Top Ten Collaborations Between Metal Bands (Including Bands Considered Metal) that Shouldn't Happen

The Top Ten

1 Avenged Sevenfold and Death

I'd be interested as to what this would sound like

2 Slayer and A Bullet for My Valentine
3 Linkin Park and Slayer
4 Emperor and Cradle of Filth
5 Anthrax and Led Zeppelin

Many musicians get pissed off if people don't call them metal. But Jimmy Page didn't care about being metal. He said something like this, "yeah there are many heavy music like thrash metal today. Well, Kashmir isn't a metal song. But it might have inspired the heavy music." He just did few experimental things which came as heavy music output. Which he stuck to it in the 70s Like, playing his guitar with a violin bow. If you see his solo on Dazed and Confused then you'll think the same. - zxm

6 Blind Guardian and Limp Bizkit

I imagine 'Mirror Mirror' with Fred Durst's whiny rap vocals. And it sounds awful.
Blind Guardian is awesome, Limp Bizkit is bad.
Power Metal and Rap/Nu Metal are just too different from each other, so this collaboration won't work.

7 Metallica and Black Veil Brides
8 Blood on the Dance Floor and Opeth

Not that Opeth would agree to this - Metal_Treasure

How people can ever consider BOTDF metal astonishes me. They're an electronic group. They're about as metal as One Direction. At least with Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, and other bands considered metal, at least they're rock which is close to metal. - IronSabbathPriest

BOTDF isn't metal or rock.They are just some crappy crunkcore group that ruined my favourite music genre which is EDM.-DarkBoi-X

9 Death and Asking Alexandria
10 Metallica and Lou Reed

The Contenders

11 Kreator and Suicide Silence
12 Alice in Chains and Six Feet Under
13 Iron Maiden and KoRn

I imagine 'The Trooper' by Iron Maiden with the voice of Jonathan Davis, and 'ADIDAS' by KoRn with the voice of Bruce Dickinson. It sounds awful..

I love Maiden, but this would SUUCK.

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