Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Maps

A ranking of the best competitive bomb defusal maps in CSGO.

The Top Ten

1 Dust II

Eh, I use it for deathmatch. For competitive play, this map is usually filled with cancerous people or people there to throw the game. - Phillip873

It's a very good map. Easy to learn and very noob-friendly. - Flamer310

Dust eleven for the win

Dust II is the most played map in CSGO. Love it or hate it, the layout makes for solid gameplay. - kebobs

2 Mirage

Mirage is a strong, sandy map quickly gathering players. - kebobs

3 Inferno

Following a beautiful new rework, Inferno will likely be back in the map pool soon. - kebobs

4 Cache

Cache is a fairly dull, yet unique map that creates many close games, especially on the professional stage. - kebobs

My "go to" map on competitive - Phillip873

Best.Should be no1

5 Overpass

Overpass is similar to Nuke with the lower and upper bombsites, but they aren't so close as to mess with sounds. - kebobs

6 Train

Train is a CS classic, being featured in the first scene of the phoon video for example. It is a map that not many teams play consistently, but those who do can usually dominate. - kebobs

It good

7 Nuke

Nuke is a map that just by concept is not the ideal layout for a competitive game like this. That being said, it is one of a kind and very fun especially since being reinstated in the active duty map pool. - kebobs

My favorite map, but the fps issues plague many players. It need optimization for those with lesser PCs - kebobs

8 Italy
9 Cobblestone

Cobblestone is one of the only maps in Global Offensive that is Terrorist sided at most ranks. B site rushes favor T side and the map itself is very awkward to fight on with narrow chokes and more vertical gameplay than one may expect. - kebobs

10 Lake

The Contenders

11 Safehouse
12 Aztec

It is a low detail map from the early days of CSGO that has not been revamped since being taken out of rotation long ago. - kebobs

13 Dust
14 Shoots
15 Vertigo

It is clumsy and awkward to play. It is often nearly as plagued by smurfs as Dust II is. - kebobs

16 Assault
17 Office
18 Agency

I love this map so much, so many great spots to hide and get frags - Phillip873

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