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1 Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder - Len Kagamine

I can Not stop Singing this! Its Awesome! - Fangurl634

Stuck in my head all day

Super catchy!

Absolutely amazing and catchy! one of my favorite vocaloid songs!

2 Megurine Luka - Just Be Friends

I LOVE THIS SONG! I will be humming this all day long! - Fangurl634

Yes, I LOVE this song! Very catchy.

I sooo love this song its very catchy I'm happy its first


3 Tell Your World - Hatsune Miku

This is good. I will bust my vocal cords up trying to hit high notes of this song

Catchy and meaningful. - ZachMandoGames

4 Pokerface - Megpoid Gumi

This makes me wanna dance every time I hear it! Its Very catchy indeed. - Fangurl634

love it

5 Colorfulxmelody - Rin Kagamine and Miku Hatsune

I Love this song! It's really fun and Catchy. Miku and Rin really make this song work. - Fangurl634

6 Ghost Rule

It was extremely difficult to pick from all these songs. I just felt I had to pick Ghost Rule. It sounds beautiful and I'm currently learning to sing it. It is sad in a way because it's about Miku feeling like she's nothing, like she's a ghost. This might be my favorite Vocaloid song, and it was my best friend that introduced this song to me. I thank her for that. The covers of the song are also amazing, and like everyone else, I really love the Teto version. And the growl at the end really hits you! It even effects me emotionally sometimes and gives me this energy. I just can't explain how awesome it is in words. And I'm a very young Vocaloid fan, but I have heard a bunch of amazing songs like this one!

It's catchy, and underrated. People should really give this song more love!

Listen to it! It's a really good song!

Deserves the most recognition - Frostrose

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7 Outer Science - IA

Yes I noticed some of the creepiest Vocaloids songs are catchy but this has implanted itself in my mind - Britmiche

I'm surprised this is only number 20, this is a really cool song that always gets stuck in my head at school.

8 Remote Control - Rin and Len

Extremely catchy but creepy at some parts

The song is so catchy! It has you hype and jumping up and down to the music and groving along with rin and len!

9 World Is Mine - Hatsune Miku

This song gets stuck in my head so badly.

Len's version is amazing

Miku is very sassy and Princessy in this. It's awesome! - Fangurl634

I like Kasane Teto's version but as Roblox has it, Kasane ####

10 Gigantic O.T.N. - Kagamine Len

Yes ummm very pervy but also catchy - Britmiche

The Contenders

11 Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life

This song is adorable and catchy, and GUMI and Len's Version is Cute

12 Dancing Samurai - Gakupo Kamui
13 Meltdown - Kagamine Rin

It has a catchy tune and, I personally love Rin, And she can hit All of the high notes like its nothing! - Fangurl634

14 Sekiranun Graffiti - Hatsune Miku

Maybe it's just me, but this is just plain ADDICTING...

15 Dappo Rock (Law - Evading Rock)

Despite the awful lyrics, the music is stuck in my head forever. - ZachMandoGames

16 Love and Joy - All Vocaloid Dancers

Okay, Technically it is not a vocaloid song, But I Love the dance! - Fangurl634

17 Magnet - Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka

I can sing this all day without it getting old!

I like this song a lot! - Fangurl634

18 Nekomimi Switch - Hatsune Miku
19 Jinsei Risetto Botan

Translated Title: Life Reset Button - Frostrose

20 Sacred Spear Explosion Boy - Len Kagamine
21 Matryoshka - Hatsune Miku and Gumi
22 Chururira Chururira Daddadda - Yuzuki Yukari

This one is sooo great!

Yesss! This one's catchy xDD

'Saa, saa, mikoku da sensei ni itterou (or however you spell all that)! ' Too catchy! - Frostrose

23 The Kagamine Family (Rin, Len, Lenka, Rinto) - Bad End Night

This song is amazingly Catchy! The beat to it is Awesome! - Fangurl634

That's a cover, not an official song. - ZachMandoGames

24 Hazy Moon - Hatsune Miku


25 Dancer In the Dark - Megurine Luka

Luka's voice is pretty cool!

26 Wave - Lily

Honestly, I think that Lily is just an underrated Vocaloid, also this song's

27 Kurumi Ponchio

Don't listen to the lyrics ITS CATCHY AS HELL

YES! This should be FIRST!

Seriously, it is disgusting BUT IT IS CATCHY! PEOPLE! WAKE UP!

Yes,sadly, it is too catchy

28 Doctor=funk Beat - Kaito

Truly Unique, you must admit.

29 Senbonzakura - Hatsune Miku

This song is great!

30 Rip=Release - Megurine Luka
31 The Tailor Shop On Enbizaka - Megurine Luka

So great and catchy! Also has a great story, and I love Luka!

32 Two-Faced Lovers
33 Erase or Zero - Len and Kaito
34 Popipo - Hatsune Miku

Total earworm.

...Why is this not #1 (^ ^)/? - Britmiche

Agreed. Was the song that got me more into VOCALOID, to be honest. - Frostrose

35 Karakuri Pierrot
36 Satisfaction - Miku
37 Ievan Polkka - All Vocaloid Voices

This isn't my favorite song, but it gets stuck in my head all the time!

This needs to at least be in the top 10 - Britmiche

38 Yume to Hazakura - Hatsune Miku
39 Rolling Girl - Hatsune Miku

Yes this song is very sad but I have to admit its very easy to learn and is very catchy like Lost One's Weeping by Rin Kagamine - Britmiche

The song has such sad lyrics yet an upbeat style. It's a nice combination.

40 Weekender Girl
41 Echo

I like the fast pace and bipolar lyrics

42 Sugarvine - Megurine Luka
43 The Little Mermaid - Megurine Luka
44 Ievan Polka - Hatsune Miku
45 Nape of the Neck - Erikubi
46 Glide - Lily

Um, I thought this list was for the catchiest songs. As in, songs that always make you dance, not just get it stuck in your head, laugh out loud.

47 Akahitoha - Megurine Luka
48 A Lie and a Stuffed Animal - Mayu
49 Beheading Dance

The skeleton singing kakkou kakkou is what made this song stuck in my head

50 Kokoro
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1. Tell Your World - Hatsune Miku
2. Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder - Len Kagamine
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