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Italy, in italian Repubblica Italiana, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. more.


What would be your so called "Muslim culture"? To put your dirty, libidinous hands under the panties of European women? Disgusting...

How smart you are! In fact, Hitler was Italian...


Italians rightly defend their cultural purity, which has had an immense influence throughout the World. Italy has exported creativity, science and culture, not terrorism. About Italian emigration, it was smaller than that of countries like Germany, Poland, Ireland or Sweden by far.

About the so-called "refugees", currently Italy and Greece are the only European countries that are working on it, with enormous economic and social costs. As usual, Germany grins on the problems of the neghboring countries. Maybe they would have reactivated the old furnaces...

Starbucks coffee tastes like cigarettes.

The most remarkable news from America are not Trump or primaries, which nobody cares about, rather the impoverishment of Americans, who live mostly in caravans, and an astounding 47 percent of all Americans could not come up with $400 to pay for an emergency room visit without borrowing it or selling something. Americans should worry about problems in their home.

For sure, it is quite grotesque to be judged by a Muslim, a person who usually comes from countries which reserve death penalty by stoning for adulterers, hanging gays, and other horrble things. You should be grateful to live in civilized Countries like Italy, France, Germany...

"England is 1000 times best than a southern European weak country like Italy"
Ahaha, so England would be a strong country...? Strong in what way? FINANCE only, NOTHING else! The only good thing came out from that desolate land in the last 20 years are the Oasis. Everything else is filthiness, ugliness, sadness, rain, depression and junk-food. I would say, the most horrible country in Europe.

Italy is a major economic and trading power, the European Union third contributor in terms of premium paid. Even though partly ruined by the interference of the Brussels bureaucracy. I sincerely hope that one day Italy will cut every ties with this Europe, as well as UK is doing.

Only civilized Muslim are welcome in Italy, unlike those scandalous in Cologne, Germany. If you live better in your own Contries, maybe you better stay there. RESPECT women and all religions different from yours.

I bet you're an immigrant writing from a refugee camp in Italy, using a mobile phone that you had thanks to the money of Italian taxpayers. Please, emigrate to Austria or Germany, so you can submit your complaint to their neo-Nazi groups, which love you so much...! Our doors are open... so that you ball-breakers leave our Country. Thanks!

The same about Americans, who during the Olympic Games turn on the T.V. just to see US athletes in the race. And what about the now famous "F the EU! " from the actual Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State...? Yeah, it's true: Americans really don't care about anything outside their small world. Paraphrasing the above 'Assistant Secretary of State", US policy is: "Long live America, and f the rest of the World! " It's really hard to say congrats without sounding sarcastic...

"Ebola and HIV/AIDS First broke out here"

most likely from some US military laboratory, I believe...

Over confident India. Ha ha. Italy best among of the best countries

Seriously UK before Italy I mean what has The uk got apart from some pubs and a big clock. Italy has culture, art, sport, food, great cities, great atmosphere, great language, great history it's simply the best country on my opinion should at least be in the top 5

The typical American diet, with its delicious burgers, sausage and mayonnaise, ketchup and steak, chips and a lot of saturated fats, as well as its delicious canola oil, is by far the best in the world, especially when compared with that insipid Mediterranean diet. American pizza is the best in the world because of its healthy high amount of saturated fats.

Muslims, you better go to France or UK: those two countries are looking forward to welcome you, and we all know how much they love Arabs! Why do you waste your time in Italy...?

Italians like to hire Indian servants to keep their homes clean. That's a contradiction, since Indians are the dirtiest people in the whole world!

I notice the hypocrisy of the American moderator of this blog, which doesn't filter any kind of insult towards Italy and Italians, but doesn't hesitate to apply censorship about the offensive statements by an American government official (easy to find on the web), making them almost unintelligible. Congratulations on him DEMOCRATIC impartiality.

Good! I am pleased for your civil commitment: the whole of mankind will be grateful for that, forever...! I'm sure that America will have another great president, and...may the lesser evil win!

And, spend your time better, if it may be properly considered, it were infinitely better to remain possessed by the whole legion of vulgar mistakes, than to reject some, and, at the same time, to retain a fondness for others altogether as absurd and irrational. The first has at least a consistency, that makes a man, however erroneously, uniform at least; but the latter way of proceeding is such an inconsistent chimera and jumble of philosophy and vulgar prejudice, that hardly anything more ridiculous can be conceived.

Italy was and is one of the most iconic places of Europe and the most recognised places worldwide. People have different opinions, some saying that Italians are the friendliest people on Earth, and that you can't encounter an Italian without being practically forced to have a 7-course lunch with them, others say they are fiery, macho men and the passionate, sexy women that capture people's hearts (and then there's the people who say that Italians are lazy and wannabe machos that only think about mafia, food and money, but I tend to ignore idiots). Then comes the food. Not only have they invented countless world-famous meals, such as pizza, spaghetti, lasagna and practically created coffee. The country itself is just heaven on Earth to live in. From the all-year-long snow in the Alps to sunshine and bathing in the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has tons of attractions that make it the 5th most visited country in the world, such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and many more. Long story ...more

Pluck guys is not the point, disappointing as long as you are not the issue of their ignorance, lots can be avoid by this new year, we guess will be against any of that and the conditions will be in the right way.

About new law in Florence on the ban of non-Italian restaurants: This is lame and designed to be anti-competitive. There is absolutely no shortage of good, authentic, local food in the historic center of Florence. The worst meal I've ever had in Florence would be at a restaurant that would be 100% compliant with this law, but there are probably a hundred others that are great, and busy. Honestly, there aren't even that many kebab joints or other ethnic places by comparison. They exist, and they get a ton of tourist and student traffic, but the quality Florentine places aren't empty in the least bit. This is stupid, and in my humble opinion, an embarrassment to the city. Concerning comments here from dumb Italians against US, UK, Austria, Germany, '3rd world' and so on and their people, basta! you'll never be what YOU ARE Not.

Seriously why I should waste my time in a restaurant that us not typical of that country. You are annoying - DaisyandRosalina

New Law in Florence (in 2016): Ethnic, non-florentine/non-Italian food banned. Venice, others to follow?
Barbaric, foolish country is Italy in so many ways. In a great country, in a free country, people should be able to eat every kind of food. This Italian repression of other cuisines is barbaric, it is fascist, it is childish and ignorant. Its obsession with controlling the food is truly insane, a sign of such absolute ignorance that everyone involved in this should be deeply ashamed.