Top 10 Cattle Breeds

This list discusses the best breeds of cattle. This includes all breeds (British, Exotic, and American).

The Top Ten

1 Angus

The Angus is by far one of the most popular cattle in the world and is known for its exceptional meat which has little specks of fat that no other cattle has

Best beef out there. I really like a angus herford cross. Have been raising these for years and have always had great daily gains and carcass yields.

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2 Brangus

A close running mate with the Angus. This cow is half Angus and half Brahman and is a very popular breed in the United States

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3 Simmental

These cattle have just about everything. They can be used for labor, meat, dairy, and have a high rate of twins which is a plus

4 Gelbvieh

This German cow is a farmers gold mine. These cows have superior fertility and achieve sexual maturaty at a young age. They can breed very fast and make a farmer a lot of money

Gelbvieh genetics have extra meat, extra milk and great weaning weights.
They also have a quiet nature. Gelbvieh are a cattleman's dream breed.

5 Scotch Highland

These cattle are known for top quality meat

6 Sussex

While these cows aren't known specifically for any of there products, they are extremely adaptable to any environment and are excellent foragers

7 Red Poll

Used for meat in the US and dairy in other countries

8 Holstein

Most popular dairy breed, They also hang good on the meat hook for the steers. A higher percentage of your "beef" is dairy.

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10 Devon

The Contenders

11 Braunvieh
12 Charolais
13 Red Hereford
14 Hereford

They are not as good as angus but they trow stout calves

15 Wagyu

Best marbled meet feed chocolate and wine

16 Belted Galloway
17 Piedmontese
18 Maine-Anjou
19 Beefmaster
20 Black Baldy
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