Top 10 Characters On Sonny With a Chance


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1 Tawni Hart

She is SOO funny and I love the way she crys like a little girl! - lovaboii72

so funny and a drama queen - decorulez97

so selfish... thats what makes her great!

She is so preppy! I love that in people!

2 Sonny Munroe

Best character just in front of chad

She's totally hot right up there with Miley Cyrus

I like Sonny, she's cool.

Sunny is main and best character... Tawni is too annoying

3 Chad Dylan Cooper

Well besides the fact that he's the cutest person on earth... I think he's extremely funny and shows a really sweet and nice side of him in season two. He's also just amazingly self-centered which makes everything funny but not self centered to the point where he's overly rude (well, except of the ransoms of course) it's cool that he's really funny but he's not SUPPOSED to be funny. The randoms job is to be funny, but he's just a funny person. Just because he's funny and self entered doesn't mean he's immature like some characters, he knows when to stop, and his scenes have never grossed me out (some so random sketches and characters do) I just love him, okay? Haha

Chad is definitely the funniest out of all of them because he's on a different show than them and is show (Mackenzie Falls) isn't supposed to be a funny show it's a drama show and his still very funny and cool.

Demi Lovato is my QUEEN, she's beautiful and funny and talented, but her character Sonny is second to Chad. He seems all businesslike, but really he's dorky and funny and quirky and would do anything for Sonny.

He is cute but not a cute as Zack martian from suite life on deck looks best on season 3

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4 Zora Lancaster

Creepily amazing, she should have been on more episodes!

zora is funniest character in Sonny with a Chance :)

5 Nico Harris
6 Grady Mitchell
7 Murphy
8 Marshall Pike
9 Connie Munroe
10 Dakota Condor

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11 Portlyn

Miss her, she should have been on more episodes!

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