Best Classic Doctor Who Cliffhangers


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1 An Unearthly Child (Part One)

The TARDIS Takes off for the first time - RickyReeves

2 The Tenth Planet (Part Four)

The First Doctor regenerates for the first time into a younger man (Even though Patrick Troughton wasn't that young) - RickyReeves

3 The War Games (Part Ten)

The Second Doctor is spinning around in a vortex, is face is covered in shadow as he is exiled to Earth, with a new face.

RESOLUTION: The Doctor lands on Earth, with a new face - RickyReeves

4 The Daleks (Part One)

Barbra is backed up against the wall as a familiar enemy (making its debut) goes towards her
RESOLUTION: The Dalek is shown - RickyReeves

5 The Caves of Androzani (Part Three)

The Doctor threatens to crash a spaceship on a planet - RickyReeves

6 Genesis of the Daleks (Part Four)

The Doctor is wired to a machine, Davros wants to know how the Doctor is defeating The Daleks, if he lies, he'll torture Harry and Sarah
RESOLUTION: The Doctor tells - RickyReeves

7 Remembrance of the Daleks (Part One)

A man knocks out Ace and locks the Door, as the Doctor is trying to get Ace to open the door, a Dalek is hovering up the staircase, The Doctor looks in horror.
RESOLUTION: Ace opens the door - RickyReeves

8 The War Games (Part Nine)

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are trying to escape from the time lords, they are in slow motion and are unable to move, they reach the TARDIS, but the Doctor cannot open the TARDIS.
RESOLUTION: The Doctor manages to get inside - RickyReeves

9 The Mind Robber (Part One)

The TARDIS explodes
RESOLUTION: They all wake up in the Land of Fiction - RickyReeves

10 Dragonfire (Part One)

The Doctor is hanging from a cliff with his umbrella, he starts to lose his grip..
RESOLUTION: Glitz saves him - RickyReeves

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1. An Unearthly Child (Part One)
2. The Tenth Planet (Part Four)
3. The War Games (Part Ten)


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