Top Ten Appearances of Donald Duck in Movies, TV Shows, Short Films, and Video Games

First created in 1934, Donald Fauntleroy Duck (most commonly known as just Donald Duck), is easily one of the memorable fictional characters ever created, and definitively one of my personal favorites. But in his full 86 years of entertaining audiences of all ages all over the world, one has to wonder which of his appearances can be called the absolute best of the best...
The Top Ten
1 Donald Duck - DuckTales (2017)

Unlike his very small role in the original DuckTales series, in the 2017 reboot of the classic cartoon series, Donald's character and personality have been fleshed out better in 52 episodes here than in probably the entirety of his other Disney appearances. His famous temperament, determination, and his relationships with his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. His uncle Scrooge. His twin sister Della Duck. And the rest of his family are explored and explained in possibly the best ways imaginable.

While Scrooge McDuck is obviously the main character and gets the most attention, the character of Donald is given the respect he rightfully deserves. He's extremely likable, relatable, funny, and epic all at the same time. If you're a big fan of the Disney Duck universe and haven't seen this reboot yet, I highly recommend you give it a watch. Chances are you won't be disappointed.

2 Donald Duck - The Three Caballeros

Donald Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles all come together in this classic 1944 mix of live-action and animation.

3 Donald Duck - Der Fuehrer's Face

In this 1943 anti-Nazi propaganda short, Donald is portrayed as a Nazi in his own nightmare, ending with him waking up glad to be a citizen of the United States of America.

4 Donald Duck - Kingdom Hearts Series

Traveling throughout many unique Disney worlds, Donald's role in this complex video game series is the Royal Magician of Disney Castle and the partner of Sora and Goofy in their adventures to defeat Organization XIII, an evil group of nobodies.

5 Donald Duck - Legend of the Three Caballeros

Joining José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles in this short-lived 13-episode series, Donald's role here is to help his new friends defeat the evil Baron Von Sheldgoose and Lord Felldrake.

6 Donald Duck - Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers

All for one and one for all! As the childhood friend of Mickey and Goofy, Donald dreams of becoming a royal musketeer alongside his friends. Although it's a simple direct-to-video movie, it's honestly pretty good and still enjoyable all these years later.

7 Donald Duck - Who Framed Roger Rabbit
8 Donald Duck - Donald Duck and the Gorilla

A short film where Donald and his nephews have to deal with an escaped gorilla. My favorite moment is the chase scene where Donald tries to escape from the gorilla and tricks him into rushing up the stairs, causing the gorilla to crash through a series of walls all the way upstairs.

9 Donald Duck - Fun and Fancy Free / Mickey and the Beanstalk

One of the most nightmarish moments features a very hungry and demented Donald attempting to butcher a cow for food before being stopped by Mickey and Goofy.

10 Donald Duck - Saludos Amigos

Appearing in the segment "Lake Titicaca," Donald visits Lake Titicaca and attempts to cross a suspension bridge along with a llama. His second appearance in this short movie is in the segment "Aquarela De Brazil," which is Portuguese for "Watercolor of Brazil," where he meets José Carioca, who made his first appearance.

The Contenders
11 Donald Duck - Mickey Mouse (2013 Series)

It's Donald Duck, portrayed as his casual, temperamental self. What else really needs to be said?

12 Donald Duck - House of Mouse

Along with Mickey Mouse, Donald and his friends try to run a successful cartoon theater while Pete constantly tries to shut them down for good.

13 Donald Duck - The Wise Little Hen

Donald's first appearance in animation, voiced by the amazing Clarence Nash.

14 Donald Duck - Cured Duck
15 Donald Duck - A Goofy Movie

Donald makes a brief appearance alongside Mickey Mouse during the Open Road song number. Apparently, they too were heading to the Powerline concert along with most of the characters during the sequence, as Mickey can be seen during the concert, though Donald is absent for some reason.

16 Donald Duck - The Hockey Champ
17 Donald Duck - Quackshot
18 Donald Duck - World of Illusion
19 Donald Duck - Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
20 Donald Duck - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
21 Donald Duck - Donald in Mathmagic Land

In this 1959 educational short film, Donald Duck is guided through the fantasy world of Mathmagic Land by the True Spirit of Adventure, voiced by Paul Frees.

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