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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.


South Korea is just a nice country and the people there are really nice the environment the scenery and the food there is beautiful.

Korea is a very fake inside and out. They idolize Westerners so much they change their faces, music and country for foreigners. Koreans get plastic surgery to be white, their musicians date white women, and they look down upon China and Japan even though most of their original culture comes from China, as all Asian countries do. I am Asian myself, and have always been able to tell people apart. In Korea, many people truly look the same. 20% of women get cosmetic surgeries, to the point where it is ridiculous. One woman cut her jaw into a triangle.

Korea is so beautiful country when I been there I was so surprised because Korean are very kind and Korea is so rich country

The Korean language is so nice and everyone there is attractive and they deliver McDonald's and everything else to your apartment and it has fast trains and the worlds best airport and amazing public transportation and the economy is good and getting gradually better and Korean food is amazing

Korea has made great strides in the last 50 yrs. Japan had invaded and occupied Korea for over 30 yrs until they lost WW2 in 1945. After Japan's unconditional surrender the allies divided up Korea as they divided up Germany and Europe. That is how the country of Korea came to be divided. Then KIM Il Sung, a Korean freedom fighter who had fought the Japanese occupation came to power in the divided North. He, backed by communist Russia and China, attacked South Korea in 1950 in an attempt to unify the now divided Korea. The Korean War is sometimes referred to as The Forgotten War due to the little publicized fact that the US suffered many humiliating defeats and retreats. After the brutal Japanese occupation, the devastating division of a country, and the horrific Korean War, Korea was in shambles. It is truly remarkable how South Korea has become one of the richest, most advanced, and safest countries in the world through hard work and sacrifice. A marvelous testament to its people and ...more - Mixedtape

I'm Indian but.I love Korean a lot necause Korea gives.dream to me

I'm South Korean and I wouldn't want to be anything else and I am
Proud to be Korean

It's a terrible place. The president fired missiles to the innocent countries - America, Australia and Japan. America is now threatening to fight back. Also, to the person that said it is the richest, that is not true, Qatar is the richest. - OmgBoi

I was from South Korea and I love my country. It's very comfortable, and not complicated like other countries!

Being born Korean and raised in America, I have seen Korea grow. It was a poor country from after the war till the Olympics in the 1980s. Once looked down upon, it is one of the richest nations in Asia with the fastest internet. Who wants Japan when Korea is the Land of the rising Calm.

Why the heck is it down here!?

I've only been there for 2 weeks because I live in Canada but I already love that place!

Not to mention it used to be a third world country about 60 years ago, and now it's one of the most educated, and has high technology!

It has so many places to go to, has SUCH good food and the K-Pop is something that I like to most about it. Who gives a crap about the plastic surgery and all that stereotypical crap? I'm proud to be a Korean!

South Korea is the best country ever. Gotta love them!

Have you been to Korea? Korea is the best country in the world♄ Its have lots of fantastic places. Also k-pop music is awesome too! If you have a time to visit Korea you must have to visit insadong, chungdamdong, and other popular places too. Moreover, the Korean are kind and cool

Korea has very long history and they are smart, genius, honest, polite. So I like South Korea very much.

I wish I was Korean... so what if the women get plastic surgery? It is none of your business... look at their culture their food, their hank, their dramas, their peace, everything - Hgalaxy

How in the world is Japan above Korea. Our history is cleaner than Japan's, our language much stronger than Japan's, and most importantly, our people are intellectually stronger than Japan.

Best country ever how is Japan up there? As a American I have lived in both countries and think that Korea is better not only are the people kinder but the food and the transportation is waay better America has a lot of things to learn from South Korea. Many of you may be using a Samsung right now. That's made in South Korea too. I agree that it's a amazing place to be

Of course! My wife is South Korean and I can speak and write their language much better than most Koreans in North and South Korea! Coming from a Filipino that my girlfriend and partner sacrificed a lot on me even she got really mad and very jealous of my Muslim ex. Philippine-Korean relationship, more power to the Philippines and South Korea to the max!

Sure, our ancestors may be considered Chinese, but that's only because China mass dominated the neighboring communities. Of course, there's good things and also bad parts of it, as well as any other country.

The best peaceful and were very poor a long time ago but look now people! They have many companies like samsung Rivals with Apple! Also very nice food and very nice country

Would u guys please learn properly about Korea and blame? Most of the critiques of Korea is wrong.

I'm Korean but I was born In Canada and I've been there only once and I already love it there. So who cares if lots of women get plastic surgery? Not all women do it! Plus, the food :3

South Korean people are very amazing! They are so kind, and so fab! They can grow up and grow up forever, then they would be the best in the world. So

It is known with the technology and speed wifi network, the country has a very beautiful view of nature

Korea is so superficial, I don't understand their culture at all because it's based 100% on looks and physical appearance