Greatest Christmas Songs of the 21st Century

The Top Ten

1 Believe - Jackie Evancho

A beautiful selection from the album Heavenly Christmas.

Love all of her Christmas songs.

She makes me believe. - BobG

Wonderful song from the movie Polar Express.

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2 Minecraft Christmas - Area 11
3 Christmas Convoy - Paul Brandt

Rockabilly Redneck Truckin' Christmas song that's arguably the greatest Christmas song of the 21st century. Unlike the Jackie song which is a blatant cover (which I find to be lazy) this is an original song inspired by another truckin' song (Convoy by C. W McCall).

Long live the Christmas Convoy, 10-4.

A Canadian country star in a reworking of C. W McCall's Convoy

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4 Christmas, My Arse! - Ricky Tomlinson

A smart satire of the reality of a modern British Christmas

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5 Christmas Robot - The Retrobot

I love christmas yeah

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6 21st Century Christmas - Cliff Richard
7 Underneath the Tree - Kelly Clarkson UListen to Sample
8 X-M@$ - Corey Taylor UListen to Sample
9 Proper Crimbo - Bo' Selecta!
10 Once Upon a Christmas Song - Geraldine McQueen (Peter Kay)

The Contenders

11 Is This Christmas? - The Wombats

Nothing says Christmas quite like people in a panic.

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12 Thankful - Josh Groban UListen to Sample
13 Christmas Must Be Something More - Taylor Swift UListen to Sample
14 Candy Cane Christmas - Darius Rucker UListen to Sample
15 All the Broken Toys at Christmas - Batteries Not Included UListen to Sample
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