Both have healing powers. Gumball's and Darwin's healing powers are impressive but they just don't compare to how effective the healing factor Spongebob and Patrick have. They can replace body parts at a much faster rate.


Now this win will go to Spongebob and Patrick but be known that Gumball and Darwin aren't going down easy. Gumball and Darwin are stronger and are equally as smart, powerful, and durable. However, none of that matters do to Patrick's speed and both of their healing factors, replacing body parts more easily and quickly. Recapping the winners are Spongebob and Patrick.

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