Top 10 Most Common SEO Myths

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1 Quality Content is the Key

Content is important for enhancing the online presence, we are not
denying the statement. But your quality content stands nowhere without
SEO. - 10seos

2 SEO is all Tricks

Ah! This is something tricky…
the word “tricks” relates to the manipulative practices that get you
penalized by Google. This is because some marketers believe, the SEO can
be played with keywords. But the real game of SEO translates other
things. - 10seos

3  SEO is One-time Effort

to this myth, we see massive fall in organic search traffic of some
websites. It is essential to continuously maintain your SEO practices,
or else all your SEO efforts will be ruined.uf - 10seos

4 Social Activity Doesn’t Matter

successful social activity creates a great impression for the search
engines and they put it in front of the right group of users. It will
directly impact the site visits, brand’s online presence, and yes
further it will impact the ranking. - 10seos

5 Google Hates SEO

doesn’t hate SEO, it never did! On the other hand, Google depends on
SEO that helps in better results that too with quality. And, we all know
Google loves delivering quality results to the users. - 10seos

6 More Backlinks are good

we agree, that backlinks act as a primary indicator for search engines,
but you can’t overdo that. Building links, is not the game of numbers.
On the other hand, if you link your website with fewer but relevant
sites then you will definitely point out your targeted market - 10seos

7 Meta tags don’t impact

Google announced that meta description has no bearing on rankings. But the other side says something else!
Without applying meta tags, the users are less likely to click on your website, even if it shows in the search results. - 10seos


us clear out this thing, SEO has become more complicated and
competitive in the current digital world. With every algorithm update
released by Google, the SEO campaign has become more powerful and it
continues to grow. - 10seos

9 Only Exact Match Keywords Count

real SEO world says, keywords are not required to be repeated exactly
throughout the piece of content. Use the keyword in a way that actually
make sense. Your goal should be explaining the content while
intelligently using the keywords. - 10seos

10 The More Pages the Better

having more web pages on your site, does not mean that you have won the
game. No, my dear! Its not like that. - - 10seos

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