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1 Progressive Progressive

Flo is getting old and worn out. She needs to retire. The goofy guy on now is just as annoying. Where do they find these idiots.

They are so insulting - I often wonder - who is the audience they are directing their advertising too?

The WORST- Flo is so worn out and stupid that it is almost an insult to the public to parade her out there. Their commercials seem to glorify what looks like borderline homosexuals trying one upmanship on others. Sick, Get them a new ad agency. - MikeChilando

Lol I like how a progressive commerical is above HA!
I like these I don't know why they funny - Luckys

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2 Arby's

I love the voice ARBY'S WE HAVE THE BEAT (for sandwiches) ha I love it - Luckys

Annoying since day 1.

"we have the meats" "for sandwiches" both are annoying (voice included).

Actually, Arby's does a good job with 15 second commercials - We have the meats is a worn out one liner like where's the beef? Beyond that, their food is great, and using 15 second commercials is a smart move - MikeChilando

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3 Aflac

I used to have this toy that when I pressed a button it'd say Aflac - Luckys

The Aflac commercials are fine and funny!

No, the Aflac duck is funny. - RadioHead03

Funny at first but then real annoying

4 Charmin Toilet Paper

Their commercials drive me crazy. The blue bears that rub toilet paper on their faces and act like it's the best thing in the world are just stupid. They seriously need to dump these commercials there just so awful!

Why do they rub toilet paper on their cheeks? Do they even know where that toilet paper comes from? - RadioHead03

It's horrible and plain stupid and makes no sense. Extremely annoying and disgusting

Very weird - blackflower

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5 Barbie

I swear they show 10 different Barbie ads over and over during the holidays and just as many during the rest of the year!

6 J.G. Wentworth

Should be illegal to be this annoying.

He's in love with himself.

Makes me want to puke.

Extremely obnoxious.

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7 HeadOn

Worst commercial repeating the most despicable phrase in the existence of humanity. Glad this abomination no longer exists on T.V..

Apply directly to the forehead.

8 Liberty Mutual

Liberty's tactic is to cater to the most naive (or stupid) people. "A scratch so small you could fix it with a pen"... "when changing lanes". Sorry, but that DOES NOT HAPPEN! You see these delusional people on court shows. Body work is expensive. And there is no way a moving car "on the highway", as mentioned too, would create a mere scratch... ARGH!

And the witness protection commercial?!?... wt... it makes no sense, not funny, not anything but unrelated and just plain ol' dumb.

Now Lemu the Emu-- at least this is a little better. A legit attempt at humor but again so poorly written. The ad agency they're using does not understand where to stop, when it begins to become not funny and becomes irritatingly dumb.

I will forever boycott any company or product who is this out of touch with its customers (or the human race altogether).

Geico did it we should get an Emu. Please fire whoever came up with the most unoriginal idea ever

Because of these commercials I would never consider this company as a viable entity. Commercials seem like they were written by a computer in a moldy basement of an abandoned parking deck.

These ones are funny - Luckys

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9 Life Alert

It is very annoying to hear someone suffering, I think this company is heartless in their advertising. My mom had problems walking. This commercial plays on peoples emotions in very selfish and heartless manner

Every time the life alert commercial comes on, I mute the T.V.. It starts out, "you may be offended" yes I am, not because of the poor lady at the bottom of the stairs, but about the content of the commercial. It's played at least 5 times an hour. I hope they take it off soon!

Worked EMS-- most "lives saved" were people too stupid to reset the control box as required once a day. When the automatic alarm goes off-- it takes an ambulance out of service for people that may actually need it. This commercial is patently false scare tactics.

Life Alert's new commercial just went from bad to worse after the last had aired for several years. Their current commercial reminds me of a Halloween horror show gone bad. Poor camera work, poor set, even the fonts are dreadful. My read? Hire another ad agency or outsource to produce. ABSOLUTELY dreadful.. - LynnConrad

10 Lunchables

That stupid Jackalope, and Platypus. - RadioHead03

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11 Pillow Pets

I hated this whenever I used to watch nick - Luckys

Just Why?

It's garbage.

12 Sonic

The two idiot men were bad enough and now they have two women even more annoying.

