Top 10 Best Ever After High Characters

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1 Raven Queen

Raven Queen wanted to write her own destiny and I think she should be allowed to and I like how Raven is so kind. I don't like Apple because she is selfish and I don't know how sometimes Raven and Apple are friends. I also love Raven's friend Madeline hatter she is mad and amazing!

I just love Raven! Definitely supposed to be number one and I hope she stays number one forever. I love her will to choose her own destiney! She's wicked cool.

Raven and Apple are like best friends. (I think they are but then that must have meant Apple ditched Briar oof ;P) She's a rebel and stays really true to her heart! She had the right to get angry at Apple when she thought The Evil Queen had changed. Apple said that Raven was selfish, but Raven thought Apple was selfish. Cause like, let's all be real here, Apple kind of acts like she's the queen of the school and was kinda forcing Raven to follow her destiny and not 'blaze a new trail' (said in Way too wonderland) Anyway, I like Raven slightly more than Apple, because she's to say this? Slightly less...a word that I don't know :>

Raven is pretty, selfless, and more! I mean, she's kinda opposite of her mom. Apple would make a good evil queen! Well, Raven wouldn't. Apple's selfish, which is why I don't like her. There's no point of liking them if they have a bad attitude!

2 Cerise Hood

She is incredibly likable In my opinion. I have a real soft spot for Little Red Riding Hood! So that could play a part in why I like her so much.
Her personality in general is really nice too!

I also really like the backstory with her parents, I have heard of other situations similar to this in storytelling, but I really like this take on it in particular.
It is done in an interesting and wholesome way , and I really like it.

I loved the the Red Riding Hood story. So kind of makes sense that I would love her daughter, Cerice Hood. I love her personality and her casual outfit. I especially love her highlights. Her background story is really interesting. And I love what a good friend she is to Raven. Cerice's personality is kind, sweet, nice, understanding. She could understand Raven in a way Apple could never would.

- Swara Tamhankar

Cerise is the best character yet! I love her casual outfit and the fact that she's half-wolf. I also adore her for the fact that she keeps her family a secret although sometimes it's kinda hard. Go Ms. Hood!

I love Cerise! She's my 3rd favorite next to Maddie and Raven. And her art and storyline is so pretty. I really hope that MGA buys this dollline so it could be popular again.

3 Briar Beauty

Why do people hate her? Back then Maddie was my favorite but nowadays I think Briar is the most fleshed out and developed EAH girl, not to mention she looks like Katherine Howard in the Six Musical

She always meant well, but the pressure by Apple and the rest of the royals to follow in her destiny made her realize that she wanted to be her own person and rewrite her own life. Totally badass and impossibly lovely!

Briar IS selfish, but to think of it I would do that too. Everyone has flaws (even tho I said Blondie is flawless, I meant her looks). Plus, Briar is proven to be useful anyways. She already is a main so she can't ask for more! All I can say is that I'm looking forward to watch more of Briar in the future!

She is amazing. Why does everyone say she's selfish? Headmaster Grimm s fault not the royals. So pretty ecspacially way too wonderland

4 Apple White

Apple White is such an interesting and dynamic character! Apple cares about her school and has good in her heart. In the show, she started off with a perfect destiny, making it difficult for her to understand the Rebels' situation. I enjoyed watching her going through the stages of realizing what the Rebels had to go through. Apple was able to shift her opinion of the Storybook of Legends and the pre-planned destinies. In addition to being a Royal, Apple dealt with misguided views and the pressures of being perfect and. In the "Dragon Games," the Evil Queen and her mother take advantage of her, trying to use the pressure of a "happily ever after" against her. Her situation makes her an interesting character to follow. Apple has shown that she can right her wrongs and acknowledges her flaws and mistakes. Additionally, I enjoy how smart and logical she is! She is absolutely gorgeous and has some of my favorite outfit designs! She is a really good character at heart. On the other hand, I ...more

Apple White is pretty and let the rebels do what they want, that's one of the only reasons she's a favourite of mine. She is really selfish, and doesn't deserve to be the leader of the royals. She should be the ex-leader because she is so stuck-up and Raven wasn't looking forward to being her roommate! If she was a true leader, everyone would want to be her roommate. Anyways, she is also a good person. She has her own faults, but everyone does.

