Top Ten Classic Black and White TV Shows from the 1950's


The Top Ten

1 I Love Lucy

This show was pretty hilarious & popular. - ruJILLous

2 The Mickey Mouse Club
3 Walt Disney Presents
4 Lassie
5 Superman

The original was dumb in my opinion... I don't like any of them - Lucretia

6 Howdy Doody
7 Leave It To Beaver

This show is cool, used to love it. Only I found the older brother a bit weird. And June is just a stereotypical house wife. - Lucretia

This was a great show - bobbythebrony

I always thought Lord was a bit hard on the Beaver.

8 The Lone Ranger And Tonto
9 The Honeymooners


10 The Donna Reed Show

The Contenders

11 Perry Mason

I really liked this one episode, very cool. 50s murder anything gets interesting - Lucretia

12 Maverick

James garner breached his contract when roger moore took over.

13 Dennis the Menace

Joe kerns died during the 3rd season.

14 Roy Rogers
15 Bachelor Father
16 Father Knows Best

Funny show, Margaret was annoying though. - Lucretia

17 American Bandstand
18 Dragnet
19 The Wonderful World Of Disney
20 Twilight Zone

Lovely show, good morals - Lucretia

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1. I Love Lucy
2. The Mickey Mouse Club
3. Walt Disney Presents



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