Best Christina Aguilera Singles

All official singles eligible. This is how I rank her singles, not based on popularity, sales or chart position. I'm probably going to add most of them myself, so yeah. Enjoy!
ALSO, I'm not putting guest features in here ("Moves Like Jagger", "Feel This Moment", "Tell Me", "Do What U Want", etc.) but y'all can add them if you like. I AM including proper duets ("Say Something", "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely", etc.) where Christina receives equal billing as a lead artist rather than a feature.

The Top Ten

1 Fighter

I've stated in several instances that this is my favorite song if all time, haven't I? Just in case I'm mistaken about that, this is my favorite song of all time. - theOpinionatedOne

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2 Hurt

This one is very special. I always liked it but after I saw the music video, I LOVED IT! - theOpinionatedOne

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3 Ain't No Other Man

Who doesn't like getting down to this funky jam? Yeah, I see you straight boys head-bopping along back there. Admit it, you love this song too! - theOpinionatedOne

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4 Dirrty

This song can make me dance like no other. And I use the word "dance" very loosely, because it ain't pretty! - theOpinionatedOne

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5 Your Body

I love almost everything about this song. Except for one thing...NOBODY says "All I wanna do is 'love' Your Body." Nobody! It's not like she hasn't had explicit lyrics before, I wish she would have just left them as fu€k "Your Body." Oh well, I downloaded the explicit leaked version so I'm just fine, it just sucks that the album version is changed. - theOpinionatedOne

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6 Candyman

I wasn't crazy about this song for the longest time until one day, it got the best of me with its catchy greatness. Now I sing it all the time! - theOpinionatedOne

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7 Lady Marmalade

I secretly aspire to one day be Christina Draguilera. #NoShame - theOpinionatedOne

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8 The Voice Within

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it until I die. "The Voice Within" should have had the massive success that "Beautiful" did. This is better than "Beautiful" and it would probably have that song's longevity if it were released after "Dirrty." - theOpinionatedOne

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9 Keeps Gettin' Better

This is the song that got me interested in Christina Aguilera to begin with. In 2008 is when I started paying attention to music, and it was this little electro number that sparked my unhealthy obsession with all things Christina. - theOpinionatedOne

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10 Not Myself Tonight

This might change for me. I just wanted to represent Bionic in my top ten and this is my favorite single from that album. I think the reason Bionic had such low sales is because people weren't quite ready for such a drastic shift in style from Christina. It's unfortunate because it's a very good album. - theOpinionatedOne

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The Contenders

11 I Turn to You UListen to Sample
12 Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) UListen to Sample
13 Oh Mother UListen to Sample
14 Just a Fool UListen to Sample
15 Slow Down Baby UListen to Sample
16 Beautiful UListen to Sample
17 You Lost Me UListen to Sample
18 Genie in a Bottle UListen to Sample
19 I Hate Boys UListen to Sample
20 Change UListen to Sample
21 Can't Hold Us Down UListen to Sample
22 Say Something UListen to Sample
23 Woohoo UListen to Sample
24 Nobody Wants to Be Lonely UListen to Sample
25 Express UListen to Sample
26 Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti UListen to Sample
27 Reflection UListen to Sample
28 Car Wash UListen to Sample
29 Falsas Esperanzas UListen to Sample
30 Telepathy UListen to Sample
31 Tilt Ya Head Back UListen to Sample
32 We Remain UListen to Sample
33 Show Me How You Burlesque UListen to Sample
34 What a Girl Wants UListen to Sample
35 Ven Conmigo (Solamente TÚ) UListen to Sample
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