Top Ten Boxing Fights of 2014

The Top Ten
1 Pacquiao vs Bradley 2

It was nice to see Pacquiao get his revenge over Bradley especially since the first fight was a total upset! Pacquiao was scored to win all over the world but one judge CJ Ross scored for Bradley to win ( The same judge that scored the Mayweather and Alvarez fight a draw when clearly Floyd was the better fighter ). The first match was a total cheat for Manny so its good he got back what he deserved with his rematch.

2 Cotto vs Martinez

Martinez was so sure he was going to beat Cotto and was so arrogant and cocky saying Cotto wont last 3 rounds I'm going to knock him out! Well at soon as the fight started Cotto wiped the floor with Sergio knocking him down 3 times in the first round. Martinez was getting punished the rest of the fight and got knocked down one more time in round 9 before Martinez could take no more it was counted a TKO in the 10th round making Cotto the new Middleweight WBC champion of the world.

3 Mayweather vs Maidana

It was a good fight but Maidana should have won or at least should have won more rounds than he did. It was most likely that the judges were just for the champion Floyd and didn't care for how Maidana did. If Maidana wants to beat Floyd he will have to knock him down or even out.

4 Maidana vs Mayweather 2
5 Maidana vs Broner

The usual cocky Adrien Broner came out thinking he had already won the fight. That is until Maidana beat him to a pulp. Maidana has been underrated all of his career and it's finally nice to see someone take him seriously. Maidana ended up knocking down the undefeated champ twice with his nice overhands and hooks. For the first time Broner was forced to have his mouth shut when the decision went to Marcos El Chino Maidana making Maidana the next opponent for Mayweather.

Glad El Chino beat that worthless peace of garbage Broner!

6 Khan vs Collazo

Khan was eager to fight Collazo especially since Collazo beat Ortiz in the second round which even Khan said was a surprise and a disappointment. It started with Khan beating a stubborn Collazo and ended with Khan beating a Stubborn Collazo. Khan throughout the fight knocked Collazo down 4 times and repeatedly punished the southpaw.

7 Crawford vs Gamboa

This fight was pretty special at least for Omaha Nebraska (which is my hometown or at least close) since a word title fight hasn't occurred in over 40 years when Frazier fought there. Both fighters had 23 wins 0 losses and 16 KO's making them almost exactly the same. It started off as Gamboa winning the first 4 rounds delivering body shots and good combinations to Crawford. But then in the fifth round Crawford switched stances and went to southpaw (left) and then all of the sudden knocked down Gamboa. Know changing the pace of the fight Crawford knocked him down again in the 8th round. Then in the 9th round Crawford got stunned with a punch from Gamboa just for Crawford to counter Gamboa and knock him down yet again. Crawford ended up knocking Gamboa down once again in the ninth round making it count as a TKO and Crawford's most successful fight of his career. Hopefully Crawford will go up in weight so we can see him fight a greater caliber of fighters. Even though Crawford won both did well in the fight and Gamboa still has a good career ahead of him.

8 Ortiz vs Collazo

Ortiz was expected to win tremendously against the Brooklyn fighter and make a huge comeback after his jaw was shattered in his last fight people were waiting for Ortiz's return. Yet the fight didn't last long with Collazo hitting Ortiz in his jaw making it look like Ortiz might have another damaged jaw knocking him down for the count in round 2 becoming one of the biggest upsets of the year.

9 Garcia vs Herrera

Garcia was expected to win this one but it didn't look like he was winning at the end. Garcia was good in the first 5 rounds landing in some combinations but barley landed more than what Herrera would. By round 6 Herrera started dominating the fight even making Garcia bleed and almost go down about 3 times. Garcia won by decision but to be honest it looked like Herrera should've took the bout.

10 Alvarez vs Lara

This fight just happened and to be honest Alvarez looked to be in trouble with Lara. Lara won most of the early rounds and actually it was said he won most of the later rounds. However the judges went for the champ Saul Canelo Alvarez which to be honest was a rip off. Alvarez and the crowd both didn't like how Lara was fighting smart and jabbing and crossing Canelo picking him off the whole fight. No instead they wanted Lara to fight toe to toe with Canelo which would be one of the greatest mistakes Lara could do. It was a good fight but to be honest I think Alvarez should've suffered the second loss of his career but as long as the crooked Las Vegas judges remain the decisions will always be unfair and will favor the champ.

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