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1 Don't Let Me Down Don't Let Me Down

The beat is so fascinating than the other songs I have heard and Daya's sound complements the song so well. I love this song of all the other ones composed by the Chainsmokers!

Its too overplayed. - Catacorn

This song don't let you down - MatrixGuy

This ones alright

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2 Roses Roses

It has a catchiest drop that I've ever heard. I can't get enough of this song especially the part before the drop. I wish there were more songs like this

Better than Selfie any day...
This song has a great drop, melody, and beat. I wish The Chainsmokers were known for this song instead.

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3 Closer Closer

Can't get enough of this song. Reminds me of that special someone and always makes me smile - Jonerman

Best song of chainsmokers...just Love It

Not usually a big fan but this is my favorite song at the moment

Are you all kiddin g.. h ow can this be at no.4 it should definitely be at number 1. it deserves it. i t topped the us charts for 12 weeks and its very near from being the song with the most no. Of weeks in top 10 after its debut entry in the top 10. it has currently crossed 1.3 billion mark on YouTube what more do you want?

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4 New York City New York City

I'll be reviewing this later on...
Great vocals, enchanting story, inhuman buildup, and one of their best drops
7/5, this, in my opinion, is one of the greatest songs of all time - ProPanda

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5 Until You Were Gone Until You Were Gone
6 #Selfie #Selfie

Yeah, the instrumental Version is good for me

But the original one is TERRIBLE!

The beat is so fantastic but why the song is not in top5

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7 Inside Out

This should be higher, than it is today, in my opinion. That sweet voice of Charlee and that calm-yet-fascinating sound that the song delivers. From the beginning up until the end, it will leave a sweet mark on your mind and your heart that keeps you wanting for more!

Its should be in a way higher position

8 All We Know All We Know

This song is pretty nice, definitely better than #Selfie. It has a nice meaning

Best Chainsmokers's song so so far for me

All we know should be1

I like the drop, this is one of the best songs of the chainsmokers I think! I hope they will grow even bigger now they've received their first grammy! Also, follow me on instagram at @thechainsmokers_vevo :) xoxo

9 Sleep Alone
10 Let It Go V 1 Comment

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? Something Just Like This Something Just Like This

The best Chainsmokers song till date. Even better than closer and don't let me down.

? Kanye Kanye

This song is seriously my jam. Besides the whole "I wanna be like Kanye" repetition, it's a really enjoyable song. - Catacorn

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11 Waterbed Waterbed
12 Overdose Overdose
13 Paris Paris

Definitely the least dance oriented song of the chainsmokers and can't wait for their next album

Its new and catchy as ever! can't stop listnening!

14 Split (Only U) Split (Only U) V 1 Comment
15 Good Intentions Good Intentions
16 Dreaming
17 Take Me Home Take Me Home
18 Medicine
19 Last Forever
20 Erase Erase
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1. New York City
2. Roses
3. Don't Let Me Down
1. New York City
2. Until You Were Gone
3. Take Me Home
1. New York City
2. Don't Let Me Down
3. Roses

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