The Sonic commercials with these two idiotic guys are the most annoying commercials I've ever seen. I absolutely will not eat at Sonic because of them!

If, and only if, Sonic comes to their senses and fires those 2 idiotic 40 year old teenagers in their commercials, I will eat there again.

The two idiotic dudes have really gotten old. It’s not funny anymore - Randomator

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13 Haribo Gold-Bears

Absolutely obnoxious. How can anyone find this commercial amusing? One of the worst commercials ever.

Stupid talking adults, little kid voice overs.

Love this commercial - it's hillarious!

Love the little kid voices. We all have our little kid self inside ready to break out.

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14 Toyota Toyota Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer, located in Toyota, Japan. Some of their most notable cars include the Prius, Corolla, and Highlander.

I actually work at a Toyota dealership and I like it so far, but there is another Toyota dealership in my area that always has super annoying commercials on the radio. They always play this loud and obnoxious song in the background while a guy talks like your quintessential advertiser about the cars they have on the lot. I like Toyota overall and the dealership that I work at, but not that other dealership with the really annoying commercials. - wolfrscott97

They're on all the time and are so annoying

When Jan dances, I want to lock myself in Solitary Confinement until I of insanity

#NOMOREPAT, Why would you show the same commercial 20 times on one night, So annoying, ill rather take the bus

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15 Quizno's
16 Geico Geico

I love the Gecko - Luckys

They do ads with imaginary characters and situations and want us to think their insurance is a good value?

Only good ones are the one with the Gecko. All others are annoying and retarded

I hate that dang pig.

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17 Kars4Kids

If I ran the network it was on, it would ban it as undoubtedly a large percentage of viewers who watch turn it off. Would hate to pay to be the commercial following that one.

My husband and I donated our car and we only received 3 kids. I am very disappointed and I hate the commercial because it comes on in our car, that we stole back because we only got 3 kids, and now that's all that plays not stop. 4 HOURS!

I turn the radio OFF every time I hear this annoying jingle. HATE IT

This jingle is literally the bain of my existence

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18 McDonald's

I love McDonalds as much as the next person but Ronald McDonald is such a pervert!

19 Farmers Only

Completely mind numbing, brain cell killing, retarded crap! I HATE those commercials! It’s almost as bad as the Old Navy commercials

Ugh! They always portray city people as total douchebags!

City folks just don’t get it

The people who made those ads should serve a mandatory prison sentence of 30 years.

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20 Ruby Tuesday

Did not realize that Ruby Tuesday is still in business...

Absolutely most annoying ad out there. Why is it even still on. Will never eat at Ruby Tuesday because of this.

Rachel Dratch is trouble in these commercials she apparently can't act if that's even what you call that mess what a joke get real

Ruby Tuesday's HAS to be losing business as a result of their collab with Dratch. I cannot hit MUTE gas enough when she comes on.

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21 Intuit Turbo tax

I hate it.! Makes my skin crawl..

Free free free, can't wait to be free of these ridiculous commercials! - snoozulooz

Stupid. Annoying. Would never go near them!

Can't wait until April 16th...we'll be free!

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22 Discovery

The woman doing her Oprah impression is horrible.

Very annoying people in theses commercials

23 Choice Hotels

I agree with previous comments: stupid, annoying, etc.
I also mute or change channel when ad appears.
I refuse to stay at Choice Hotels; this ad is a reflection of their inept management.

Awful, dumb, stupid, sick. Are those the sort of people that Choice Hotels is trying to attract?

Every time this commercial starts I either change channels or mute the sound because I find this commercial so stupid and annoying...yuk!

I hate it so much that I refuse to "badda book" my rooms there fearing that jerk will be in the lobby.

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24 Subway Subway Subway is a privately held American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily purveys submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. Subway is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the worldand, as of June 2017, has approximately 45,000 stores located in more than 100 countries. More than half of the more.

Whenever the commercial comes on blaring some music, I have to either mute the sound or change the channel!

Lately annoying beeps and noises and stupid subliminal attempts are their thing. Beeping burger makes my ears bleed

Food is great but whats with the monkey

25 Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies is a group of large U.S. insurance and financial services companies based in Columbus, OH.

