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21 Romanian

I speak romanian and its complicated and hard but its totally worth it when people tell you how cool and exotic my language sounds... I'd totally recommend this language to anyone that has a sense of adventure and patience.

Romanian sounds pretty cool. In my opinion, it sounds better than Italian.

Romanian is a very beautiful sounding language

I love this one so much

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22 Norwegian

I know both Danish and Swedish, and I always used to think it sounded so stupid and child-like. But after living in Norway for a few months, and getting some exposure of the language it sounds really cute. Definitely the easiest out of Scandinavian languages for native English speakers in terms of pronunciation. It's also sort of like the in between Scandinavian language, since Norwegian is understood by both Danes and Swedes,.

It's both melodic and beautiful. But most important; Norwegian are ' awesome.

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23 Latin

It's a dead language, whenever someone speaks latin it sounds cool and mysterious :3

I think Latin is cool because it's something like modified English like Aquarium comes from Aqua, meaning water... Actually a lot of English words comes from Latin

Latin is beautiful. It was widespread, and the basis for most languages. This basically means that if you learn Latin, learning other languages will be easier.

I love this language. It was the first foreign language I ever studied. It has opened the doors to Spanish and French, and maybe others in the future!

Curā ut valeās,
Take care that you are well

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24 Icelandic

Remember, this is a list of the coolest language, and that is defiantly Icelandic. One of the oldest languages still used today, Icelandic is practically identical the most fascinating historical language of all time, Old Norse. Icelandic is an absolutely magical sounding language, and in my opinion, it the best poetry language of all time. When you visit Iceland like I have done, you will realize that all other languages absolutely pale in comparison. Icelandic sounds like it is from a another world, it is beautiful, unique, and ethereal just like the perfect country from which it comes.

Basically the language of the Vikings! Sounds awesome yet bouncy and firm

Love all the symbolized letters and the way the words sound.

I love Icelandic because of how it's left unaffected by modern society. Let's look at greetings for example. Instead of saying "hello" or "how are you? " They say "come happy and blessed" or "come blessed".

I also think boyfriend and girlfriend is sweet too, for they say kærasti and kærasta, which literally translates to "my dear or beloved"

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25 Armenian

Its a language and its really hard for English learners

It's exceptionally beautiful when sung.

I am Armenian and I love the language

26 Persian

... PersiaN and all of the IranIAN languages are the COOLEST ...

The coolest language in the world

Is the best language in the world and that is the language of the Beauty Poems

I do speak this one! not as native though, but it sound very soft, nice with poems

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27 Ukrainian

I say simple - as for me the most beautiful language in the world. Great songs

Probably the most beautiful and tuneful language in the whole world!

Ukranian is the best I am in Ukraine right now I love to speak

28 Welsh

This should be higher on the list!
1. Arabic
2. Navajo
3. Welsh
4. Cantonese
5. Hindi
6. Scottish Gaelic
7. Hungarian
8. Khmer
9. Thai
10. Mandarin

A very ancient and beautiful sounding language. This should be at the top! Probably the most popular Celtic language.

I love welsh it sounds very beautiful and is fun to pronounce

I'm studying welsh its complicated but flows so easy

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29 Creole V 1 Comment
30 Danish

Sounds so damn cute and a little sexy. Had a girlfriend who where from Denmark. I often asked to speak in danish even though I did not understand a thing.

It's the language of the happiest country on earth... What's not to like? It also sounds amazing.

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31 Hindi

Hindi is my first language. And I thing it helped me a lot to learn a new foreign language because of its script and especially sounds and grammar. I am learning Japanese and french. Through I had learnt the french pronunciation and a bit of Japanese accent ( I had started learning 2 months ago). Through hindi I am able to find out which word in french is feminine and which word is masculine because french and most of the European languages are derived from Sanskrit and Hindi is almost a copy of Sanskrit. It also helped me for Japanese grammar especially its syntax.

Hindi is a great language

First of all whoever says Hindi is funny it is is a simple language to learn & if you learnt it,it will be easier to learn any other language - shivanshirocks03

Hindi is a very nice language.

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32 Cantonese

Compared to the official language in China (Mandarin), Cantonese has a much longer history.

One of the coolest languages even in China. It has 12 tones for each sound, each tone a word, making it one of the most difficult languages to learn. Everyone in Hong Kong speaks Cantonese.

It just sounds cool. My dad speaks it. Jackie Chan speaks it. Bruce Lee speaks it. Jet Li speaks it. Yeah it's the language of kick-ass kung fu. And there's a lot of colorful expressions in Cantonese which makes it the coolest damn language in the world.

As a HongKonger, liking this is a must!

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33 Thai

It sound like robot

The language sounds so calm and peaceful.

Hard to learn but it sounds amazing!

It is so soft that you can't imagine

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34 Chinese

Traditional Chinese looks beautiful when written down, Simplified Chinese simply looks bad.

I love Chinese so much is looks so beautiful
When written down

The. Best. Language. Ever.

Only one evidence, it's difficult to learn.

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35 Filipino

Filipino language is cool simply because easy to understand and easy to learn, and Filipinos are hospitable that you can talk to them anytime;anywhere.

Filipino is an amazing language. It is unique and not a lot of people speak the language. I count myself lucky I learnt Filipino at a young age.

Filipino language is cool for me because as an anthropologist I have found out that filipinos have their rich culture and a rich heritage thta persuades me to study them for me that's cool.

I heard a lot of Malay in Filipino such as anak (child), aku (me/I) and more.

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36 Vietnamese

My native language is Vietnamese and I love it. It defines who I am and where I come from. Besides it's so elegant in its ancient simplicity!

Simplicity is beauty, but art is handsomeness. Decorated letters truly symbolize resilience, beauty, excellence & kindness of each & every Vietnamese person. - VNTMFans

It is an amazing language, and very easy grammar structures, but you need train youe throat for the tones hhh but once you get the pronunciation right your road gonna be easier to walk each day, if you wanna learn vietnamese I suggest you start with pronunciation first!

Strange in its own way, but fascinating.

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37 Lithuanian

This is one of the oldest languages, but people still speaks.

Love Lithuanian. One of my favorite languages after Russian and Romanian.

Coolest language ever

38 Tahitian V 2 Comments
39 Afrikaans

Best language. It had this uncanny ability to also focus on the points. ò

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40 Tamil

Tamil has been there more than 6000 years.

It is one of the coolest languages to be used on earth.
It has 15 dialects, out of which all of them are cool!

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