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141 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago, officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a twin island country situated off the northern edge of South America mainland, lying 11 kilometres just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and 130 kilometres south of Grenada.

One word "Carnival! " The greatest show on earth!

This country may be small but its nice

I hate this beautiful ugly place I love.

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142 El Salvador El Salvador El Salvador, officially the Republic of El Salvador, is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America.

The Best country of America

Better than most of the other countries higher than it to be honest

Beautiful country

Come on, really! should of been higher

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143 Macedonia Macedonia

I really love Macedonia they ave great history and are so nice. I'm Macedonian and I'm here right now the food is great here and I was so surprised it was 118.

The country who stole Greek History


Best country ever

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144 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan, officially the Kyrgyz Republic, formerly known as Kirghizia, is a landlocked country located in Central Asia.

What is in the midle of there flag?

I hated it

145 Ghana Ghana Ghana, officially called the Republic of Ghana, is a sovereign unitary presidential constitutional democracy, located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, in the subregion of West Africa.

Ghana has a beautiful climate, great food, and great people. There is also a large range of entertainment. Come for a visit, you won't regret it!

Ghana the home of democracy

How is Ghana not on this list they're so respectful - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Ghana sucks horrible roads

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146 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Ivory Coast or Côte d'Ivoire, officially named the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, is a country located in West Africa.

#8 on top ten list and I HATE It when people call ivory coast "cote d ivoire "

Really lovely country. Didier Drogba is from there

147 Namibia Namibia Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia, is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean.

Should be in top 20, at least.

I've never been but from what I've heard Namibia is a must
They have won and hosted Miss Universe (In your face, Nigeria! )
They have great luxury hotels

Land of the brave, different cultures, one nation. People are friendly, kind and helpful, less crime with extraordinary hospitality and a great horizontal scenery. you will feel at home away from home. It boast great mineral resources, wild life and parks.- TJ JOHANNES

Great country, huge sand dunes, Etoscha wild life reserve is not just one of the best, it's not expensive. English is now the official language, but if you're there for a while you notice German's still more widely spoken. Cafes, shops are good and it has less crime than most of its neighbours. The coast eg. Swakopmund or Lüderitz, is relatively cool. - Bertholdi

148 Oman Oman Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

I love this country it is the most cleanest places and one of the most beautiful too

I like this place it has lots of toys for kids

I bet the toys are made from their vast oil supplies

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149 Swaziland Swaziland

Swaziland should Be like number 153 they are not some random poor country. They are almost one of the richest countries in Africa

Best Country I've ever masturbated in

Best Country in the world

Honestly izza swaziland fam, lissen to that neme

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150 Kiribati Kiribati

Enters the new year before everybody else!

151 San Marino San Marino San Marino, officially the Republic of San Marino, also known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is an enclaved microstate surrounded by Italy, situated on the Italian Peninsula on the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains.

Why are we 100th? Our 2.5 square miles hold the best country on earth!

Not many people know that this was where world war 1 was governed by Tony Abbott

The most patriotic country in the world! San Marino - England 0-6 and the stadium was full till the last second! Ahah

152 Laos Laos Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR), or commonly referred to its colloquial name of Muang Lao is a landlocked country in the heart of the Indochinese peninsula of Mainland Southeast Asia, bordered by Myanmar (Burma) and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to more.

Does anyone else knew this country existed BEFORE scrolling this far down in the list?

Hello people it's a country

Beautiful country with incredibly friendly people, great food, and breathtaking views. I can't understand why it's so low on the list. Clearly, it need's to be recognized more!


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153 Cameroon Cameroon

Beautiful country with a horrible dictator(Paul Biya) doing his best to destroy it!

Very corrupt country,most of the people have the mental age of a 12 year old,dirty third world country,restaurants have the musty smell of a charity shop,bad food that's over priced,these people have not grasped the idea of washing there hands yet! riddled with H.I.V,and crazy baptist preachers who profit and scam people out of money with there own interpretations of religion,99 percent of the cars there look like they were driven straight from the scrap yard,crumbling unsafe buildings and roads,these people would steal your grannys false teeth,most have the ambition to own a 3 year old iPhone or work abroad,police are corrupt.beers ok and cheap,the best thing I enjoyed about Cameroon was viewing it from the departing aircraft.don't go there don't give these people food or money it only encourages them.

154 Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo The Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as DR Congo, DRC, DROC, Congo-Kinshasa, or simply the Congo is a country located in Central Africa.

Us country is the best in the world

It's the best just like Angolo one of the best countries in the world you can even though your young lots of nice food your missing out on Congo go their you will love it

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155 Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Saint Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean.

best flag


156 Rwanda Rwanda Rwanda, officially the Republic of Rwanda, is a sovereign state in central and east Africa and one of the smallest countries on the African mainland.

People think it is dangerous but it is actually very peaceful and lovely.

157 Eritrea Eritrea Eritrea officially the State of Eritrea, is a country in East Africa. With its capital at Asmara, it is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast.

My dad's country, My mother's is Ethiopia, I was upset not to see Eritrea on the list... And I'm upset that my Parent's country had war for freedom. Yes, I'm not trying to be mean, But Eritrea should have freedom... I LOVE IT ITS LIKE Ethiopia!

Eritrea is the best you can even see loving animals a rich house everyone so vote for Eritrea please. By the way I am from Eritrea. They work hard too. Ethiopia people are a tiny bet rude to Eritrea so vote for parapsychology Eritrea.

Eritrea has the nicest people, top 3 best foods, they are building up their countries with voulenteers and workers who love their motherland. They have higher vaccination rate than the USA. and you are liked who ever you are.

I am not upvoting this for the government, but for the people. The character of Eritreans is amazingly modest, kind and brave. God bless the Eritreans and we Swiss people love you

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158 Niger Niger Niger, officially the Republic of Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River. V 3 Comments
159 Mozambique Mozambique Mozambique, officially the Republic of Mozambique, is a country in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east, Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Zambia to the northwest, Zimbabwe to the west, and Swaziland and South Africa to the southwest.

Stupid country

160 Senegal Senegal Senegal (French: Sénégal), officially the Republic of Senegal (French: République du Sénéga), is a country in West Africa . Senegal is bordered by Mauritania in the north, Mali to the east, Guinea to the southeast, and Guinea-Bissau to the southwest . more.

Why Senegal is there, even better than a country like Italy for instance, the people are so kind and the women so beautiful, love you. An Irish man.

I don't know where Senegal is but I know they invented the baked bean.

Then it will be good

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