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1 Progressive Progressive

I hate flo she is so annoying!

DEAR LORD. Flo is the most annoying thing ever. The soap opera commercial was funny, but it would be even better without Flo. PLEASE just remove her.

These commercials are horrible and stupid

Hate the latest.

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2 McDonald's

I love McDonalds as much as the next person but Ronald McDonald is such a pervert!

3 Arby's

I was worried that it was James Earl Jones that had lowered himself to saying such stupid phrases like " ocean meat". Thank God it's not him!

Every time 'We have the meats' comes on, I change the channel!

I refuse to go to Arby's until these commercials are no longer on T.V.

4 Sonic

If, and only if, Sonic comes to their senses and fires those 2 idiotic 40 year old teenagers in their commercials, I will eat there again.

Can't stand those two. Esp the blonde. Not even close to funny. They must be the owners or their children!

I agree. Sonic with those 2 ridiculous idiots is the worst. I do not eat at Sonic,

TJ: Hey Dave?
Dave: Yeah?
TJ: You know what's not funny?
Dave: What?
TJ: Beating a dead horse... and us.
*TJ and Dave chuckle*

AHAHA! It's so hilarious!

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5 Haribo Gold-Bears

The jingle is crap and the new commercials with adults speaking in toddler voices is so annoying.

Absolutely the most annoying commercial to me.

Yes, I agree but there are worse. Direct T.V. is so disgusting with the slobs. Coffee, gum, even salad spills. Wet bags & (It's just creepy to me). Mute!

Truly the worst, most annoying current ads running on T.V.. Worse even than every Panera commercial- which I didn't think was possible.

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6 Discovery
7 Toyota Toyota Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer, located in Toyota, Japan. Some of their most notable cars include the Prius, Corolla, and Highlander.

Jan is like fingers on a blackboard. So annoying. Hate the fake perky voice.

What does "Act of truck" mean?

#NOMOREPAT, Why would you show the same commercial 20 times on one night, So annoying, ill rather take the bus

8 Liberty Mutual

I have to change the channel for everyone of their commercials

Brad...will never touch liberty mutual out of pure annoyance

9 Wendy's
10 Geico Geico

The Geico commercial with the guy on stage rocking out to the triangle is by far the MOST ANNOYING and stupid commercial I have ever heard and I turn the volume down every single time it comes on. Its not funny and makes absolutely no sense and definitely steers me away from ever wanting Geico insurance. The gecko is starting to get pretty cheesy as well, but I would much rather see him on a commercial than a stupid guy playing a stupid triangle for what seems like an eternity!

I saved %15 or more on car insurance by not giving a crap. - DarkandSinister

The caveman commercials were good

They need to fire their ad agency! I’m sick of their stupid “not as surprising as...”
For as much as they spend they need to do something like back to the caveman! No one believes they save you money anyway. They aren’t on any “Best of” lists! So Geico"give it a rest before everybody hates you!

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? Town Fair Tire

Why wasn't this on the list, or at least #1? In every single TFT commercial, they say, "Nobody beats Town Fair Tire! NOBODY! " They brag about how they are the best tire company EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL! And they partner with Michelin, which has a mummy as their mascot. They should be called "Frown Unfair Liar." - Trollsfan536

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11 Pillow Pets V 1 Comment
12 Farmers Only

When I first saw it, I was like WHAT DID I JUST WATCH!?!?!
This commercial really sucks! Worst part: obviously this retarded jingle

Doesn’t get dumber than a house licking your keyboard to cancel your date

13 LastPass
14 Macy's
15 HeadOn

Apply directly to the forehead.

16 Yoplait

They don't make even know how to grammar

17 Charmin Toilet Paper

I hate these bears! They don't wear underwear and why is the older girl bear in the bathroom with granny?

Just plain stupid

Bears don't use toilet paper. Lets be real

18 Dreamlites
19 Subway Subway Subway IP Inc. is a privately held American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads. It is owned and operated by Doctor's Associates Inc., doing business as Subway IP Inc.

Food is great but whats with the monkey

20 Nationwide Nationwide

Nationwide is certainly on NOBODY'S SIDE!

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