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Tamil has the best literature and sounds the best. It is very oldest language in India.
It has more alphabets, nearly 247.

Because the Tamilians' old habitations were destroyed by sea several times, no specific proof to establish its real origin and development are unavailable. But Tamil has established its classical status by its rich cultural and literature works

Tamil language is the not one of the classical language. It is a first and best classical language in the world. In India the politician taken the problem is doing the political base. So, the Tamil language is going back and Tamil people also not interest speak in Tamil. Richest Tamil people speaking in English.
Tamil is out language. It is first language and best pronounceation in the world. So, WE PROUD OF AS BE TamilIAN.

The word Tamil is enough to say...the king is always king that is enough...!


Logistic systems of expressions in Armenian language is infinite, and at the same time it sounds so beautiful!

Armenian is both very descriptive whereby you can piece compound words together to make bigger words (like German and Greek) and there are many onomatopoeic words in the vocabulary adding further colour.

Armenian has been spoken within the Armenian highlands for well over 3 millennia and has been the source of continuity during tumultuous times in history.

There is beauty in all languages of the world, but the most beautiful, delicate language and the conqueror of hearts is Armenian.


Stuff you should know about Latin: It exists different forms of Latin and the easiest one for people that knows Spanish is Neo Latin. Latin is a subject, object, verb language and has no words such as the, of, with and shall, as well as some extra like yes and no. The closest one to no is non which means not nor thou shalt not, depending on the sentence of course. When referring to the language do you say Latin lingua, but lingua means also tongue in Latin, so lingua Latin basically means the Latin tongue. Latin is a language beautiful in music, classical to death metal. Lots of words have been taken from Latin.

Latin is a really beautiful language... I wish it was still spoken in Italy

So hard but why it is still needed, not only of course but still. A true experience.

Latin is the Father of all European languages.


Arabic is one of UNO languages

It is national language for more than 25 countries

Arabic is the Father of all Muslim languages.

Eloquent and deeply rich when spoken in its classical form.


According to me Japanese derives from Chinese and Tamil

Japanese is a classical language and it's beautiful and cute it's beautiful when it's sung and sounds cute when be spoken everybody in Tokyo sound beautiful and cute when they talk this language sounds like singing and it sounds like whispering and it sounds like they are talking to babies some of you think this language might sound very ugly because you guys think this language sounds like yelling but,I've heard this language it sounded very smooth sounds like culture telling when they speak in Tokyo sounds like music and so peaceful it sounds lovely and also Korean sounds beautiful too I think the classical languages are Japanese,Mandarian and Korean I love how they sound they sound like singing!

Japanese is its own language

Cause japqn is very talented in technology


Assyrian Language is a one of living language of Middle East. That most of words of other language has assyrian roots

Assirian, also Neo-aramaic is language of Jesus Christ. This is also true and It sounds, like mixture of Arabic and Hebrew.

Assyrian language is so foreing, it sounds like magic

Ancient Greek

From Homeric texts, to Greek philosophy, drama, medicine, to Christian classics, patristics, and Byzantine manuscripts, Greek is the language carrying a vast cultural memory that off-springs into medieval, modern and contemporary European culture, the Latin corpus, and a unique influence to monotheistic religions and cultures through original texts and commentaries (Arab world, Slavic world, Iranian world). The basis for the world's largest theological traditions (in terms of number of members), but also the basis for modern and contemporary scientific inquiry (in medicine, natural sciences, mathematics etc).

Also, Greek is pretty much why people started classifying languages as 'classic' on the first place. In a way, it is the definition of a classical language. All languages are important though, this ranking makes no sense

Ancient Greek is so cool, should be #1!

That's it


Every character has a story.

Chinese sounds like English but it's writing shows it is classical.
It origins the world's first language.

Anglo Irish

What language But 3rd place but


Not only the first spoken language, it's the first truly written language.
Hebrew is past classical. I would call it the human 'root language'.

I like Language of Hebrew

A jew from 3000 because easy to understand another jew today.

The letter of Hebrew looks funny but it is clasical.

The Contenders

Old Norse

Anything that has to do with Vikings is cool in my book!

Pure elvish, so ancient and magical, makes you listen


Persian language is driven from middle Persian and the middle Persian also related to old Persian so it has a long story. The firs Persian inscriptions are written in 5th century (B. C) and the language is somehow still alive.
About Persian literature, it goes without saying that it has awesome rich literature. So according to the definition of "Classic languages" I think Persian language is the most classic language in the world.