All I have to say is Apple is awesome. A lot of people be hating on her, but I actually liked her. At the start. But when I saw her true colours kick in, tbh, I actually didn't like her as much as I used to. But even so, I still enjoy Apple. She just wants her happily ever after and doesn'twant anyone's stories to go poof or their books to close. She cares about all her friends. So I wouldn't consider Apple a terrible person, and I certianly wouldn't want her out of the show. I just think she needs to show a little bit (no, actually, a lot) more respect for raven. She's slightly like the Grimm dude ;-;

In my opinion Apple White is caring and very beautiful she learned her lesson when it was throne coming Raven could have made up her mind by herself and she didn't need to be judged by her but still she was kind of really rude and she only cared about her destiny. I think that when she told Raven that she does not want Raven to sign for her she wants her to sign for her friends I think she was not telling the truth because it looked like she wanted her destiny and she kept on bragging about it she is really really mean and rude

5 Ashlynn Ella

Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney movies and Ashland is my 4th favorite character. Sh ex is so pretty. She's a graceful ice skater because the shoe fits! Get it?

Ashlynn is a main, but yeah nothing really wrong. I mean, it was nice to become a rebel for her true love, but yeah it affected Apple (it's not Ashlynn's fault, it was Apple) but anyways. She very pretty and kind, her attitude is as pretty as her looks. Nice if I could see more of her!

She is so sweet and kind, loves animals, and is such a rebel for dating Hunter! I ship omigosh! She's the queen of forest creatures and absolutely dominated in her fashion show and at the Glass Slipper!

She should be the leader of Royals instead of Apple, who is really selfish. Raven is the best leader of rebels. Ashlynn should be the leader of royals and Apple should left from Ever After High! I love this character (Ashlynn). How can Briar be the most selfish character?!? Come on, she is one of my favorites too! Apple is the most selfish one! Raven, Madeline, Briar are awesome! Ashlynn is so kind, selfless and caring!

6 Madeline Hatter

Maddie is just AMAZING! She's the perfect friend for Raven, because Maddie can cheer her up when she's down with her funny wonderlandiness. She's funny, kind, (a litlle bit coocoo) but who doesn't love her! ALSO, she didn't even mind when Apple totally just STOLE Raven as her roommate without even asking EITHER RAVEN OR MADDIE!
Either way, love everything about her and her relationship with her Dad which is super wholesome by the way. Go Maddeline Xylophone Hatter!

Nothing is interesting without Madeline! She is pretty, and crazy, and the craziness lights up the whole entire fairytale!
Without Madeline, I wouldn't even watch Ever After High and the stories would be boring. For example, if they were discussing something serious, Maddie would say something crazy and light them up, which makes the story good. Plus the fact that she can spell to narrators is nice!

Who doesn't love Madeline? She's awesome, encouraging, bubbly, and knows how to liven them up with her "logic". Haha, everyone would love to be her friend! Plus, she's not ugly, she's pretty! She needs to be more ranked!

Who can live without an entertaining person like Maddie huh? She is considerate, pretty, bubbly, and has the unique ability to speak to narrators! She really deserves to be more of the mains!

7 Blondie Locks

Blondie is "just right"! She is pretty, and has these good broadcasts (or should I say mirrorcasts?) There is no flaw that she has, plus opening every lock really is useful!

I love Blondie's personality, she is outgoing, quirky and she is similiar to one of my favorite characters from Monster High, who is Spectra. Blondie is a sweetheart.

Not to coldhearted, not to stupid, "Just Right!" Her dress is also adorable, Blondie's just like a china doll!

She is so pretty I love her. I wish she had a legacy day and getting fairest doll because she is my 7th favorite character

8 Darling Charming

Darling is the BEST. For those of you who haven't read her book, she sneaks out of her tower during the night, rides her horse and learns archery and swordfighting. She is better than DARING.Also she saves her friends in Wacky Wonderland.In my opinion, most people think she's a pretty princess but she deserves MORE than that. Also <3 that she hangs out with Raven sometimes.

Darling is one of my absolute favs in EAH! I love her personality so much, her confidence and determination. Her hair is pretty too.

