Best Castle Clash Heroes

The Top Ten

1 Pumpkin Duke

Good with skill 7 and up... But he is monster with skill 9

It's best important hero

Good hero that's makes everything better including defense

Pumpkin duke is beast

2 Vlad Dracula

I like vlad dracula.

His attack is like a boss

He will kick your butt if he is using his power

Amazing power clears all types of walls

3 Aries

His calamity skill can take out a skull knight and have it not revive

Aries is the best...!

Have him so smooth, names niabc on castle clash.


4 Cupid

Give me the love to castle clash

His ability is great because he can increase other allies energy

Yo Cupid is ultraa

I have him and he increases my hero's energy including himself. By the way, my hero's are... Cupid, Orksbane, Snowzilla, Siren & Rockno.

5 Orksbane

Orksbane is one of the best tanks with currently the most health in the game, he is immune to stun which cripples champion, dracula, and minotaur. He then heals himself and allies, he's just great!

His ability will pretty much wipe out all the enemies in front of him

Nice tank with the most hp in the game. Love his skill-. -

Amaazing hero with big life

6 Santa Boom

Love Santa Boom can clear half a field.

ID:429374720 Let me satan boom please

Hi mother chuker I'm Santa boom. its crazy

7 Minotaur Chieftain

This hero's skill is very powerful

He is a beast

8 Moltanica

Moltanica is the best nobody can doubt that team it with death knight, santa boom, cupid pumpkin Duke and your unstoppable

This dragon is the strongest hero

ID. 123113353
I like moltanica... I love you.

I like moltanica... I love you

9 Pixie

Its powerful and it reduce power after killing anything!

She can counter Aries skill and at lv9 skill is much better

10 Siren

Lightning ability takes down 3 level 90+ heroes like nothing but 20,000shards is pricey unless you roll her with gems

The Contenders

11 Skull Knight

Super BEAST! Absolutely a treat to see him demolish everything in his way. 1 shots heroes 20 levels above him.

Definitely better than the others should be in second (behind Michael)

My best hero he's a beast

Wow, just got him, and at lv128 he's unstoppable. Best by far.

12 Ghoulem

Has a regenerating skill so high that make everyone us ghoulem and his hp is high

This is the hero I max the skill first before any others. AOE damage + AOE heal + AOE damage reduction and immune to stun or fear, one of the highest HP hero in game, what else do you ask for?

13 Lil Nick

Great Overall

14 Dread Drake

One man killer with life drain

15 Thunder God

He is my favorite he is such a Beast he has my dogs name

16 Executioner
17 Death Knight
18 Grimfiend

Snipes from afar, zerk8 included, heals, debuffs and makes huuuge damage. Whats not to like. Add scatter to snipe in energy reduction. A killer in team hbm, arena, mesa, dungeons and raids. Well all game modes =)

19 Gunslinger

Produce a high damage with her helicopter every second produce helicopter that have skill,same level like the hero and the copter can attack from very far distance and its invisible (gunslinger is the best)

20 Serpent Queen
21 Phantom King
22 Nightmare
23 Trixie Treat

No one beats trixie in kill speed due to her triple attackers. Shielded by pumpkies and with energy reduction she is a bitch to kill. Decent range, put LD and scatter to on her snd she will rule the kingdom like a queen

24 Lady Leo
25 Rockno

I think he should be put in between #9-#7 meaning #8. He has fast speed. He also has the ability to turn into a Bull and charge at anything out there. To add a little extra, as he is a Bull. Whenever he runs he can destroy stuff that are next to him. He can have skill level 12. And once he is evolved. He is a real hero.

He is a boss and kind of related to sasquach except rocking in a building destroying type and sasquach is a killing type

26 Skeletica
27 Lavanica
28 Spirit Mage
29 Druid

I have it and win the one of the battle in dungeon 3!

He has a boss healing power

He is my best legend and is badass from lv 1 id recommend get the druid

You talk a lot about Vlad Dracula Pumpkin and Duke. I agree about their talent. But for me, the best is the hero Druid. The quality and scope of use beyond the value of the hiring lot. Castle clash gamers do not really used Druid?
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30 Atlanticore
31 Grizzly Reaper

I have him Lv 72 and he's great with the warlock and immortep and Druid

32 Immortep

Immortep..I disagree it being number 23 best hero, lets say 16 or 17 his good too

33 Snowzilla

Snowzilla attacks multiple enimies

34 Succubus
35 Champion
36 Paladin


37 Ninja

He is Ok but not that good his move is good

38 Harpy Queen
39 Dryad

Great with boss battles with stunning however she is weak and slow but her health makes up for it

40 Frost Witch
41 Revenant
42 Warlock
43 Anubis
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