Nation wide is not on your side. - Luckys

Nationwide: idiots,
Bad jingle sung by loser musicians, dishonest company, is not on anyone's side but there own.

Dump these boring and tiresome Manning and Paisley commercials. They stink.

Nationwide is certainly on NOBODY'S SIDE!

26 Wendy's

SHE SCARES ME. - MoldySock

27 Cadillac Cadillac Cadillac is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors that designs and builds luxury vehicles.

Every time that "Booty Like a Cadillac" commercial comes on, I throw up a little in my mouth. Even if Cadillac made a decently appealing car, I wouldn't buy it based on this commercial.

All that caterwauling over that little red car, ridiculous and really annoying.

My father is rolling in his grave.

Most annoying “music”, if you can call it that. What does it even mean? Just awful.

28 Volvo Volvo Volvo Cars, stylized as VOLVO in the logo, is a Swedish luxury vehicle manufacturer established in 1927. It is headquartered on Torslanda in Gothenburg and is a subsidiary of Chinese automotive company Geely.

I have no idea what the ads are about. Like, why should I buy this car? What about it is so great?

I can't grab the remote fast enough when this comes on, usually a dozen times per night.

Obnoxious snobs

Tell that woman to please stop screaming at me

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29 Little Caeser's

I love the pizza pizza slogan. - RadioHead03

Just what the hell is the horrific grammatical assault on the public with phrases such as “Extra Most best”, for example? I don’t want kids thinking that showing such willful ignorance is even remotely acceptable.

30 Macy's

Macy's has the worst commercials. They're anno yi ng, and I get the impression that they're stuck up. They choose the worst songs. It drives through my ears and I become deaf.

The “badass” woman power theme is a bit played out. Yes women can be anything they want to coach, aerospace engineer, conductor...yada yada yada. Tough accomplished women shop at Macy’s. Yep point taken.

31 Expedia

The opener is a clue to turn off the sound. I have no idea what the content of the ad is.

The stupid background music with the idiot shouting hey, hey, hey.

The hermit on the beach cracking crab and mermaid jokes is not funny!

32 Health Hotline

First thing they need to do is dump Joe Nameth, who wants to see a old worn out football player. This would make a hugh difference. I gurantee it.

I'm surprised that they haven't been caught scamming yet. - PerfectImpulseX

33 Snickers

I do like snickers but the Ric Flair Woo commercials are so ANNOYING and RETARDED! This commercial gave me some type of TELEVISION CANCER!

34 LastPass
35 Credit Karma

Stupid commercial

I like these - Luckys

Dude! Dude! Need I say more? - Ch1

36 Yoplait

They don't make even know how to grammar

37 GoCompare
38 Gatorade
39 Dreamlites
40 Custom Ink
41 Stuffies

No one wants those retarded things. - MorganChambz

When I saw the commercials I was like:what are they on drugs? - SanicHeghog123

42 Fairplex in Pomona

Anything they promote is screaming in your face obnoxious

43 Town Fair Tire

Why wasn't this on the list, or at least #1? In every single TFT commercial, they say, "Nobody beats Town Fair Tire! NOBODY! " They brag about how they are the best tire company EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL! And they partner with Michelin, which has a mummy as their mascot. They should be called "Frown Unfair Liar." - Trollsfan536

44 Coors Light
45 Ball Pets
46 Value City Furniture

Littered! Here's some examples:

•a couple gagging and dry heaving over their coffee table

•a woman rolling around on a chair moaning the same word over and over again

47 Machine Zone

It's everywhere. Late night T.V.. Sports games. Even on DAYTIME Cartoon Network AND Adult Swim! - PhoebeThunderman

48 Vauxhall Vauxhall

I've noticed (this might only be on British T.V.) that Nissan make some seriously good ads, and then Vauxhall copy them. Anyone else stumble upon that? Anyone who works for Nissan, perhaps?

49 Orbit (Gum)

Why does this nerdy British kid with the hideous glasses say “see? She got highlights.”? The girl he’s looking at has no visible highlights in her hair at all! I don’t know about other schools but I know at mine, chewing gum was strictly forbidden. And don’t get me started on how often this horrible commercial plays...

50 CenturyLink

A couple is sitting in their living room and ask the question

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