Best Characters In Les Miserables the Musical

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1 Eponine

The thing that is fascinating about Eponine is how she somehow did not develop the wicked ways of her parents. If she had, I do not think she would have seen the good in Marius or fallen in love with him. She had to decide either to stay loyal to her parents or Marius and she decided to stay loyal to Marius even if it led her father to disown her. Even though she died in the end, at least she got to end happy despite it being painful because she got dye in the arms of the one she loves.

The victim of the cruel beast called Unrequited Love but Eponine remains caring, loving and warm-hearted. She is definitely my favourite character. I remember watching Samantha Barks auditioning to play Nancy in Oliver! She didn't get the part but I know she would have played her outstandingly; just as she plays Eponine. She is an incredible actress.

2 Jean Valjean

Tbh, he kinda gets sidelined by all the other characters with better personalities, but then you have to remember that this story is about Jean Valjean and his turn from hating to loving, from despair to hope, from death to life. This story isn't about Marius and Cosette finding love or a fierce revolution with a morbid ending (as much as I want it to be), it's about how Jean Valjean turned form hating to loving, and that influenced Marius and Cosette and the revolution and all the other smaller stories.

3 Gavroche

How is Gavroche not #1? This is outrageous! He was so cute, probably about 7 years old. Stupid Javert. He deserves to rot in hell for killing Gavroche.

He is so adorable, and yet so brave- he portrays the courage that many grown men lack.

He is so brave and although he died, he died for a cause he believed in.

4 Enjolras

Enjolras is the most honorable character in the novel, he fights for what he believes is right and makes personal sacrifices for the good of others. Also he's really hot

Literally amazing and so determined. He was fighting for a better future, fighting for the people who couldn't stand for themselves. Everything he did was for the good of the people in Paris.

I love this man. He is the greatest thing to ever happen to the movie/ play/ book. Marius should be first with Enjolras right behind him.

5 Cosette

A very nice girl, didn't do much but without her the movie will be very different. Yes she might not put in a lot of good moments, but she is still one of the most important characters.

My favourite character has to be Cosette. Basically the whole story is centred around her. Everyone just likes Éponine better because she ends up being poor at the end so everyone feels bad for her and she has a showy song. She even wants to have Marius killed at the barricade so they could die together. While Éponine is crazy jealous of Cosette, Cosette is the one that is kind even though she was brought up horribly as a child. She has not as many solos but she does have an important part in the plot and is included in quite a few songs. Also, let's not forget that Éponine bullied Cosette when they were younger. Don't get me wrong, I have no hate towards Éponine. I actually really like her as a character and On My Own is a good song, but I just hate how Cosette is so under appreciated. Cosette is definitely my favourite.

6 Marius

Marius is just a nerd, he falls in love with Cosette so easily, but he truly cares. He's an idiot sometimes, like how he joins the barricade to die because Cosette is moving away, or how he tries to set the barricade on fire, but he's just a noodle.

Why the actual heck is Marius not FIRST!?!? Best character by far. Eat trash Eponine, I love you but Marius deserves first above even Valjean. Also why do people ship him and Eponine? They aren't even friends, hardly acquaintances in the book. Cossete and Marius all the way baby.

7 Fantine

Fantine is by far the best character in the show. Her story is hauntingly compelling; as a young and naive girl she was abandoned by her lover and now society looks down on her, but she will do anything for Cosette because her daughter is all she has left. I think she should be above all the other female characters on this list because Cosette is a stereotypical pretty girl who exists to fall in love and Eponine is cruel, selfish and jealous, which we are supposed to forget when we are meant to feel sorry for her. The character of Fantine is just so much more heartbreaking and meaningful.

8 Javert

Javert is easily the best written character in Les Mis. His story is so tragic in both the musical and book. Stars is a song about rights and wrongs and what defines our choices. It's a look into his philosophy, but when that's proven wrong, then a good Javert will have you in tears during "Javert's suicide" it's the slow destruction of everything he believes and knows. Russell Crowe did not do him justice.

How is he not much higher? Such a complicated character and even though he's portrayed as bad, I feel like he's one of the most believable characters, considering the time period. His suicide and the song Stars are so sad as well I cry every time. Also, in the film EVERYONE criticises Russel Crowe's singing but I thought that it was really good and even though he's not perfect it really brings it together. I feel like I'm a film like this imperfections just make the acting better. Javert has some really moving songs as well and really only does what he believes is in the best interest of both God and the country. He actually has morals, unlike Marius who I think is just selfish. I mean, he only really cares about Cosette and he had only just seen her before he decided he loved her more than anything in the world. He only really likes her because she's pretty anyway. So I prefer Javert tenfold and don't think he gets anywhere near as much respect as he deserves. Should be number one all the way!

9 Thénardier

A very interesting character with a very twisted yet interesting point of view and personality. I'm playing him in my HS's production of the "School Edition" and he is at times so much fun (master of the house :) ) and at times a very frightening and demented character. Love Thenardier!

He is an absolute savage. Literally stealing from everyone and escaping law enforcement. There is a reason he survives and becomes wealthy at the end of the show.

Love interpretations of him on stage... notably Alun Armstrong's original. Am playing him at the moment in an amateur production and have grown to really love his material

10 Madame Thénardier

Pretty funny not gonna lie. Morals in the wrong place, but stole the show

It's hard not to love her because helena plays her so well in the movie

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11 Bishop

So caring and it speaks levels that the man who played him, Colm Wilkinson, played Valjean in the original London recording.

12 Grantaire
13 Courfeyrac
14 Monsieur Mabeuf

Only those who've read the book will know this charming old man, but he won my love as soon as he said that books and plants and more interesting than politics. And when Gavroche stole Monteparnasse's wallet and threw it over M. Mabeuf's wall and the poor man freaked out... I love him.

15 Combeferre
16 Lesgles

He is the unluckiest student. He deserves more.

17 Monsieur Thénardier
18 Joly
19 Jehan Prouvaire
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