Darling Charming is the hottest girl in Ever after high she should be the main character of the series and she is prettier and better than the stupid Briar right? She is a beautiful character inside out I love her and I like how brave she is.

Darling charming is daring and fun. She actually makes the story exciting. I mean, what are her secrets. Make her the main character. She has practically no flaws!

9 Lizzie Hearts

THE best character, by far! The Queen of my heart at least. She has so much depth and character growth. Her character is drawn beautifully, and she has such incredible talent for designing clothes! She has so much love in her heart, for her home, her mother and her friends. Also loved her and Daring together, better than rosabella (though she is a good character too). She's incredibly smart, passionate and courageous. She doesn't want to go mad like her mother, she wants to be a better and kinder ruler, a true queen and heroine. For this reason I believe that her motives are even better than Raven's are. How can you not love her?

Lizzie could be kind of a baddie, but she's a good person at heart! Before, she was all of 'OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!' and 'OFF WITH THE SALT!' lol I have to admit it's funny tho, and even tho she's like rly commanding, she really is trying to save the world and stuff. Not a spoilt brat (as Courtly says).

Lizzie Hearts may be mean sometimes but there are some facts about her that are quite surprising. Even though she's rebel, she also has a good side.

She is a fairy good fashion designer and I love her style! She is gonna be an awesome next queen of hearts,I know it! She is so nice even though she seems cold hearted on the outside! Go Lizzy!

10 C.A.Cupid

Cupid is cute, not to mention pretty, and is the best problem solve ever after! And selfless too. Like, who can like someone and helps the person you like's crush? Well, Cupid's done it. She likes Dexter, but Dexter likes Raven. She helped Dex get Raven to date him! Who could do that?

Well, Cupid deserves to be in the main 3. come on, everyone, vote her! She is waiting for more attention, and now she got it. So let's reward her.

I love Cupid she is so cute and pretty ecspacially with her pink hair bangs and angel wings. She deserves to be the main character when Mattel was making the monster high ever after high crossover not Draculara s boss

She's so pretty and she helps people about love problems, that's why she's my favourite. Honestly, I think that Dexter and Raven should break up and Dexter marry Cupid instead.Also, she's a goddess, I think she needs more respect and should be a main character.She deserves it.

Sooooo underrated! Needs to be higher! She deserves more than 11th place, come on! She should be in everything, like Briar. She also deserves more respect as she's a goddess! She solves love problems and is sooooooo pretty! She deserves to be as popular as Apple (but with less hates), and think of it: liking Dexter but instead he likes Raven but helping him? So selfless! We need more Cupids!

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11 Holly O'Hair

I I think she is very pretty but wouldn't it take hours and hours and hours to comb and brush that hair? I mean OMG!

Holly is one amaze person. She's sweet, funny and kind. She cares for everyone and is always there for her sister.

Holly is so pretty and kind. I liked her in dragon games. Her sister is cool too.

Holly is one of the most prettiest characters I like.

12 Kitty Cheshire

I love the nature that Kitty has: sly, like-to-prank, and mysterious, but could still be kind! Anyways, she's pretty, outstanding and yeah. Don't forget to vote her people!

Kitty, kitty, kitty... I love her because she is too pretty and she is a CAT. Who do not loves a cat. She also have a power of disappearing, can also video talk to her mother and she creates more chaos than anyone.

I think she should be the first.

Kitty wants to follow her mother's footsteps but she really is a favorite! She is really pretty and adventurous as well!

Kitty? Well she is AWESOME! I love how chaotic and fun she is! I also love how when she smiles she can teleport just like her mom

13 Rosabella Beauty

Rosabella is kind and selfless. Her relationship with Daring is amazing. Rosabella is a totally likable character. If you watched the series, you gotta know why.

Rosabella is a kind, generous and selfless person. She's always ready to help out her friends. She treats everyone equally and sees good in everyone. She's basically my idol

Rosabella is so pretty, and she may be daughter of beauty and the beast and there both royals. But Rosabella wanted to choose her own destiny so she wanted to be a rebel

Rosabella is one of the prettiest one yet! She is also caring to other people and she is very loving.

