Stupidest Comic Book Moments

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1 One More Day (Spider-Man)

Seriously, why was Peter Parker such a man-child in this storyline? And for someone who is supposed to be greater than Captain America in heroism, Marvels (supposed) greatest hero ever makes a deal with the Devil (Mephisto). Why? Because he can't live without Aunt May? Sorry to be heartless, but that's a dumb reason. Several superheroes have lost loved one right in front of them and don't pout around trying to revive them.

In addition, it's easy to see why a lot of comic fans were betrayed by this moment (and storyline). It reversed Peter's struggles and personality and his marriage with Mary Jane Watson is left out like its nothing. Spider-Man was supposed to be the superhero equivalent of a "Coming-of-Age genre", but I guess Marvel wants him to appeal to kids more. Just pathetic...

2 Radioactive Sperm (Spider-Man)

So in one such storyline set in the future, Mary Jane Watson died. Was she killed by a rogue villain or some illness? No. Instead, she was killed by Spider-Man, albeit unintentionally. How: Because Peter Parker had sex with her and turns out, his sperm is laced with radioactivity from the results of getting bitten by the super-spider. WHAT THE HECK Was THE WRITER THINKING?!?!?! Was radioactive semen even a good thing to begin with?! On top of that, this was supposed to be some dark, edgy storyline set in the future. Ugh!

3 I'm the "Goddamn" Batman (Batman)

I feel so bad for Dick Grayson in this storyline. And Batman, well, isn't Batman. He physically abuses Dick and treats him like a third-class person, even criticizing Alfred for being nice to the boy. And also, he addresses himself as "The damn Batman", which itself has become a meme. And worst of all, the storyline in which this happens (All Star Batman and Robin) is written by Frank Miller, who wrote The Dark Knight Returns (AKA the best Batman story ever made).

4 Ultimatum (Ultimate Marvel)
5 Batman and Black Canary Make Out (Batman/Black Canary)
6 Gabriel and Sarah Stacy (Spider-Man)
7 Hail Hydra (Captain America)
8 Cry for Justice (Justice League)
9 Lois Lane is Black (Superman)
10 Superman vs the Hitler Twins (Superman: At Earth's End)

Widely seen as one of the worst superman comics ever made, Superman AEE, much like Spider-Man: Reign, attempted to cash in on the huge success of TDKR (all three are a deconstructionist story about an elderly superhero thrust back into action with gritty dark elements to it).

The story, however, is filled with absolute nonsense and rampant stupid moments. The pinnacle of this is of course the famous scene where a white bearded superman with draining powers battles two clones of Adolph Hitler who stole Batman's body to make superhuman bat-mutants, all while weilding a ridiculous multi cylinder minigun that's bigger than his entire body. This scene is absolute nonsense, and perfectly summarizes everything wrong with comics in the 80's and 90's.

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11 Civil War II (Avengers)

Honestly, this was just... unneeded. Civil War was amazing, but this feels like an attempt to cash in as this was coincidentally written when Captain America: Civil War was in cinemas. There were some interesting concepts, but the storyline was simply not good. In addition, the character deaths that happen aren't interesting (Do Comic Book deaths even matter at this point) and Captain Marvel is really unlikeable. I mean, I'm on Team Cap in the OG Civil War, but I'm so Team Iron Man here. Carol Danvers was a complete ass in this :/...

12 The Clone Saga (Spider-Man)

The clone saga was a Spider-Man story about spidey battling a clone of himself. The story was only intended to run for about half a year, but because it was bringing in so much money, the publishers encouraged the authors to keep the story running for as long as possible. What resulted was a story originally intended to run for under a year being stretched out into an arc that ran for TWO FULL YEARS. The story or course elk apart as the authors continued to try more and more to needlessly extend it.

13 Chortle at Joker's Boner (Silver Age Batman)
14 Carnage USA (Spider-Man)

Carnage survives and kills more people because spiderman stopped agent venom from killing spiderman

15 Watchmen (Alan Moore Comics)

This marked the point when comics stopped being entertaining, and began to become dark for the sake of being dark: in other words, no point.

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