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1 Mufasa is Killed During the Stampede - The Lion King

It isn't actually feasible. The scene starts with a few hundred wildebeest, and ends up with two hundred passing a point every second. The stampede would have been over too quickly for Mufasa or Scar to get there, and Simba would be fine, as the tree would hold for long enough.

2 Bambi's Mom Gets Shot - Bambi

I hated when Bambi's mom got shot! I was so sad and I felt so bad for poor little Bambi. This is probably one of the worst moments in Disney movies where I actually felt like crying.

3 Ursula Disguises Her Self As a Beautiful Woman With Ariel's Voice and Steals Eric Away - The Little Mermaid
4 Clayton's Death - Tarzan

Clayton's death in Tarzan is so gruesome I don't even know how they allowed it in the movie during the final fight scene with Tarzan and Clayton cuts one of the vines that sends him to his death with one of the vines around his neck, most disturbing is it shows his shadow of his lifeless body hanging.

Its disturbing to watch a character good or bad getting hanged even if it is just a shadow.

5 Quasimodo's Humiliation During the Festival of Fools - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo gets crowned the King of Fools and then gets tied up while the people pelt him with tomatoes and the whole time Quasi cries for Frollo to help him but he refuses to stop help.

6 Dumbo's Mom Gets Taken Away - Dumbo

All she was trying to do is protect her son Dumbo and ends up getting locked up because of it.

7 Cinderella's Sisters Destroy Her Dress - Cinderella

In response to the "thief" comment: the stepsisters were otherwise about to THROW AWAY the material used for the dress, even outright called those things "trash". So no, the fact that Cinderella used stuff they had discarded does not justify what they did.

After all the hard work Cinderella's friends did to make her the dress it gets destroyed by her two step sisters ruining her chance of going to the Ball.

I think that Cinderella is a thief she stole the the fabric from her stepsisters without permission.

8 Mulan's True Identity Is Revealed - Mulan

Mulan saves Shang but gets injured after the doctors fix her up everyone finds out that she's a woman, Shang was going to execute her but spares her life for saving his and him and the rest of the army leave her behind.

This scene just reminds me how sexist the world could be against woman, why should she get executed for trying to save her father?!

9 Hans Betrays Anna - Frozen

Instead of Prince Hans, the villain/villainess in the Frozen should've been another snow queen who is really bad the titular original snow queen if Elsa really deserves to be another heroine of Frozen. Stupid Jennifer Lee and stupid Chris Buck making Prince Hans a villain. What were stupid Jennifer Lee and stupid Chris Buck thinking? Huh?

10 King Triton Destroys Ariel's Collection - The Little Mermaid

Triton completely overreacted in this scene by destroying Ariels collection he did more harm then good.

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11 The Disney Princesses act like rude, vapid trollops - Ralph Breaks the Internet

The "Vanellope meets the Disney Princesses" scene, also when they (in their awful uninspired new Hot Topic ensembles) saved Ralph for the SOLE purpose of being the ones to save the big strong man for once (not to mention put him in one of the dresses they'd been convinced to ditch in favor of becoming the "comfy squad" and had him kiss frogNaveen for cheap laughs).

Worse, Cinderella tried to kill Vanellope von Schweetz with her broken slipper! Okay, y the end of that scene (let alone the movie) I was wishing Cindy HAD killed the little btch, but it was still jarring and unnecessary to see sweet kind Cinderella threatening a child.

12 Pleasure Island's Displeasures - Pinocchio

At least Pinocchio didn't stay there forever, and we weren't expected to cheer his decision to stay there forever. Unlike a certain "heroine" who made such a decision (and in place comparable to Pleasure Island) decades later.

Uh Oh Donkeys crying in carnival parade in rio

After I watched this movie scene I threw up.

13 Vanellope sings about her dream of living in a crappy violent game - Ralph Breaks the Internet

That song "In This Place" (or "A Place Called Slaughter Race"). Tried to present that awful crapsack game as some kind utopia, *and* we had to endure Sarah Silverman singing!

14 Vanellope snatches Ralph's "you're my hero" medal off of him and throws it off the tower - Ralph Breaks the Internet

Did the little see-you-next-Tuesday forget how she felt when Ralph destroyed her car in the first?

No, the remains being repurposed as one of those stupid "friendship pendants" or whatever does *not* make it better.

15 Vanellope Going Turbo to Join the Slaughter Race Game - Ralph Breaks the Internet

Also when she bonded with that lady gangster

16 Vanellope's conversation with Shank - Ralph Breaks the Internet

It was one of many flagrant attempts to make us adore Shank. Unfortunately, given the cult surrounding Shank, it worked.

17 Bleaching Pocahontas's skin with powder to be accepted by society and her new lover - Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
18 Tadashi Dies - Big Hero 6

And died needlessly- the guy he ran back into the inferno to save HAD made it out after all.

19 The Next Right Thing - Frozen II
20 Dodger and the Gang Rescue Oliver from Jenny - Oliver & Company

This moment actually refers to when Dodger and the gang take Oliver back after he finds a home with Jenny, after returning to the hideout Oliver is unhappy that the gang took him away from Jenny who had given him a home and Dodger gets a little offended when when he thinks because Oliver found a home with Jenny he no longer sees them as their family and tells him straight up if he doesn't like it here anymore then he can go back.

21 Very Good Advice - Alice in Wonderland

Look Alice brake Down Crying poor girl

22 You Really are a Bad Guy - Wreck-It-Ralph
23 Tiny Tim Dies During Scrooge's Vision of the Future - A Christmas Carol

You mean "Mickey's Christmas Carol", where Mickey actually played the role of Bob Crachit (Scrooge was played by his own namesake)?

24 Lampwick becomes a Donkey - Pinocchio
25 Snow White's Funeral - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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