14 Duchess Swan

Even though Duchess doesn't like her story, she used to be a villain but later she becomes nicer since "Best Feather Forward". She is awesome anyway!

Duchess is evil, and doesn't like her destiny, but she really is a good character. She is very very pretty.

She is so special because she is destined to be a ballerina. So amazing!

She is awesome and cool

15 Blondie Lockes

Blondie is hilarious, and she aggravates the bears so much! Her mirrorcast is a huge success and her ever after mythbusters were amazing! Even though nobody thinks so, she is such a born queen!

Blondie is pretty, and she is interesting (like her news reports) she's just right!

Blondie is nice and pretty plus everyone loves her mirror cast , shes just right!

16 Cedar Wood

Cedar cannot lie, and neither can I when I say that she is super talented when it comes to swimming and art! I love this precious queen and she is so sweet!

I love how she never lies. I never really lie either, so our personalities are similar. Good job, Cedar!

17 Poppy O'Hair

She's beautiful and so fashionable! She's better than her sister!

Poppy is really cool. I think she is determinant. (please stop comparing her to Holly)

Poppy is really creative to have a tower hair salon! and her hair must be amazing!

I love her and her hair. She belongs in the salon.

18 Crystal Winter

I personally don't like this character. Sure, she's pretty, brave and determinded, (bad spelling) but I just don't like her personality. She thinks she's always fit for everything and..yeah. But I like her voice! But anyway, I don't really like this character too much. :l

She is an amazing ruler. After she saved her parents, she really impressed me. And wow she can sing.

Crystal is an amazing , brave and selfless leader. She's my favourite character of them all

God leader and pretty

19 Ginger Breadhouse

I love baking and Ginger bakes. I like how she doesn't want to be evil and only wants to bake for everyone.

I absolutely love baking and this character bakes.I love her kindness and not trying to be evil like her mother.She cares about other people and I think she is caring.Go Ginger Breadhouse!

Even if she comes from a long line of witches she still doesn't poison people

20 Meeshell Mermaid

Meeshell is one beautiful character. She's kind, sweet and smart too and her voice is soo beautiful-just like her!

I really like Meeshell 'cause of her voice, but isn't the little mermaid's daughter named Melody?

I love singing and Meeshell sings. I love that her legs turn into a tail when her legs touch water.

Such a beautiful voice. If she was real, I say she's the best singer ever!

21 Dexter Charming

He's the CUTEST! I like Daring & All, but personally, I think Dexter is fairer! I mean, FORGET Daring's bleached teeth! Dexter's gorgeous blue eyes are REAL & they are spell-BOUND to make you swoon! I don't know why Dexter isn't the popular one, he certainly is the sweetest! The shy and dorky prince is totally cute & very sweet & caring. Also, he is more like his father, King Charming, was in high school than he realises! Plus he's the main person in a LOVE TRIANGLE, and hey! Who DOESN'T love a good Love Triangle to start Ever-After-Chaos?! I bet Kitty does... *+. purrs and dissapears.+*

I don't know what to say expect Dexter is the cutest! I like how clumsy he gets around Raven, it shows that he really does like her. For me, Dexter is paw-some as Kitty would say. Although I would kinda prefer for Cupid and Dexter to be together, I just think that they're pretty cute together. I mean, a lot of people might not agree but oh well! <3

He is so handsome

Sweet and smart

22 Farrah GoodFairy

Farrah is awesome, cool, pretty, and one of the most useful girls in ever after! She conjures spells and grant people's wishes. Without her conjuring the spell for the library, they wouldn't have succeeded (but it could take centuries but they would never find out)

Farrah proved herself to be very useful. In the last season (in TV) she restored the Library of Elders (or whatever it was) until 12 o'clock noon, and without her, they wouldn't succeed.

Farrah isn't like Crystal. Crystal Winter thinks she could rule very well and is too playful. We need to see more of Farrah, honestly!

She is so kind, granting everyone's wishes. I think you should vote for her too.

I love Farrah Goodfairy because she is thoughtful for Ashlynn.

23 Prince Charming

Prince charming isn't so charming to me.I mean like he already has a girl friend so why would he flirt with other girls.

24 Daring Charming
25 Kitty Mischievous

I like everything about her.

She is so pretty

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