Many people think Persian is Arabic at the first encounter but just in 1 minute they realize that these two are totally different and that Persian is so much more sweeter and rythmetic which applies for the alphabet as well. It's so much more older than any other language in Middle East and is really easy to learn.

I think it's a really beautiful language and so classic

The best language in the world


Hello friends malayalam is old language I agreed, don't compare with Tamil, Tamil always top in the world.

Malayalam is the child of Tamil and sanskrit.. it has pure Tamil words not used by Tamils now.

Malayalam is the mixture of Tamil and Sanskrit

Malayalam language has mostly Tamil words and numeric and the letters are resembles Tamil letters.


NOT a classical language...

Not really classical

The most beautiful classical language, with the oldest academy... L’Académie française, 1634!


Proto-Turkish language dates back to 14.000 years because. Concerned fellows may check the The Academy of Sciences of the USSR records.

Spoken in 7 countries as a mother tongue and you can travel if you start from Germany unil northern China without any problem if you know it

Old English

So brash, so exciting! A powerful language indeed.


Powerful language.



Kannada one of the richest language with lot of grammars and Expressions. Beautiful scripture. Very pleasant to hear

Kannada is one of the oldest languages of India. It is very simple, sweet and easy to both learn and use. It is definitely better than Tamil language which sounds very harsh and ugly I have no idea how it is in the #1 place it does not even deserve to be in top 10. Just because a language is old it doesn't mean it is better. It has very beautiful literature or script and it is 99.99 percent logically correct and it has been declared as a 2nd language with beautiful and perfect script in the world after some European language. So it definitely deserves to be in the #1 spot so people please vote up and help this amazing language to reach #1 spot where it deserves to be.

Its older than Sanskrit. But not as much as Tamil

Kannada may be one of oldest Ianguage in India but not as much as Tamil. Because Tamil is oldest language and very first Classical language in the world. The only Indian Language recognised by UN Assembly.


Sanskrit is not the language of god.. it is oldest and sanskrit is mostly derived from Tamil language. Tamil is the mother of all languages.

It is oldest language because many language in world based on this

Sanskrit is not a language of gods. It has only Hindu Scriptures.
It shares the position with Tamil. Because both are twin languages.

Because it is the language of gods


Hindi is definitely a classical language.

Hindi is not classical language. It is just the simplification of Sanskrit with some mix of parsi and urdu before 200 years. But it is the most spoken language in India despite the fact that India has rich tradition of 2 wordly recognized classical languages: Tamil and Sanskrit.

Best language

Hindi is not a traditional language. It is a mixture of Dheva Nagari a north Indian language and urudhu. Unfortunately it becomes the mostly speaking language in India mainly in north India. Tamil language only has status of Indias national language when compared with its tradition and classical scripts.


Every language has its greatness, every culture has it's specialty. Few may be old, few may be new!

I have saw people saying that Tamil is the Mother Language for Telugu!?

LOL - Laughing Out Loud, well Telugu belongs to a Dravidian Family as Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Tulu does!

Tamil hasn't given birth to Telugu!

Here I go with my reasons - Let you take a Persian Person, he would definitely say that his language is the oldest language than the any other language.

Take an African, he would claim that all the cultures are originated by them!

A Telugu Person would feel proud because of their dynasties ruled most parts of India!

Sathavahana Dynasty or Shalivahana Dynasty ( Marathi Term), Kalaiyargalin Dynasty, Veera Pandya Katta Bomman ( First Indian freedom fighter is Katta Bomman, a Telugu King that have ruled a jurisdiction of South Tamil Nadu called Panchalan Kurichi, his Telugu form of a name was Gatti Bheemudu which is known to be ...more

Telugu is also classical but not so as that of Tamil and Sanskrit. Tamil is the mother which gave the ovum of grammar and sperm of words was by Sanskrit to give birth to 3 new languages called Telugu, kannada, malayalam... Among this Telugu is eldest and malayalam is the yougest!

True. Tamil is worlds oldest and classical language which gives birth to Dravidian languages like kannada, malayalam and Telugu. It is the worlds number 1 classical language.

Telugu is the sweetest language. It has very good script.


This person does not know the history Sinhala is one of the oldest languages and a supporting doc is attached. IMG_8653.png

Sinhalese is recent language formed in 1980


Marathi is a aryan language with a great dravidian vocabulary influence on it.
It is one of the oldest language in india.

Oldest Indian language: Older than Sanskrut!


Closest living language to Sanskrit.

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