Top 10 Most Catchy Vocaloid Songs


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21 Yume to Hazakura - Hatsune Miku
22 Sugarvine - Megurine Luka
23 The Little Mermaid - Megurine Luka
24 Nape of the Neck - Erikubi
25 Glide - Lily

Um, I thought this list was for the catchiest songs. As in, songs that always make you dance, not just get it stuck in your head, laugh out loud.

26 Rolling Girl - Hatsune Miku

Yes this song is very sad but I have to admit its very easy to learn and is very catchy like Lost One's Weeping by Rin Kagamine - Britmiche

The song has such sad lyrics yet an upbeat style. It's a nice combination.

27 Gigantic O.T.N. - Kagamine Len

Yes ummm very pervy but also catchy - Britmiche

28 Popipo - Hatsune Miku

Total earworm.

...Why is this not #1 (^ ^)/? - Britmiche

29 Matryoshka - Hatsune Miku and Gumi
30 Kokoro
31 Splatter Party V 1 Comment
32 Panda Hero
33 Jinsei Risetto Botan
34 A Thousand Year Solo

The chorus is extremely hard to get out of your head... in a good way!
It's a sad song about a man who lost a good friend and tries to keep her spirit alive in song, but the tune makes you forget about the meaning!

35 Project Diva Desu - Hatsune Miku V 1 Comment
36 Shake It - Hatsune Miku
37 Akahitoha - Megurine Luka
38 A Lie and a Stuffed Animal - Mayu
39 Ievan Polkka - All Vocaloid Voices

This isn't my favorite song, but it gets stuck in my head all the time!

This needs to at least be in the top 10 - Britmiche

40 Wave - Lily

Honestly, I think that Lily is just an underrated Vocaloid, also this song's

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