Top 10 Companies with the Most Annoying Television Commercials

We've all been there. You're trying to chill out, maybe catching up on your favorite show or the big game. Everything's cool...and then BAM! An ad comes on that's so loud, so repetitive, or just so plain bizarre that your relaxation gets totally derailed.

Some companies have a serious knack for creating commercials that stick with you for all the wrong reasons. Maybe the jingle gets seared into your brain, maybe a character makes your skin crawl, or maybe the whole thing is just so off-the-wall it leaves you speechless.
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1 Progressive Founded in 1937, Progressive is an insurance company that primarily focuses on auto insurance. Based in Mayfield Village, Ohio, the company also offers home, boat, and motorcycle insurance. Progressive is known for its "Name Your Price" tool, which allows customers to customize their insurance plans... read more

The new commercials with Jamie are almost getting worse than Flo. If I have to see or hear the Great Big Jim song again, I'm throwing the remote through the TV. You can't possibly get to the mute button fast enough. The worst part is, he makes himself look completely useless and pathetic, calling for help on the phone. No thanks, Progressive. I want to work with confident employees! You will never earn my business, Progressive!

Honestly, this commercial is only one of the worst for me, right in front of Lowes. For the love of God, Lowes, PLEASE stop using a meme as a commercial! It's annoying! But Progressive... Ha! I hate Flo so much that I want to shove a bullet right through my head when I hear her or Jamie's voice.

Just stop. At least take the time to write funnier commercials, if that's even what you're aiming for. PLEASE. These commercials are just stupid. Even kids don't think they're funny.

2 Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual's tactic is to cater to the most naive (or stupid) people. "A scratch so small you could fix it with a pen" or "when changing lanes" - sorry, but that simply does not happen! You see these delusional people on court shows. Bodywork is expensive. There's no way a moving car "on the highway," as they also mention, would create a mere scratch. It's frustrating!

And the witness protection commercial? It makes no sense. It's not funny and is completely unrelated and just plain dumb.

Now, Limu the Emu - at least this is a little better. It's a legitimate attempt at humor, but it's so poorly written. The ad agency they're using doesn't know where to stop. It starts off somewhat funny but then becomes irritatingly dumb.

I will forever boycott any company or product that is this out of touch with its customers - or humanity as a whole.

3 Aflac

I like some commercials with animals, but the duck can be annoying.

4 Arby's

I've started a rule in my life not to do business with corporations that constantly annoy me with commercials. When I want a product, I fire up the search engine and quickly find what I need. I ignore TV and internet advertising by muting the sound, changing channels, or doing whatever it takes. If a webpage opens with an advertisement, I ignore that page and look elsewhere for the same subject matter.

It's hard to believe that a corporation that pays for tons of TV commercials during prime time can also provide the best customer service and product value. It's as if corporations purposely make their commercials increasingly stupid and annoying. Perhaps that actually increases sales, but for me, the corporation gets crossed off my "buy from" list.

5 Charmin Toilet Paper

Their commercials drive me crazy. The blue bears that rub toilet paper on their faces and act like it's the best thing in the world are just stupid. They seriously need to dump these commercials. They're just so awful.

I'm very tired of seeing both versions of the Charmin bears, blue and red. Why do we even need commercials for toilet paper? You buy what you need when you need it, and it's a constant necessity.

I am so tired of these commercials. The newest one talks about the "itchy squirm" you get from other toilet paper. It's just gross and nasty. I do buy Charmin, but the commercials in no way influence my purchase.

6 J.G. Wentworth

Same commercial, same song, same costumes, different faces. Time to change it up a bit. The older gentleman before the guy with the beard was more fun to listen to.

The sloppy, unemployed kid sitting on the couch while his mother cleans up after him and giving her a fed-up look is too much. But at least it makes me laugh!

I can't stand the song and singers! It's even worse that the ad is about screwing people out of their annuities.

7 Sonic

The Sonic commercials with those two idiotic guys are the most annoying commercials I've ever seen. I absolutely will not eat at Sonic because of them!

If, and only if, Sonic comes to their senses and fires those two idiotic 40-year-old teenagers in their commercials, will I eat there again.

I can't stand those two, especially the blonde. They're not even close to funny. They must be the owners or their children!

8 Allstate Founded in 1931, Allstate is an insurance provider based in Northfield Township, Illinois. The company offers a variety of insurance options including auto, home, and life insurance. Allstate is recognized for its "You're in Good Hands" slogan and has a strong focus on digital platforms for customer... read more

I have to change the channel when this one comes on. It's sad because I really liked Dennis Haysbert in 24.

The most nauseating on TV. That curly-haired guy saying, "It's him, he's right there" is unbearable.

I mute your ad every time. It's so annoying to my ears!

9 Credit Karma
10 HeadOn

Worst commercial, repeating the most despicable phrase in the existence of humanity. I'm glad this abomination no longer exists on TV.

This one scarred me for life, and I will never ever be the same.

Anything but this! If it plays one more time, I'm going to throw my computer out the window.

