Top 10 Most Cliche Ways to Die in a Video Game

Ways to die in a videogame that are honestly kind of stale after a while. Some of these you might agree with and some of these you might disagree with.

The Top Ten

1 Getting crushed to death from either a person, machine or object

Oh, come on, being crushed to death by a car is hilarious still. - mattstat716

Well, most of these aren't cliché and more "logical". I mean, who is going to survive being crushed by a car that just fell from a height? You'd have to be Kent Clark or something. - Swellow

2 Falling to your death from a far height

Instantly thought of Nathan Drake from Uncharted. This happens a lot to him. - cjWriter1997

Mario... - Neonco31

3 Falling into spikes

Basically almost every platformer video game (Including Mario games) has spikes you can die from (Most of the time from falling on them) - christangrant

Mortal Kombat. - egnomac

Why does a chemical factory have loops and spikes?
Why is there a lush green land with spikes on the ground?
Who placed them there? Why are they there? What purpose do they serve?! - mattstat716

4 Getting stabbed in the heart by either a sword, knife or other sharp object

v v cliche - EliHbk

5 Getting decapitated

Very brutal way to go I might add. Poor Leon from RE4 has gotten his head decapitated many times. - cjWriter1997

Boring! - mattstat716

6 Getting stabbed in the throat
7 Getting electrocuted
8 Someone that betrays you kills you
9 Getting shot in the head

Sorry I couldn't resist - cjWriter1997

10 Drowning

glug glug - Synchronocity

The Contenders

11 Being blown up into pieces

Pffft. Not always boring. - mattstat716

12 Getting One-Shotted

Getting killed in only one shot by an enemy, regardless if your health is full. Happens a lot if you don't expect what if coming. - CrimsonShark

13 Getting killed in a Quick Time Event.

I mean, in most games, you don't even see a QTE coming. And when it does, you're too late to react in time and by the time you're horribly mutilated and the loading screen comes up, all you're left to say is "Well that was cheap". - CrimsonShark

14 Burning

Fire isn't even fun, it's just annoying. Like a life-stealing debuff.
Same thing, different look. Annoying. - mattstat716

15 Falling out of a plane or a space ship
16 Falling of a cliff or a mountain
17 Getting eaten by any kind of animal
18 Lava in general
19 Man-eating Plants
20 Falling off the map
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