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1 Kim - Eminem

Controversial for intense domestic abuse, violence, and murder.

Definitely the most controversial song its made by the greatest artist of all time and the most controversial artist of all time

When I first heard this I was scared, but to be honest its actually kinda hilarious

His wife tried to kill herself after this. Enough Said? - micdanchris

2 Rape Me - Nirvana

Well of course it's controversial, it's a song about rape! Nirvana are pro-rape! They encourage it with this song!

3 Closer - Nine Inch Nails V 1 Comment
4 Suicide Solution - Ozzy Osbourne

Most of the songs on this list are here because of the video. This isn't the case with this one! - micdanchris

Controversial due to a depressed teenager committing suicide while listening to the song.

5 Coma White - Marilyn Manson

More like the music video was controversial.

I don't know how I got here but I think I must vote for him cause I'm 15 and a female who got influenced by him for 9 yrs and up till now I'm still hangover by his words, he is truly an intelligent man. his songs may be controversials and even his looks is odd to our parents well we have our own peculiar sides people who will insult him are true ape brains who haven't evolutionized up till now...stop ignorance people I'm so sick of it!

6 Smack My B**** Up - The Prodigy
7 Get Your Gunn - Marilyn Manson

It didn't influence the shooters. But it was still very controversial.

Controversial for influencing the two shooters at Columbine.

It didn't influence them the shooters didn't even listen to Manson - ComaWhite21

8 Stan - Eminem
9 Daddy - Korn
10 P***y - Rammstein

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? You’re a Cop - Anal C**T
? Cult - Slayer

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11 Kill You - Eminem
12 God Save the Queen - The Sex Pistols
13 Justify My Love - Madonna
14 F**k the Police - N.W.A
15 My Name Is - Eminem

I don't see this being controversial.

16 Used to Love Her - Guns N' Roses
17 Entrails Ripped From a Virgins C*** - Cannibal Corpse

Just by reading the title you can already guess how controversial this song is.

18 97 Bonnie & Clyde - Eminem
19 Insane - Eminem
20 Darling Nikki - Prince
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1. Coma White - Marilyn Manson
2. Rape Me - Nirvana
3. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
1. P***y - Rammstein
2. Rape Me - Nirvana
3. Smack My B**** Up - The Prodigy
1. F**k the Police - N.W.A
2. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
3. Rape Me - Nirvana

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