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? Jacuzzi Bath Remodel
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11 Geico An acronym for Government Employees Insurance Company, Geico was established in 1936. Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, it specializes in auto insurance but also offers other types of insurance products. The company is well-known for its advertising campaigns featuring the Geico Gecko.

The Geico commercial with the guy on stage rocking out to the triangle is by far the most annoying and stupid commercial I have ever heard, and I turn the volume down every single time it comes on. It's not funny and makes absolutely no sense, and it definitely steers me away from ever wanting Geico insurance. The gecko is starting to get pretty cheesy as well, but I would much rather see him in a commercial than a stupid guy playing a stupid triangle for what seems like an eternity!

Geico commercials make nails on a chalkboard sound like sweet music to my ears. No matter how good their insurance actually is, I will actively avoid doing business with them because I refuse to reward them for their cringeworthy, headache-inducing commercials.

12 Life Alert

Life Alert's new commercial just went from bad to worse after the last one had aired for several years. Their current commercial reminds me of a Halloween horror show gone bad. Poor camera work, poor set. Even the fonts are dreadful. My take? Hire another ad agency or outsource the production. Absolutely dreadful.

I worked in EMS. Most "lives saved" were people too stupid to reset the control box as required once a day. When the automatic alarm goes off, it takes an ambulance out of service for people who may actually need it. This commercial uses patently false scare tactics.

13 Snickers
14 Lunchables

Jackrabbit and Platypus run nonstop. They're so darn annoying.

They treat everything like it's boring: shopping, science fairs, libraries. Those things aren't that bad. They can even be pretty fun.

15 Subway Subway is a privately held American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily purveys submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. Subway is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the worldand, as of June 2017, has approximately 45,000 stores located in more than 100 countries. More than half of the... read more

Whenever the commercial comes on, blaring some music, I have to either mute the sound or change the channel!

Lately, annoying beeps and noises and stupid subliminal attempts are their thing. The beeping burger makes my ears bleed.

Especially since one of the former spokespersons is Jared Fogle.

16 Nationwide Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies is a group of large U.S. insurance and financial services companies based in Columbus, OH. In 2015, they released a very controversial ad featuring a boy who died by drowning in a bathtub.

Nationwide: idiots. Bad jingle sung by loser musicians, dishonest company. It is not on anyone's side but their own.

Dump these boring and tiresome Manning and Paisley commercials. They stink.

Isn't this the insurance company with that dead kid commercial?

17 Pillow Pets
18 Haribo Gold-Bears

Truly the worst, most annoying current ads running on TV. They're even worse than every Panera commercial, which I didn't think was possible.

The jingle is terrible, and the new commercials with adults speaking in toddler voices are so annoying.

Absolutely obnoxious. How can anyone find this commercial amusing? One of the worst commercials ever.

19 Kars4Kids

It might help if they could find some kids with a little talent. The kids on the commercials must be children of key people in the nonprofit company. The parents must want to have something to view of their kids when they are old and sitting in their rocking chairs.

My husband and I donated our car, and we only received three kids. I am very disappointed, and I hate the commercial because it comes on in our car (which we took back because we only got three kids). Now that's all that plays nonstop for four hours!

If I were granted the wish to never hear something again for the rest of my life, it would be this commercial. I dislike it so much that I tune away or mute it when it comes on. A horrible jingle sung by tone-deaf kids is not a winning formula.

20 Quizno's

Based on that image to your left, I'd be surprised if they were still in business by now.

21 Orbit (Gum)

Why does this nerdy British kid with the hideous glasses say "See? She got highlights"? The girl he's looking at has no visible highlights in her hair at all! I don't know about other schools, but I know at mine, chewing gum was strictly forbidden. And don't get me started on how often this horrible commercial plays...

That geeky guy, shaking his booty to rap music with a peacock tail, is absolutely stupid and asinine.

22 Toyota Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer, located in Toyota, Japan. Some of their most notable cars include the Prius, Corolla, and Highlander.

I actually work at a Toyota dealership and I like it so far, but there is another Toyota dealership in my area that always has super annoying commercials on the radio. They always play this loud and obnoxious song in the background while a guy talks like your quintessential advertiser about the cars they have on the lot. I like Toyota overall and the dealership where I work, but not that other dealership with the really annoying commercials.

My wife and I are so annoyed by the stupid "Pat" Toyota ads that we always mute the ads, and she refuses to even consider a Toyota for her next car. I can't imagine that this is a national commercial. It would be too great a drag on sales.

23 McDonald's

I love McDonald's as much as the next person, but Ronald McDonald is such a pervert!

Ah, America, the land of fast food.

24 Little Caeser's

Just what the hell is this horrific grammatical assault on the public with phrases such as "Extra Most Bestest"? I don't want kids thinking that showing such willful ignorance is even remotely acceptable.

The current one with the family is terrible. The mom looks like she is wearing dentures five times too big for her mouth. The little boy looks like he doesn't want to be there, as does his sister. The dad is creepy, but the grandma is okay.

It's super annoying to hear a guy talking to a family who is taking a photo, saying cheese in a super long and annoying unison.

25 Farmers Only

The people who made those ads should serve a mandatory prison sentence of 30 years.

It doesn't get dumber than a house licking your keyboard to cancel your date.

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