Top 10 Christian Power Metal Bands

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21 Adiastasia

Not my favourite power metal band but a contender for that place. They only have one album but is quite good. Also they have a perhaps unusual but great inclusion of both English and Portuguese (the band was founded in Brazil). If your looking for something not terribly common like that you might want to check them out.

22 InnerWish
23 Skillet Skillet Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.
24 Darkwater

Anybody that like dragon force will like this band as well.

25 Demon Hunter Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter is Metal core, not power metal.

Lol why is little imp hunter on this list

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26 Saviour Machine

Saviour Machine is one of my favorite bands but they are Gothic Rock, not Power Metal.

Symphonic metal, but symphonic and power metal are closer than demon hunter

27 German Pascual

Vocalist of Narnia, have a Excellent Album who Likes Divinefire, Narnia need to hear this

28 Energema

Power Metal from Colombia!...Signed by Sleaszy Rider Records from

29 Worldview

Featuring the brilliant guitar work of George Ochoa (ex-Deliverance/Recon) and the amazing vocals of singer Rey Parra (ex-Sacred Warrior)

30 Wisdom Call

Swedish Power metal, Christian Liljegren is the vocalist. Great metal.

31 Righteous Vendetta

Awesome Christian metal band from wyomming!

32 Gaia Epicus

Definitely pretty underrated. I encourage whoever reads this to check out their song "Be thy Cross my Victory".

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