Top 10 Most Controversial Moments In Disney History

Moments in Disney History that stirred up controversy.

The Top Ten

1 Der Fueher's Face Cartoon

Though it's a disney cartoon that made fun of Natzi's its still pretty offensive but then again it was made during War World II

2 The Song of the South

The movie that the Disney company has tried to erase from the history books it was never released on Video All because of its main character being a slave.

I think it has been released on home video outside of the US if I'm not mistaken.

How come Song of the South gets to be banned and not The Lion King? I find The Lion King to be more offensive in my opinion.

How is this on the list or any list against it for that matter

3 Sunflower from Fantasia

A racist caricature from Fantasia that the Disney company to this day refuses to acknowledged its existence.

4 The Naked Woman in the Window from the Rescuers

During the scene were Bernard and Miss Bianca are flying on Orville's back there was a brief moment in the background that shows a topless woman in the background yes you herd right, after that more than 3.4 million copies of the movie were recalled and the image has ling been removed from the film.

5 Donald Duck Swears in the Cartoon Clock Cleaners

In the cartoon Clock Cleaners, Donald gets into a fight with the talking mainspring and calls it a "snake in the grass". But due to the nature of Donald's voice people misinterpreted it as him saying F@#$ You and calling the spring as a Son of a B#$%. The cartoon was later edited with Donald's Dialogue redubbed to have him say "aww nuts!"

6 Jessica Rabbit's Crotch Shot from Who Framed Rodger Rabbit
7 Mickey Uses Animals as Instuments in Steam Boat Willie

Steamboat Willie is remembered for the debut of Mickey Mouse and the use of sound but there were a few moments in the cartoon were Mickey is using the animals as instruments that seems abusive like the moment were he twirls a cat around by his tail and another abuses a pig to the point where it looks a bit disturbing.

This must've been controversial because of references to animal abuse.

8 The Casting of Johnny Depp as Tonto in the Lone Ranger

Not many people know that Johnny Depp is part Native American himself'

Depp is actually part Native American himself

9 "What Made the Red Man Red" Sequence from Peter Pan

Aside from the stereotyping of the the Native Americans in one sequence Tiger Lily dances very provocatively for Peter.

10 The Little Mermaid Poster Rumor

And also the original VHS clamshell. They both featured the castle with the phallus in it. Later editions of the VHS changed the artwork.

The Contenders

11 The Crows from Dumbo
12 Gay Lefou in the Live-Action Version of Beauty and the Beast
13 The Lion King Poster Rumor

One of the posters for the movie is told to look like a topless girl with a thong

That's just told from people who have a perverted mind.

14 The Lion King's Unfair Treatment of Hyenas

They did the same thing to black-backed jackals in their horrible Lion Guard show, and sadly, didn't get sued. People should see the GOOD in hyenas and jackals and prove Disney wrong that they should not have such a negative reputation.

A researcher who studies hyenas has sued Disney for the defamation of character in the horrible depiction of the animals as evil henchmen in the movie, while another researcher suggested a boycott of that same movie.

15 Aladdin Allegedly Says "Take Off Your Clothes"
16 Sex Message in the Lion King

It actually meant SFX for the special effects team.

17 "Where They Cut Off Your Ear If They Don't Like Your Face"
18 Lily James' Alleged Thin Waist in the 2015 Cinderella

It was an optical illusion as the dress was huge.

19 Dead Employee in Disneyland's America Sings
20 Hungry, Hungry Donald in Mickey and the Beanstalk
21 Mission: Space - June 2005 - June 2006
22 The Extraterrorestrial Alien Encounter
23 People Passing Out on the Avatar Flight of Passage
24 A grown woman kisses a kid in Blank Check
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