Top 10 Best Comedy Music Albums

These are the best Comedy Music Albums let's just say you have a high of chance of laughing at at least one of the songs from these albums.

The Top Ten

1 Big Baller Paradise - Big Baller B

He stole my girl again

bangers - itsyamanpizzacan

2 Off the Deep End - Weird Al Yankovic

All the songs are funny and great songs which is why this is number 1 oh and the Parody of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana is better than the actual song because ironically the lyrics make more since LOL. - christangrant

3 This is Spinal Tap - Spinal Tap

They are the greatest rock/metal band of all time they have 15 albums and created the 11 Amp because you really need that extra boost what's the difference you may ask? well it's one louder. - christangrant

4 Speak English or Die - Stormtroopers of Death

I'd say this is a comedy Thrash album, showcases the sense of humor behind the musicians of Anthrax. - christangrant

5 Ziltoid the Omniscient - Devin Townsend
6 The Pick of Destiny - Tenacious D

In this album the band meets up goes on a quest to find the Pick of Destiny, they break in to the museum, they get the pick which then a car chase ensues and then fight Satan himself and defeat him and they also proved You can't kill the metal - christangrant

7 Twisted Christmas - Bob Rivers

If you want a good laugh for Christmas then this album is for you You will be have a lot of fun and laughter with this album especially the song The Twelve Pains of Christmas. - christangrant

I voted for this because it's Dec 19 (Xmas time) and because it's really great. But Weird Al is classic, too. Love all the guys on the list because I really love a good laugh. - Metal_Treasure

8 Break Like the Wind - Spinal Tap
9 Scumdogs of the Universe - GWAR

Fun Fact: GWAR is Beavis and Butthead's favorite band. - christangrant

10 Straight Outta Lynwood - Weird Al Yankovic

Has a song called Don't Download this Song which is about preventing downloading music for free and support the artist with your money while having the song free to download on his website and having the video on YouTube. - christangrant

I'll Sue Ya, I'll take all your money, I'll Sue Ya if you even look at me funny

The Contenders

11 Poodle Hat - Weird Al Yankovic

Contains the best Parody of Lose Yourself by Eminem it's called Couch Potato also it contains Ebay guess you gotta buy this album from Ebay... or just listen to it for free on YouTube. - christangrant

Couch Potato is one of my favorites by Weird Al. - Metal_Treasure

12 Infection - Lil Mosquito Disease
13 Tenacious D - Tenacious D

They made a Tribute to the greatest song in the world and called the song Tribute unfortunately they forgot what the greatest song in the world was (could possibly be Beelzeboss) but who knows because Tenacious D sure doesn't - christangrant

I read somewhere that the song was a tribute to One by Metallica. I like Tribute more than One, honestly. - CostcoHotDogs

14 The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience - Various Artists

Butthead: Hey Beavis?
Beavis: What?
Butthead: This album is like funny and stuff and we're in it and it's really cool huhuhuhuh
Beavis: Yeah it's was cool heheheheheh - christangrant

15 Feel the Steel - Steel Panther

They created Death to All but Metal and trash many artists for not being metal while totally being a metal band (They are a rock band in disguise as a metal band) - christangrant

16 I Am Santa Claus - Bob Rivers
17 White Trash Christmas - Bob Rivers
18 Bad Hair Day - Weird Al Yankovic
19 Running with Scissors - Weird Al Yankovic
20 Alapalooza - Weird Al Yankovic
21 Dare to Be Stupid - Weird Al Yankovic
22 In 3-d - Weird Al Yankovic
23 Even Worse - Weird Al Yankovic
24 Mandatory Fun - Weird Al Yankovic
25 Alpocalypse - Weird Al Yankovic
26 More Twisted Christmas - Bob Rivers
27 Rize of the Fenix - Tenacious D
28 All You Can Eat - Steel Panther
29 Balls Out - Steel Panther
30 Lower the Bar - Steel Panther
31 Back from the Dead - Spinal Tap
32 Uhf - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Other Stuff - Weird Al Yankovic
33 Weird Al Yankovic - Weird Al Yankovic
34 Polka Party - Weird Al Yankovic
35 Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire - Bob Rivers
36 Lust in Space - Gwar
37 Battle Maximus - Gwar
38 War Party - Gwar
39 Violence Has Arrived - Gwar
40 America Must Be Destroyed - Gwar
41 Beyond Hell - Gwar
42 Ragnarok - Gwar
43 Hell-O - Gwar
44 Self Obsessed - Adler Davidson
45 We Couldn't Think of a Title - Psychostick
46 This Toilet Earth - Gwar
47 Bloody Pit of Horror - Gwar
48 The Blood of Gods - Gwar
49 Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys
50 Punky BrĂ¼ster: Cooked on Phonics - Devin Townsend
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