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61 Croatian

Croatian is the same language as Bosnian and Serbian, the different names have more to do with politics than linguistics. But in my opinion the standard Croatian accent sounds a lot nicer than the Serbian accent.

My dads croatian and when he speaks it, it's awesome

I think the Croatian dialect is softer and sweeter than the Serbian dialect.
By the way I'm Serbian lol

62 Pashto

-Used by military services in the Army.

-Many Americans speak it.

-Sounds unique.

Sounds really cool never heard of it but I like the sound of it

Sounds really cool, like German - ThatOneDude

63 Malay

One of the easiest non indo-European languages, in terms of sound, to learn. I think it sounds nicer than other more popular Asian languages, like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

64 Punjabi

A language originated in the agriculture and beauty of Punjab (located in India).

It is a very sweet and casual language that is simply beautiful

Awesome language and most beautiful one

65 Catalan

Sits among Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. So if you learn some Catalan you'll be ready to understand a great deal of those languages in their written form.

66 Bosnian

By far most melodic language. Search for "Hari Mataa Hari - Lejla" and you will know what I talk about.

67 Guarani
68 Hawaiian

I don't speak much Hawaiian, but it's lovely to listen to, and I think more people should definitely speak it. Aloha!

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69 Estonian

It's like a simpler Finnish! My estonian friend is teaching me and it's so beautiful - stromaemaestro

This language is very ancient sounding. It flows really well. It is similar to Finnish in its difficulty in both grammar and vocab. My favorite language!

70 Scots

Haud yer wheesht and get oan wi it!

71 Georgian

Gorgeous script, the music is heavenly.

Such a beautiful script.

A pretty difficult Caucasian language.

72 American Sign Language

No phonetics (obviously), but after learning the language from a deaf friend I feel that the hand movements are very fluid and beautiful to watch. The language of hands

It's a beautiful language, that is very unique in its motions and its ability to communicate with poeple without any type of vocals, but rather with facial expression and your arms

73 Uzbek

My mother speaks it and every time I hear her speak it I just think it sounds melodic and soothing, it's a pretty easy language to learn as well

74 Lojban

You can be as precise or as imprecise as you want, and you get emotion, time tense, space tense words. How many languages have space tense word?

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75 Mandarin

It's the most widely spoken language in China.

The tones allow short words, and the symbals are beautiful, it is the things that make it difficult that make it beautiful.

76 Hausa


77 Ogham

It good

78 Samoan

I love Samoan language it's so common and easy to learn

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79 Malayalam

Really difficult pronunciations, but very lyrical. Malayalam surely is a beautiful language. And it's really cool to speak in. :D

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80 Faroese

Faroese is beautyful, I'm Icelandic so I can understand a little, but it is still mysterious, like a tribal version of Icelandic mixed with norweigan, truly unique

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